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Boreanaz Talks New Angel Babes

Tuesday 16 September 2003, by Webmaster

David Boreanaz, who returns as the vampire with a soul in The WB’s Angel, told SCI FI Wire that two new women will add bite to the show’s upcoming fifth season: new office secretary Harmony (Mercedes McNab) and Wolfram & Hart liaison Eve (Sarah Thompson). Boreanaz added in an interview that the women would replace the comatose Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) and beheaded Lilah (Stephanie Romanov), both of whom won’t be back. "They’re similar in nature, but also quite different," Boreanaz said.

Boreanaz added, "Cordelia’s character took off in a direction that was different from what anyone probably expected. Things got very dark with the love interest story between Angel and Cordelia and with the whole Cordelia-Connor [Vincent Kartheiser] storyline. Harmony will be a little bit more like Cordelia was at the beginning of Buffy than Cordelia was on Angel. Harmony is there to spice things up a little."

Boreanaz said that McNab’s Harmony-by virtue of being a vampire and having a history with Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer-will bring an "edge" to Angel. Eve, by contrast, will be less harsh and abrasive than Lilah, the star said. "I think we’ll get to know Eve a little bit more," Boreanaz said. "She’s got many more problems behind her eyes. But you can definitely draw similarities between Cordelia and Harmony and Lilah and Eve. And the most important thing is that all four characters will and have brought such great things to the show." Angel begins its fifth season Oct. 1 and will air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.