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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

BTVSFigs’ Ask Diamond #30 - Questions & Answers

Tuesday 20 September 2005, by Webmaster

Here’s Ask Diamond #30, guys! :)

Can/will any of the Buffy figures come with either of Buffy’s weapon trunks as an accessory? Or would the cost be prohibitive, because unlike Wesley, the Buffy figures are already coming with a base/stand?

Sorry, but none of the Buffy’s come with a weapons trunk.

When will DST announce the line-up for the next series of figures? ...When the Angel/Illyria wave is released?

Yes, that is correct and follows our marketing template, so it will be VERY soon.

When will the accessories for the Buffy/Dawn line be announced?

Sometime shortly after we announce the wave of figures after Buffy/Dawn.

Is there any upcoming need for DST to offer an exclusive figure?

Do you mean something like the Vampire Darla? If so, then no. We toss the idea around once in a while, but nothing is planned for sure yet.

Will future deluxe figures have holes in their feet for pegs?

Right now we are thinking no. BUT we are thinking about it due to some request we have gotten from fans. Our thinking behind "no" was that they did not come with bases so how big do we make the holes?

Do you plan to include InkWorks cards in future figures (like the Anya/Tara line) or was that just a one shot thing?

We also included one with Spike/Darla, but Angel/Fred will not have a card.

Was there ever a prototype of the Judge made?

Not to the best of my knowledge.

Has DST considered releasing repaints of previously released figures AFTER their initial line has come and gone? In a box set, as an exclusive, or whatever?

If we ever need a figure in our library we could go back, but if we did we would only do so if we made SOME change to it. There are no plans right now to do that though.

I am dying to know if there are any possibilities to making a Fred, even as a repaint/head swap from "Shells" Illyria...

Right now the only Fred’s are the ones you have seen already.

Is there going to be an exclusive figure with the library, or is it just accessories?

No exclusive figure.

Is it a safe bet to assume that Gunn will be in the next wave of Angel figures?

NO...it’s not a safe bet at all. Gunn is not in our near future plans.

A while ago (many months), there was word floating about the boards that Mercedes McNab was scanned; is there any truth to this rumor? If so, yay! If not, why haven’t you got on it?

We do not have a scan of her.

I know I’m dreaming here but is there any chance that DST could get the Smallville license for figures since DC doesn’t seem to be using it?

No, we will not be picking up any DC licenses.

How good are the chances for an Angel-themed playset in 2006?

The library would have to sell WAY better than current projections.

When picking variant figures of a character, does DST consider what other figures they have produced from certain episodes?

Yes, we try to whenever possible, but sometimes its just not practical or realistically possible.

My last question is after Cordy/xander/Giles/Harmony/Dru/Gunn/Faith/Riley... That’s 4 more waves, what will happen after that????

Umm...the list you gave is not correct for the next four waves and we would never announce anything this far ahead anyway.

This line is going to get very different after the release of Buffy/Dawn. We only have 5 core characters left and a few important/minor characters. Will we see a bunch of lower supporting characters or demons?

Is it going to be very different? I didn’t know that, maybe I better check and see if I missed something...nope, I didn’t.

What happen to the T1 Jayne figure that was suppose to be for sale at this years SDCC?

Universal requested we hold the figure at least until the movie has a chance to open at the box office.

When will you announce the exclusive holders for the Buffy & Dawn line?

We should be ready to roll out images and everything in October.

Is there an official release date for the Buffy busts?

Dracula bust should be in stores this month as scheduled.

When will DST announce details of the boxed sets that are tied to the release of the Buffy/Dawn wave?

There is no set time frame on that/ It depends on when the partners commit to it and when they would like it in stores.

IF DST produces a second series of Serenity figures, will they use Gentle Giant or will they stick with the current company?

No idea. It will depend on when everyone is available.

Will the deluxe Angel and Spike figures come with interchangeable/additional "heads" as an accessory for "Vampire"/"Non-vampire" flexibility?

No, sorry. We have no plans to ever offer a vampire head as a swap accesory.

Will the deluxe Angel and Spike figures share the same body mould/sculpt (as did Buffy and Faith), or will they each have their own individual body mould/sculpt?

They share many of the same parts.

Will the deluxe Angel and Spike figures come with interchangeable jacket and non-jacket (bare arms or short sleeves) arms?

When/if appropriate.

IF the deluxe Angel and Spike figures come with interchangeable jacket and non-jacket (or short sleeve) arms, will BOTH sets of arms be ball-jointed?


What is the approximate release date for the deluxe Angel and Spike figures?

Summer 06.

Are there any plans for future "deluxe" series after the Angel and Spike wave?

Nothing hard,but we’re tossing around ideas already.