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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

BTVSFigs’ Ask Diamond #33 - Questions & Answers

Saturday 3 December 2005, by Webmaster

Here’s Ask Diamond #33! :)

Will "The Wish" Cordelia will be the blue outfit or red leather outfit?


When will DST start shipping to Canada?

If you mean via the web store, we do not have a time table for any additional shipping zones. Sorry.

Since there was a production error with Fred/Illyria, are there any hopes of getting a box set perhaps made in the right scale? Or maybe a deluxe Illyria in the right scale?

Sorry, but there are no plans to go back and do her again in the same style. As for dlx, we have not planned far enough out to say never, but she’s not in the wave after Spike/Angel.

Will the new Buffy Figure from The Summers Family Album feature any new sculpts?

We’re not ready to say yet, but it’s a pretty good bet it follows the same format of past box sets.

Whatever happened with that new scan of Amber Benson you got? Any chance of it being used for a OMWF Tara? Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

Still no plans for a OMWF Tara figure.

With another OMWF figure on release, will there be any chance Willow and Tara will be made into OMWF Figures?

See above.

How would you describe the Angel/Fred/Illyria sales so far?

Decent, not great. Same as Wesley & Lorne.

Will the Joyce figure be a scan of Kristine Sutherland?

We do not currently have a scan of Mrs. Sutherland as an asset.

Will you ever consider swappable heads for certain figures? (Vampire Buffy to Normal Buffy)

Nope, no plans for that. Sorry.

When will you announce the 2-pack(s) for the Buffy/Dawn line?

Very soon!

What is the missing Dawn?

There is no missing Dawn. I think you mean the error in Buffy Mag that said Chosen Dawn, but its just a typo. It should have been Chosen Buffy. There are currently three Dawn figures.

If you do release accessory packs, will they be like STAR WARS packs that fit every figure or separate for each character?

IF we ever did them, lots of them would be pretty generic.

What color will Buffy’s eyes be on the new action figures? Green or blue?


Could you please clarify what the base will be with the "Summers Family Boxset"? Will it be similar to the existing bases that come with figures (eg a section of floor and a section of wall, painted/decorated to look like a certain set) or will it more closely resemble the Library playset (eg a sculpted playset specifically of the lounge room)?

The base will be section of wall and floor. It’s the same idea as the current releases.

How many bookends and snow globes are in the planning process? And do you hold the Angel license for these items as well?

We have ideas right now for one of each, but that’s all they are. Nothing for sure and no guarantee we’ll do both.

As for the next bust is it close to the time that it will be announced? Is it Willow?

When the Spike ships, we’ll announce the next bust.