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Bonus material for UK "Serenity" fans

Daniel Saney

Monday 12 December 2005, by Webmaster

Joss Whedon’s ’sci-fi western’ Serenity will be released on DVD on February 27 in the UK, with more bonus features than its Region 1 counterpart.

Empire Online reveals today that UK fans will be treated to a 20-minute documentary of which American buyers are to be deprived. Entitled A Filmmaker’s Journey, the piece will follow Whedon’s progress in putting his story to film.

Also included on both editions will be the director’s commentary and introduction to the movie, nine deleted scenes and outtakes. In addition, featurettes will chronicle the 500 years between the present and the time of the events of Serenity, take a look at how the project was resurrected for the silver screen and a behind-the-scenes insight into the visual effects.

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  • What the Hell!!!

    13 December 2005 18:21, by evil_silence
    Why is it that UK people always get better special features than us on DVDs!!!