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Big Damn Heroes have a night out...

Monday 12 February 2007, by Webmaster

...I have been graciously invited (and I accepted) a membership to "Whedonesque" but still have NO CLUE how to post a thread there. Once again, this post can be shared over there...

So last night I go out to a great theatre on Montana in Santa Monica to see a double feature of "The Sting" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". I had so much fun. I’ve never seen either on the big screen. Who do I run into there? Jayne. Adam Baldwin. I had a nice chat with him, discussed shitty ratings and shows that are too good for t.v. Genuinely nice guy.

I’m still waiting on bated breath to hear some news from N.Y. to share with you guys about a possible new television addiction for you all. I’ll keep you posted. It’s down to me and "the other guy" as we speak. An offer should go out to one of us this week. *kneels to my TIVO (goddess of t.v.) and asks for her blessing*

later Hobbits!