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Angel : Aftermath

Brian Lynch - About "Angel & Spike" Comic Books - Winter 2009-2010 - Slayalive.com Q&A

Wednesday 4 November 2009, by Webmaster

1. neowhobaz: I’d love to know what your inspiration for the boys and their toys issues was .

Brian Lynch: Literally walking around the convention and thinking how cool/scary it would be if everyone suddenly became what they were wearing. I was thinking of turning into a movie, but then thought "might be too close to the BUFFY episode". And then I thought "wait a minute..." and the rest is history (history = ANGEL 26-27).

2. Hellbound Hyperion: Can you talk about some of the ideas you have bouncing around for the SPIKE series yet? Or is that very hush-hush at the moment?

Brian Lynch: Sure. Spike starts in Los Angeles, but spends a stretch of time in Las Vegas (if you thought Los Angeles in the Whedonverse was evil...).

Angel will definitely be appearing, Beck will have an arc, Jeremy will pop up.

The general consensus is people like when Spike and Lorne are together, so if I can find a way to do it without making it seem odd or morbid after Andy Hallett’s unfortunate passing, I will.

It will have funny moments, and won’t be morbid, but it’s dealing with some dark themes.

There will be a musical issue. Kidding, kidding. Or am I?

I would love a 3-D issue (I even know the storyline) but I’m not sure of the pricing/possibility.

3. jellymoff: Is Last Angel In Hell just a straight up adaptation of the "movie" or will the actual characters make an appearance as well? I’d really like to see what Gunn has to say about his, um "changes".

Brian Lynch: It’s an exact adaptation. Save for one of the covers, this is exactly the comic adaptation Angel could pick up in his world. Everything about the comic is fake. The movie it’s adapting, the story, the fake ads...

4. hitnrun-17: You say Angel will make an appearence(s) in the Spike series, as well as other characters. Will there be a chronological continuity between the Angel and Spike series? Or will the Spike series just be his own world?

Brian Lynch: I hope so, I really do. I will not intentionally negate anything Bill does, this much I promise.

5. iloveromy: With Spike now open to a world of possibiilties, what are some of the broad strokes for how you would like to see the character grow. He is probably one of the most changed characters throughout the entire Buffyverse. I am very interested to see where you take him. Also if I may, will his past come in to play a bit? Sunnydale, Pre-Sunnydale? Thanks!

Brian Lynch: I don’t want to get into Spike’s growth as a character, it’s too spoilery, but yes, his past most definitely comes into play. It’s a huge part of who he is.

6. Wyndam: Have you pinned down a name for Spike’s series yet? Is "No Bad To Big" the name of an arc?

Also, if I can ask another. Since Willingham has said Spike will be appearing in #28+, will that move back Spike’s launch date, so Spike isn’t in two series at once?

Brian Lynch: It will have different names for the arcs, but so far it’s just SPIKE. Sometimes I call it SPIKE UNLIMITED, which has a nice ring to it.

Things I saw in the preview pages have made me alter a few things in my planning, that’s for sure. But I think Spike can be in two comics at once, there’s time for Spike to participate in two adventures every month.

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