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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy 7x13 The Killer In Me - Spoilers

By Eleanor Rigby

Friday 10 January 2003, by Webmaster

Willow changes into Warren after she and Kennedy kiss; Buffy searches for answers when the behavior modification chip causes Spike to suffer; the gang suspects that Giles may really be The First.

As Giles prepares to leave town with the Potential Slayers for a few days, to make them understand the source of their power, and to show them how to use it correctly, by undertaking a vision quest in the desert, he worriedly speaks with Buffy about the state of flux everything is in. But Buffy assures him he should not abandon the trip, as the girls need him. After Giles leaves, Buffy checks up on Spike, who’s chained himself to a wall in the basement to keep the others safe. Suddenly, Spike begins clutching his head, in great pain. Buffy consults Willow about Spike’s sudden change, and worries it might be caused by the behavior modification chip in his head.

Shortly thereafter, Willow brings Kennedy some tea, as she’s been suffering from a cold. But when Willow opens the door to the room to her room, she discovers that Kennedy is dressed up to go nightclubbing, and feigned illness to get out of going on the desert trip with Giles and the rest of the Potential Slayers. Kennedy convinces Willow to accompany her to the Bronze. There, Kennedy makes a pass a Willow, and as they talk about their personal lives, and how they dealt with their sexuality, Willow grows somewhat mesmerized with the attractive and intelligent Kennedy. But when the topic of conversation turns to Willow’s relationship with Tara, Willow grows quiet.

Meanwhile, Spike’s condition continues deteriorating, and Buffy places a phone call in hopes of making contact with Riley Finn. When Kennedy and Willow return home, Kennedy gives Willow a tender kiss. Suddenly, Willow transforms into Warren. Willow looks in a mirror and sees what a frightened Kennedy is reacting to. Horrified, Willow tells Kennedy she has turned into the man she kill! ed. She runs down the stairs to tell the others, but when the gang see her, they assume she’s The First. Willow convinces Xander she’s trapped in Warren’s body by recounting an incident from their childhood, something only he would know. Willow then tells the others that her subconscious is responsible for triggering the incident. Hoping to reverse the process, Willow seeks out a coven of witches on campus. Kennedy accompanies her.

Meanwhile, Xander takes a phone call from Robson, a Watcher from England. Robson tells him he witnessed a Bringer attack Giles with an axe. Robson passed out, and when he came to, Giles was gone. The gang begins to suspect that the man they thought was Giles may, in fact, be The First. But this can only be true if Giles was killed. Xander, Anya and Andrew ride out into the desert in hopes of discovering the truth. Willow and Kennedy approach a group of five young witches, which includes Vaughne, the leader, and Amy, who promises she’ll try to help Willow find out why she’s turned into Warren. But Amy’s attempt at using a spell to reverse the process causes Willow pain. Willow responds by slapping Amy in the face. Willow realizes she’s losing control...and that Warren is taking over her mind and soul. Ashamed, Willow runs out the door. Kennedy attempts to follow, but Willow puts up a barrier spell, stopping her.

Meanwhile, Buffy and Spike make their way to the abandoned Initiative headquarters, which are located underground. There they come upon dead bodies, casualties of Adam’s final battle. Back at the coven meeting room, Amy assures Kennedy that Willow will be fine. But when Amy mentions that Kennedy is a Potential Slayer, Kennedy is taken aback, as she never mentioned this piece of information to Amy. Amy smiles, busted. At the Initiative headquarters, a monster springs from the shadows and attacks Buffy and Spike. His condition worsening, Spike spits out blood and collapses. Meanwhile, Willow makes her way to a gun shop, where she purchases a handgun. In the desert, Xander, Dawn, Anya and Andrew leap onto Giles, patting his face and body to make sure he is in corporeal form. He turns out to be quite real. When the monster drags Spike away, Buffy stabs and kills it using a jagged metal pole. Suddenly, banks of lights illuminate the scene. An Initiative General steps forward and introduces himself, explaining that Riley Finn sent him. The general tells Buffy that the chip in Spike’s head can either be removed or repaired, but the decision is up to Buffy.

Back at the coven meeting room, Kennedy charges Amy. But Amy uses magic to repel her. Amy admits it was she who placed a penance spell on Willow after Willow attempted to destroy the world. The spell was to be triggered when Willow punished herself, and in this case, it was when Willow and Kennedy kissed. It becomes apparent that Amy is jealous of Willow and is playing a game. She then waves her hand in he air, causing Kennedy to disappear and materialize in the backyard of the Summers’ house (standing where Buffy stood when Warren approached in the episode "Seeing Red"). Willow then approaches, saying the same words Warren spoke that night. Kennedy sees the gun in Willow’s hand, and as they converse, Kennedy realizes that Willow killed Tara. Kennedy then steps forward and kisses Willow, causing the gun to fall from her hand...and for Willow to return to normal form.