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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Bring Back The Whedonverse Project Part 2

Friday 15 April 2005, by Webmaster


Here’s another opportunity for fans of "Angel" to demonstrate that they will not fade away. Within the next few weeks the networks will determine which of this season’s TV series will return next fall. Tell USA Today - and the networks - what you hope to see next year.


Please honor the Whedonverse by sending in an email asking to bring it back !

Send an email to USA Today : lifefb@usatoday.com

Subject: SOS Poll: Bring Back the Whedonverse

Body: Tell them you miss "Angel" and mention whatever Whedonverse characters you would like to see in a TV Movie or Spin-Off.

Many thanks to a very special fandom.

3 Forum messages

  • > Bring Back The Whedonverse Project Part 2

    16 April 2005 15:55, by Anonymous
    Come on. This is just not gonna happen. They would have to offer David Boreanaz 60 million dollars to do that role again. He was THRILLED when the show was canceled. The only shot the fans have is for a "Spike" series, and that would officially KILL whatever chance James Marsters has at a career! So, stop being so friggin SELFISH and let these people MOVE ON.
  • > Bring Back The Whedonverse Project Part 2

    17 April 2005 17:14, by Anonymous
    Why are people commenting on SMG or DB when clearly the campaign doesn’t concern either one of them? It’s about promoting the idea of a telemovie or spin-off. A producer who can "keep the fans begging for more" is one that Hollywood wants, so it makes Joss look good.
  • > Bring Back The Whedonverse Project Part 2

    17 April 2005 23:10, by Anonymous
    Whats really funny is JOSS has no intention of being a part of this right now. He wants to be a big movie director (which is fine to me). He flat out said if a Spike tv movie etc is done hes would *PICK* the writer and director etc it wont even be him. If its okay for him to move on then its fine for everyone esle. I’m sure all considered enjoy the love and respect their work on BTVS or ATS has gotten though.