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Batsy Over Batsy

By Alan Donald

Monday 15 September 2003, by Webmaster

By now the whole world knows that Christian Bale has been cast as Batman. The new Batman film will take aspects of the proposed Batman: Year One project onboard and filming is supposed to begin in early 2004.

Why bother to bring this up?

Simple, it segues so nicely into a couple of things I’ve got this week.

Firstly a couple of sources (Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent) have led me to believe that the Darren Aronofsky Batman: Year One project may not be as dead and buried as people believe. I’m not sure how much credence to put into this but apparently David Boreanaz (Angel) has expressed a very serious interest in the title role and he is supposed to be bringing the huge comic book fan and Buffy creator Josh Whedon onboard too. This does sound like a fanboy’s dream, but I’ve been unable to find out anything more.

David Boreanaz, can’t think of anyone better for the part to be honest…

…well apart from Terry ’Strangers in Paradise’ Moore that is.

This Has A "Going Batty" Value Of Seven Out Of Ten