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Browncoat Cruise Update

Thursday 22 March 2007, by Webmaster

Hi everybody. As was mentioned earlier, we are still in the process of signing guests up. And we can’t make any official announcements until paperwork is signed. However, since many of you are anxious about this situation and our desire is to be as open about things as possible, I’ll tell you what I can...

At this point we are 98% sure we will have one BDH on board (no not Nathan, sorry, at this point we probably can’t afford him, and he’s not gotten back to us on his availability).

We are hoping to have two and possibly three BHDs eventually, but little progress has been made beyond the one. We are also in negotiations to get several LDHs/Little Damn Heros (i.e. guest stars from Firefly / Serenity), and we are very sure we will get several, meaning at least 3-4 more of them, in addition to Michael/Niska. As well as some people involved in creating the shows. We also have one guest from Buffy (not a scooby) that we are 100% sure is coming, we just have to get the final paperwork signed.

All that being said, with Sean’s event being so close to ours and so "Con-like" we are going to re-focus our cruise from less of a con on a boat to more of a party cruise full of browncoats, some of whom happen to be a bit famous Smile. And trust me, unlike some cons, there will be NO down time, it will be a 24 hour party!

So to that end, we are doing what we can to reduce our costs and pass those savings on to you. The first thing we are going to do with our "re-focusing" is to downplay events like autograph and photo sessions by making those optional "upgrades", since those are very con like.

Basically we are going to bring the baseline price down, and make more of the con-like features upgradable options. We’ve worked the numbers (alot!) and we can’t give exact figures yet, but I think you will all be pleased. (Yes we will issue partial refunds to those that have paid in full.) We are also going to move back the first payment due date by one month, as we don’t have the "Cruise Tracking System" in place yet to process the payments properly.

A soon as we announce our first (and possibly only) BDH, we will announce the new pricing structure and options packages.

Part of the reason we are re-thinking our pricing a bit, is so that if you have the available time and a little more credit card space, you might even be able to do both events.

Rest assured, Browncoat Cruise will go forward, in spite of this situation. And I look forward to having a grand time with you all.


PS. Bix!!! You’re fading... We need your enthusiasm back!