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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy 7x11 & 7x12 - Last Spoilers

Thursday 2 January 2003, by Webmaster

So much Buffy stuff, I do not know where to begin.

Episode 7-11: "Showtime" finds more potential slayers in Sunnydale. All indications point to their names being Rona, Vi, Chloe and Eve. Giles and Anya visit an oracle for information on how to defeat The First and the Oracle claims there is vulnerability in the Slayer line. Willow learns (don’t know how) that another potential slayer may be in Sunnydale but she may be dead when Buffy and Xander arrive. The gang is attacked by an ubervamp but Buffy kills it. The episode ends with Spike being rescued by Buffy.

Episode 7-12: "Potential". Spike is working with Buffy to train the SITs, Spike and Buffy have a "moment" which does not go unnoticed by the potential slayers. At school Buffy counsels Amanda but her boy troubles mirror Buffy’s. Willow learns (from the coven) there may be another potential in Sunnydale, so she does a spell and it indicates that it is Dawn. Dawn has trouble digesting the news so she goes to her room and then sneaks out (because that’s proactive), where she runs into Amanda. The two of them end up fighting a vampire and Dawn may not be the potential slayer after all. This episode appears to be the one where Xander and Dawn have a bonding conversation possibly revolving around whether or not you need extra powers to be special. Giles does not appear to be in this episode.