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Bad Wildfeed news for Angel

By Leoff

Tuesday 30 September 2003

Okey doke, folks. Here’s the poop...

I talked with a fellow satellite dish friend and they have noticed that a bunch of Fox’s early "clean" wildfeed transmissions have been missing. Not rescheduled, not a channel change, but missing altogether. That’s a REAL good hint that Fox had made the change over to digital transmissions, probably encrypted.

heh... I don’t have the ways and means to get the fancier digital stuff. Maybe others do. I don’t, and I think a few others don’t either.

A month or two ago I talked with the Webster of Angel’s Acolyte and we came to an arrangement where I would do a "quickie" summary while AA took time to do a decent, lengthier summary. Kinda a tag-team thing.

But, if there’s no wildfeedy goodness to be had, then... :(

No, we’re still not positive, but... things don’t look good for a normal wildfeed transmission. We’ll see what happens this Tuesday or Wednesday.

Yep, I’ve been a naughty boy and downloaded both the first two episodes. Rough cuts, but they’re the real deal. Just a heads up for those still confuzzeled by them that those downloads are NOT wildfeeds. Those are early preview copies given to critics so they can yay or nay them. One seems to have slipped out somehow. I bet Fox is PISSED !

Anyways, that’s the story. I was going to totally "re-vamp" my website today, getting ready for the new Angel this week, but now we’ll just have to see.

*murmurs* I wonder what time the Alias feed is on...