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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

BTVSFigs’ Ask Diamond #29 - Questions & Answers

Friday 12 August 2005, by Webmaster

Here’s Ask Diamond #29:

How did DST decide on the look of the regular Fred’s outfit? It’s such an unconventional and unexpected choice.

We were very concerned about the cost on the Fred/Illyria figures, so we had to try and find a way to save cost and still get fans the two characters they wanted.

Any chance of adding ball-joint shoulders to the regular line-up? Since the poses are now static, this new feature would allow a great new range of motion, and wouldn’t hamper the realistic sculpts much. Either way, I’d rather have this articulation than a square shoulder.

We here at DST are huge fans of the ball joint shoulders, but the thinking is that would be a very radical departure from the look of the previous MAC figures.

Are all of the new Buffy faces scans or are they sculpted? Which are which?

They are all based on scans.

When will Serenity figures hit stores?

A month before the movie 8/31.

How come Jayne doesn’t have thigh articulation in his legs?

Our thinking was with all the folds in his pants and the thickness it would not have looked good at all. We tried it on earlier versions, but it just didn’t translate.

After spending time at DST’s booth at SDCC this year, I noticed merchandise for other brands such as AVP have things like snowglobes and bookends. Are there plans to include products of that nature in the Buffy/Angel line?

Its very possible.

Will we ever see new ornaments of Wesley, Lorne, or Anya? The original ones released for Angel Series II were from the MAC and are extremely tough to track down and the Diamond sculpts are by far better.

We’ve already announced our Christmas 05 ornaments, so we’ll have to see what next year brings.

Will the backs of the new Angel/Fred-Buffy/Dawn bases be able to attach to a wall in some way (i.e. a hook or something)?

No, but that’s a good idea we thought off too late, for this series. So we might see what we can do going forward.

If you were to re-do a character again like you have with Buffy/Willow/Spike, will you ever make the same type of variants that Moore originally did? As an example, if the next wave were to include Cordelia, would you consider making a new Cheerleader Cordelia version?

We would not do that.

Any chance we will ever see Fyarl Demon Giles, Riley, or Adam in some shape or form? Obviously the D’Hoffryn made sense with Anya/Anyanka, but the same case could be made for the other figures as well (Possibly a ’True Love’ boxset with Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Riley, Buffy/Spike)?

We have no plans right now to release Adam or the Initiative soldier.

If you do plan on making the Willow busts like you have hinted at, will it be two different type of Willows (Like Vampire Willow and Dark With Willow), or something along the line of Spike (One Regular/One vamp)

All our bust releases going forward will have multiple versions.

When will the Ubervamp bust be released?

It’s still right on schedule for release this month.

Why make OMWF Dawn a chase figure and not a 2/2 pack, like Darla and Reunion Darla. Why make such a unique sculpt so limited?

The thinking is that Dawn is a weaker character than Buffy, and a short pack will help retailers sell more of their case. For Darla...historically vampire figures have been the best sellers, so we thought one per case would be unfair.

How hard would it be to obtain a scan of Eliza Dushku, because I’d rather wait till a "dead on" likeness can be done. Until then I have my deluxe Faiths to keep me at bay.

We have come close a couple times, but the schedules have just not worked out.

Will any of the two packs/boxsets be based of the Angel line?

I suppose its possible if we come up with a good idea and a buyer - why not?

Regarding the new bases for the Angel/Fred-Buffy/Dawn figures, is the wall part of the base removable for those not keen on the large wall?

Yes, it is two parts.

If new Cordelia figures are possible in the foreseeable future, will she have a line to herself, as Willow did? Or will we have to settle for the 5/3 treatment?

If we did her she would not have her own line.

After Spike, which character will be made into a bust next?

You’ll have to wait and see.

When the Deluxe Angel and Spike figures come out, will we see variants from Angel and Buffy or just Buffy?

If Angel and Spike are next we would have versions from both shows.

Is there a third Dawn with a ponytail, blue top and blue jeans?

Hmmm...I better check on that!

Was Clare Kramer scanned at Comic Con?


How are characters to be made into figures selected? Or rather, how much of a role do the forum postings play in the decision making process?

We get a bunch of beer and pizza and whoever stays awake the longest gets to pick. Luckily for us, Matt is a light weight.

You have said you want to see how the current Deluxe line does before going forward with it. How long does it usually take to consider a line a success or disappointment, and do you have any information on how the line is doing that you can/want to share at this point?

The line has been well received. We still have some stock to move, but I think everyone is pleased so far, especially considering the luke warm reception that met their announcement.


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  • > BTVSFigs’ Ask Diamond #29 - Questions & Answers

    14 August 2005 19:51, by Phil Fury

    If they release a Doyle figure, I’ll get into collecting these.

    Until then, I’m not gonna buy 80 different outfits for the same 4 figures, its bloody stupid. They need more headscans.