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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

BTVSFigs’ Ask Diamond #31 - Questions & Answers

Saturday 15 October 2005, by Webmaster

Here’s Ask Diamond #31! :)

Will we see any more Monster busts at all?

We don’t have anything we’re working on now, but that doesn’t mean we won’t do more monsters.

Is there any chance, ever, that The Trio will be made? Maybe in a boxset?

To be honest, the chances are pretty slim, but you never know!

How does DST select its licenses? Is there anything that fans could do to encourage DST to look into acquiring a certain license?

We look for evergreens or established franchises that fit our portfolio. The best way fans can get our attention is simply bu showing their devotion to the properties they love.

How does DST select the "standard" character for each line? We’ve had season 2 Lorne (Judgment), season 3 Fred (The Price), season 4 Wesley (Release) and season 5 Angel (various). Is DST attempting to cross the spectrum of seasons, or does this happen by accident?

No and no, if that makes sense! We have done more with the later seasons since MAC did many of the early seasons with their past releases, but it’s not something set in stone, and we look at LOTS of stuff when we set which versions of a character we’ll work on.

We have heard rumors that there is a boxset of Buffy, Dawn and Joyce and a two-pack of Glory and Dawn. Can you confirm this?

Hmmm. Let me go ask Matt and get back to you. Not sure there would even be interest in those...

So far every Buffy line has had a boxset, but Angel has had none, will this trend continue?

Nope. It’s been a coincidence more than a conscious decision.

Have you/Would you ever consider making a Beast action figure?

Nothing in the works right now. Sorry.

Is the Buffy/Dawn line still on track for a Christmas release?

To be honest, I hate to say it, but Buffy/Dawn will NOT make Christmas due to a combination of factors. We’ll get back with you on a new release date as soon as we can. Rest assured that these were unique circumstances that should not delay assortments in the future.

Since there’s a Chosen Willow, Buffy, Spike and probably Xander, when he’s made, will DST go back and make a "Chosen Anya"?

Right now we have no plans to go back to Anya, but you never know.

Will you ever put a character you’ve already made into another line (for example, Buffy Series 12 being Xander 5/Anya 3)?

Again, NEVER is such a broad word, but nothing like that is planned for now.

Since Spike and Angel are being turned Deluxe, does that mean there is a chance characters from early lines (Willow, Anya, Darla) have a chance to be made Deluxe as well?

We’ll keep going one asst at a time with the Deluxe line, but we’re looking at some of those characters, as well as some new ones.

Since Drusilla was already made by MAC, does that mean we shouldn’t get any hopes up for her?

I wouldn’t get them up if I were you.

Ever consider giving characters with long skirts leg articulation, maybe with a soft rubber skirt that allows it to bend?

The upcoming Once More, With Feeling Dawn and Buffybot figures both feature long skirts/dress that will be made of the same flexible material we’ve used in the past for hair and clothing. They will also have fully articulated legs underneath.

According to your last Q&A, Buffy vs Dracula Buffy and Becoming Buffy busts were supposed to be released on schedule (which was September)...it’s already October. Is there a concrete release date for these two busts?

Dracula is in stores now. We lost a little time moving it around warehouses. Unfortunately, the Becoming is now set for a spring release.

When do you expect to release Puppet Vampire Angel?

Sometime next year.

Any chance for a Serenity Ship like the Enterprise?

Sorry, no.

Does your Buffy license include snow globes or bookends?

We have SEVERAL Buffy & Angel licenses, and yes, one includes both those categories.

In the Cordy/Xander wave, who will have more variants? Or will they have the same number of figures?

Xander will have more variants than Cordelia, but only because Cordelia’s variants required a lot more unique sculpting.

I know you can’t announce the variants yet, but is Cordelia going to be from both Buffy and Angel, or just a Buffy focus for now?

Characters will be presented as they appeared on both shows (in this case, of course, not Xander).

Is DST opposed to including a big bad (like Glory or The First) in the core assortment of a future Buffy wave?

I don’t know what you mean by opposed, BUT we have no plans right now to do that.