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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy 7x13 The Killer In Me - Wildfeed

By Leoff

Friday 7 February 2003, by Webmaster

Wildfeed Summary for Buffy the Vampire Slayer "The Killer in Me" Episode Number: 7ABB13 Running Time: 42:55

Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Giles addressing the Scoobies about the First’s plans to kill the SIT’s, revelation of Spike’s feeding under the First’s "trigger," Willow giving Amy the big kiss-off, Riley (yes, Riley Finn!) giving his "hostile 17 can’t hurt" speech, Spike in initiative, Warren’s shooting spree, Willow flaying Warren, Kennedy’s first flirtations with Willow.

Giles is looking harried, walking around the Summers home, wondering if Buffy and company will be ok during his absence. Dawn assures him they’ll be fine the two days that he’s gone. Asking if she’ll bring Vi’s notebook out to the car, Dawn departs, leaving Buffy and Giles alone for a moment, where he again states his concern for leaving them alone, but Buffy says the trip is important for the girls (at this point let me just remark on two things: Giles STILL doesn’t touch anything, and SMG during this opening scene has a sore throat, complete with squeaky tones and all). Giles says that the Visionquest that he’s taking them on will help them to understand who they are, and he wonders who told them that the quest involves doing the hokey-pokey and getting visited by Rastah-mamma Slayer? "That’s not exactly how I put it" remarks Buffy.

Willow walks in from upstairs having just come from an apparently sick Kennedy, who is "flu-ey" and won’t be attending the Vision quest. Xander then barges in the front door, telling Giles he’d better get out to the car, as the SIT’s are arguing over who gets to drive the first leg of the trip (apparently Giles didn’t renew his California drivers license?). Anya then walks in saying that Rona won (by stuffing Molly in the trunk!). Giles tells Buffy to be safe while he’s away. "You too..." smirks Buffy behind him.

Buffy walks down the stairs into the basement, where we find Spike sitting on a cot, chained to the wall. Spike asks Buffy if she’s gonna like the break away from the SIT’s constantly running around. Buffy at first says that it’s not that bad, liking the responsibility, but upon further thought "Oh, my god, I cannot believe I have my bathroom to myself for two whole days!" she says, breathing a sigh of relief as she plops down on the cot next to Spike. The two joke about how the SIT’s have been running amuck, then talk turns to Spike’s voluntarily being chained up, saying it’s safer that he’s under control while the SIT’s are away, at least until they are sure the First’s control over him is over. Buffy agrees, saying it will be easier to help him without the SIT’s around. "Buffy..." says Spike meaningfully, with a long intense gaze and pause."What?" she asks. "Ow." He says calmly. "ow?" she questions? "Ow... ow... owowOW!" he says as a pain in his head starts to steadily grow. He clutches his forehead and slams back against the wall. Buffy asks what is wrong as he slowly calms down enough to say "The chip...", then suddenly he convulses violently again, enough to shake Buffy. He howls in pain as he grabs his head again.

Opening Credits: Nada new.

Night time at the Summers home as Willow prepares something in the kitchen. Buffy appears, having come from watching over Spike. Willow asks how he’s doing. Buffy says he’s in the "Goes" part of comes and goes. Buffy asks if the tea Willow is making is for the other patient. Willow says she hopes it will make Kennedy feel better. "Um hmmmmm" Buffy says (nod-smile-wink). "It’s just tea..." Willow says, embarrassed. Buffy then gets serious, asking what Willow remembers about Spike’s chip. Willow says not much, they didn’t have much research to go on from before. Buffy then wonders if there’s something wrong with it, which Willow remarks "Well, this will be fun." Willow leaves with the prepped cup of tea in her hand as Buffy quips "Have fun... delivering the teeeaaaa." "Ok, not when you make it sound all dirty like that!" Willow quips back.

Upstairs, Willow walks into the bedroom to find Kennedy pulling on boots. She’s dressed and not looking at all sick. Willow says she’s busted and will have to go to the desert with the others, but Kennedy calms her down, saying that she has a "thing" she has to do. She is very serious as she says she has her own mission and needs Willow’s help.

A band plays at the Bronze as Kennedy’s "thing" is revealed. Both Kennedy and Willow sit at a table with fruity umbrella drinks in front of them. Willow questions Kennedy’s mission and is a little disgusted with her. Willow starts to leave but Kennedy talks her back, asking her to stay and saying "You’re sexy when you pout." Willow agrees to stay for "one drink" as Kennedy opens up the conversation very subtlely by asking how long Willow has known she’s gay? Willow is taken aback, but continues talking. Willow is uncomfortable discussing her homosexuality, but she does slowly warm up to Kennedy as the SIT talks about how she likes to try and flirt and find out if a woman is gay or not. Willow finally admits "Three years ago, that’s when I knew. And it wasn’t women, it was... woman. Just one."

"I popped another blood vessle I think" Spike lays on the cot, exausted, as Buffy sits by him and hands him a hanky. He mops up blood from his nose as Buffy tries to reassure him that they’ll go into research mode to find the problem. Spike jokes, knowing that there is no research into this type of thing. "Right, this isn’t a research thing, this is a phone thing" Buffy admits. "Who ya gonna call?" Spike questions, then continues "God, that phrase is never gonna be usable again, is it?"

"Do your parents know?" Kennedy asks, which Willow says yes, they know, thinking it was a political statement at first. Willow talks about Tara, saying "Tara and I are kinda private" then, after a look and apology from Kennedy, she corrects herself "were... were kind of private." Willow is now bothered a little by the talk.

Spike sits on the stairs as Buffy is on the phone, trying to get a hold of Riley. She gets nowhere though as she apparently has called a flower shop. While she’s on the phone, Spike has another "episode", gripping his head, wincing in extereme pain. Buffy hangs up the phone, wondering if it was a wrong number or a conspiracy as she turns to Spike who is recovering from his episode, saying it wasn’t as bad as the others, but then another one hits, and this one sends him screaming in pain.

Kennedy explains that she knew she was gay at an early age as Willow is now at ease with the situation. Willow blushes, saying she doesn’t get why Kennedy is so interested in her. "Have you seen you?" Kennedy smiles, and then gives a list of similar likes (none of which Willow really likes), then Kennedy tells Willow why she likes her, remarking that she likes the way she speaks, her fleckles (which are "lickable"). Kennedy then admits to not liking the magic "fairy tale" crap, but it matters to Willow, so it matters to her.

Back at Casa Summers, Willow and Kennedy arrive at the darkened bedroom door and walk in, ready to say goodnight. Willow is glad they talked and is glad the air is cleared. "You know, in the spirit of air clearing, I feel I need to be honest about something..." says Kennedy as she approaches Willow slowly. The eyes glaze over, the look is there, as the two pull in for a very close, romantic kiss. The scene swirls around the two’s heads as they make out, then part slowly. "Well that was nice.." says a man’s voice. Kennedy’s eyes go wide as she pulls away quickly. She backs up in horror, stumbling into a dresser, as she looks upon the person she was kissing: Warren!

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"Are you ok? I’m not used to litterally knocking girls off their feet..." Willow says to a stunned Kennedy, as she continues to back away, scared at what she sees. "Ok, you gonna pick that up or..." Warren continues, wondering what’s wrong. Kennedy asks what she is. Confused, Willow goes to a closet mirror and looks, and is instantly horrified, seeing Warren’s reflection! (From here on out, whenever Willow appears as Allyson Hannagan, I’ll call her Willow. When it’s Adam Busch, I’ll call her Willow/Warren. Other Characters will constantly see her as Willow/Warren.) From behind Willow/Warren, Kennedy asks what that is. "It’s the man that I killed" says Willow/Warren, looking on in disbelief, feeling her/his face.

Rushing down stairs with Kennedy in pursuit, Willow/Warren rushes in on Xander, Dawn, and Anya, who see Warren’s image and freak, backing away and claiming that it’s the First! "No, guys, it’s me!" Willow says "I’m me, I’m Willow guys, come on" Willow/Warren continues. She/He tries to convince them by telling them to ask Kennedy, who is still in shock and says she’s not sure what’s going on. Just then Andrew walks in with a bowl of... something, and when he sees Willow/Warren, the bowl drops and Andrew also goes into disbelief, claiming the First is back and that he won’t listen anymore. Andrew continues as Willow/Warren still tries to explain, again saying "I’m not the First, I’m not the FIRST!" Buffy then walks in, wanting to know what the racket is, and upon seeing Warren’s image, slugs him upside the jaw! Willow/Warren tries to get up slowly as Buffy quips "ow", realizing she’s hit solid person! Realizing that it isn’t the First because Buffy touched her/him, Andrew walks up from behind and hugs Willow/Warren, inadvertantly copping a feel in the process, as Willow tells him to back away. All stand in disbelief as Willow/Warren still tries to plead that it’s her. Kennedy FINALLY admits that it’s Willow. Xander asks Kennedy if she’s sure. Willow pipes up, agitated "There are other stories from kindergarden, non-yellow crayon stories, in which you don’t come out in such a good light." Willow/Warren continues "An incident which involves Aquaman Underoos for example?" Cutting him off (to shut her/him up), Xander smiles and greets Willow/Warren.

Spike has since appeared in the background and quietly starts to have another chip episode, falling ot his knees, but everyone is still too stunned by Warren’s appearance. Dawn asks what happened as Willow/Warren admits she doesn’t know, that she probably brought it on herself. She/he explains they were upstairs, she and Kennedy kissed, and then it happened. Buffy ask what makes her think that, as Willow/Warren says she has a history of making weird magic stuff happen and brings up the events from her dissapearing act upon returning to Sunnydale. While this discussion happens, Andrew and Dawn are poking and prodding Willow/Warren, trying to see if it is real. Buffy then asks why Willow’s subconcious would turn her into Warren. Willow/Warren’s only answer is that she probably feels remorse over killing Warren. Willow/Warren then starts to get flustered, saying that she’ll fix it and that she’s embarassed by the others seeing her like that and she/he starts to head out. Buffy tries to stop her/him, but Willow/Warren says it’s ok, she got herself into it, she’ll get herself out, then she says they’ve got other things to worry about and glances at Spike on the floor behind them, who still rolls around in discomfort and is disoriented. Willow/Warren goes out the front door as the other Scoobies gather around Spike. Buffy tries to comfort Spike by saying they’ll hopefully get a phone call back, but Spike says they can’t wait, it’s gettting worse. Kennedy, seeing everyone distracted by Spike, slips out after Willow/Warren.

Willow walks down a nighttime street rapidly as Kennedy walks up behind and startles her. Willow/Warren tells her to go home and continues marching on, visibly upset, but Kennedy follows. Kennedy asks if she’s got a plan, which Willow answers she’s gonna get some help reversing "it." Willow says she tried reversing it herself, but something is blocking it. Kennedy says she wants to help, saying Willow/Warren will need her help, as she was there when it happened. Willow says she has to do this alone, without help. Kennedy then says she’s gonna tag along anyways, if for anything more than to keep Willow company. Willow/Warren rolls her/his eyes and tells her not to get in the way. Willow says she’s going to see some old friends who might be able to help.

Walking through a bushy area, Spike and Buffy search with flashlights for something on the ground. Spike asks if she’s sure she wants to come with. She agrees. They find a spot that Spike says is "there" and start digging away loose dirt and leaves. Spike says that every time he started to act up while he was the initiative’s captive, they’d dope him up and he’d be in la-la land. Buffy suggest they search for files and such also, trying to gather as much info on the chip as they can. Finding a chain, Spike and Buffy pull up on it to reveal a grate that covers an entrance into the long-abandoned Initiative headquarters.They drop down into a darkened, cluttered hallway.

The phone rings at the Summers home and Andrew gets up to answer it, telling Xander, Dawn, and Anya that he’s expecting a phone call when the new "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" comes in. Xander excitedly asks if he can get two copies, but off the looks of the girls, he collects himself and mumbles "loser." Andrew answers the phone and listens for a moment, then asks the others if they know "some British guy named Robson?"

"He was attacked" says Xander as he hangs up the phone. Xander tells that this Robson guy was attacked by Bringers, and the last thing he saw before blacking out was a large axe heading for Giles’ head while Giles was helping him. By the time Robson came to, Giles was gone. Anya says Giles never told them any of this and worried looks come over their faces. Dawn questions what they’re saying, and Anya suggests that it may be the First, as the First can become any dead being it wants. What better way than to become the one person Buffy trusts the most? Dawn says there’s no way to know for sure, but Andrew tells them the First can’t take corporeal form. "Well, it’s not like Giles hasn’t touched anything, right?" Anya points out, but then starts thinking "Has anyone seen Giles touch anything since he got back?" A pause, and worried looks... "Hold anything? Has anybody hugged him?" Everyone thinks... long, silent, and hard, and then all bolt up from their chairs and head for the door. Andrew asks where they’re going. Xander says they’re going to the desert, to Giles. Andrew gets excited and wants to get some tapes for the car, but Xander says he’s not coming. Andrew asks if it’s because he’s evil, but Xander says no, it’s because he’s annoying. After some pleading from Andrew (and a small threat that if he’s left alone, he’ll do something evil like buringing something or glueing things together), Anya and Dawn convince Xander to let him come along. All head out the front door as Anya turns to Xander with concern. Xander agrees, saying they’re out there, all alone (the SIT’s that is).

Sitting alone by a fireside, Giles looks around, very suspicously, almost like he’s evil. Tents in the background of the campsite hint that the SIT’s are all tucked away... or are they? Bwwwaaahhh haaa haaa....

On a small theater stage, a group of about 12 Wiccans are arranged in a circle as they try to meditate and summon... something by candlelight, as Willow and Kennedy stand in a doorway and interrupt. The leader of the Wiccan circle asks who they are. Willow/Warren says that it’s her, Willow, that they’ve met previously. She/he briefly introduces Kennedy, who nods. Willow/Warren looks on at the slightly stunned group as she is surpised at how the campus Wiccans have come from bake sales. "Ah, no, we still do that too, second tuesday of every month" says the Wiccan leader, who then says she’s still having a hard time believing it’s Willow. "um... it’s actually her" comes a familiar voice from the circle. Amy stands up and says that she knows her. Willow/Warren looks a little surprised and maybe a hint scared as Amy gently, with remorse, tries to apologise for her past actions and says that she’s gettting help from the Wiccan group. Vaughne (the Wiccan leader) says that Amy is doing much better, but Amy says it’s ok, she should apologise. Just then the mood turns into one of wonder as Amy asks how it happened, looking at Willow/Warren. Willow/Warren says that that she’s run into this problem and can’t seem to shake it, and that she came there for help. Amy says that the group is into healing the life force and stuff, not real magic, which bums Willow/Warren, but then Amy says they’ll try.

As the Wiccan group and Kennedy watch from the Audience, Amy and Willow/Warren sit, cross-legged and hands grasped, as Amy chants a spell. A glowing orb they hold between them slowly grows brighter, but then starts to burn Willow/Warren’s hands as she/he yelps out and stands quickly. "It didn’t work?" asks Amy, surprised. "No it didn’t you dumb bitch!" Willow lashes out, as Willow/Warren slaps Amy hard across the face. Amy and the Wiccan audience look on in surprise as Willow/Warren says she didnt’ slap her. She then gets a horrified look on her face as she says it was Warren!

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Willow/Warren rushes off the stage ask Kennedy gets up and follows her into the next room. Willow/Warren is very upset and in shock, claiming that she is turning into Warren, a murderous man! Kennedy tries to calm her/him down by saying they can still get help, but Willow/Warren says Kennedy knows nothing about magic and then says, in case she didn’t notice, their date is over. Willow/Warren storms out a back door and Kennedy tries to follow, but Willow/Warren quickly casts a barrier spell to stop the SIT from following.

In the initiative basement, Buffy and Spike search with flashlights as they start to find signs of death. They come across the rotting bodies of Initiative personell, both in fatigues and lab coats, along with the occasional rotting demon body. Buffy and Spike are both a little spooked and are thinking about a brief stay. Spike spots a door he recognizes and says it will get them to the med lab where they can get the drug. They head through a heavy metal door and into another dark room. Searching around, they hear a creaking off in the distance.

"Ok, i’ll go: R..." Andrew says from the back seat of Xander’s car, but everyone ignores him "it’s hard to play Ghost by yourself." On their way to the desert to find Giles and the SIT’s Anya expresses concern, wondering what they’ll find if it was actually the First. Xander says "Well, he didn’t bring them out there to meditate..." Andrew turns to Dawn and says she’s probably glad now that she’s not a potential. Anya says things aren’t safe yet, and Xander says they might know they’re coming. Dawn starts to panic a little, saying they dont’ have the Slayer or a powerful witch. "Just a teenager, a powerless former demon, and two big geeks." quips Anya. They sit in silence at this revelation until Andrew breaks it with "Ok, licence plate game maybe?"

Willow marches down the nighttime alley, but then turn towards a wall and sinks down slowly, starting to sob. The hands come away to reveal Warren’s image "look at me, crying like a little girl!" Willow/Warren says in a more Warren-esque manner. She/he stands and heads off with something in mind.

Still searching via flashlight, Spike and Buffy try to spot the source of the noise. Very dark scenes, only glimpses of Buffy and Spike are seen. Suddenly a growl and Buffy is knocked hard by something, her flashlight clattering to the ground! Spike calls outt her name, but no answer or sound is heard...

Packing up the candles and other Wiccan supplies, Amy tells Kennedy that the others took off, that all of the Willow/Warren stuff was a bit too creepy, even for them. Amy then can see the concern on Kennedy’s face and says that she can tell she’s really worried about Willow. Amy tries to comfort her by saying Willow is strong and has been through a lot worse, "long before she ever went out and found herself a big strong potential Slayer bodyguard." Kennedy says she never said she was a potential Slayer. Amy tries to backtrack, but then suddenly admits she’s busted. "oops..."

In the Initiative basement, Spike can hear the demon fighting Buffy, but just as he tries to go and help, the chip starts firing again and Spike pleads for it to stop. "no... no... not now!" He crumples to the ground just as the demon (who I really couldn’t tell you what it looks like, it’s that dark) is above Buffy, having the upper hand. The demon sees helpless Spike and abandon’s it’s attack on Buffy, grabbing the now unconcous from pain Vampire and dragging him off down a hallway. Dazed, Buffy calls after him.

"Same model as last time? How’d that work out for ya?" asks the Gun-shop owner as Willow/Warren looks at handguns in a display case. Willow stands and grins in a very Warren-esque manner "you’d be amazed."

Commercial Break: *sings* Try new handguns, they are great! They kill things that you may hate! Enemies, bad guys, even a duck! Handguns, Handguns, really SUCK!"

Slowly rising from the campfire, Giles turns and walks a few steps in silence. Just as he turns back, he is attacked by rushing Xander and crew! All tackle him and start poking and prodding him, shouting "touch him! touch him! I feel him!" Giles is shocked, saying that they can all touch each other and then asks what they’re doing. Anya says they thought he might be "non-corporeal evil" and Dawn continues, saying that they got a call and didn’t remember him touching anything. Then the thought dawns on him. "Now wait a minute... you think I’m evil if I bring a group of girls on a camping trip and DON’T touch them?"

Looking around in the flashlight’s beam, calling out Spike’s name, Buffy can’t spot anything in the darkness. Suddenly the demon attacks, snarling and slashing at her. It throws her... I think. And she picks up something and beats the demon... I think. Again, it’s dark and fast moving, so it’s hard to tell. I heard a kick, then a slug, then a squish... then the clattering of a pole and the demon gasping it’s last. The fight over, Buffy finds Spike and kneels by him, asking if he’s still with her. He looks at her but can’t speak. Suddenly spotlights spring on! From a walkway overhead, men in uniform aim rifles at Buffy and Spike. "Agent Finn reported that you tried to contact him earlier today." The leader of the soldiers waves the men’s guns down as he addresses Buffy "He indicated you might be needing our assistance. We’re to provide you with anything you need to help ass-face here." The leader motions towards Spike as Buffy looks at him a little pissed. "Those were his exact words, Ma’am."

Daytime now... we see a figure walking down the street with a purpose, a handgun in hand. The camera pans up to show it’s Willow, who has a cold, determined look in her eye.

Buffy looks from a distance at Spike, who lays on a gurney, still in the abandon Initiative. The leader of the soldiers comes up behind Buffy and says that she was right, the med team took a look at the chip and it is deteriorating. He says if it’s in much longer as it is, it will kill him. Buffy starts to ask how long, but the leader says it has to be done now. Buffy asks what next. The leader says that Agent Finn said the decision was Buffy’s call. She wonders what he means by "decision." He tells her that the chip can either be repaired or removed. Buffy has a decision to make...

"Tell me why you did this to her!" Kennedy faces off against Amy, who smirks back. Kennedy then starts to lunge forward, but with a wave of her hand, Amy throws Kennedy back into the theater’s audience seats with a blast of magic. Amy approaches her coldly, saying she put a hex on Willow. Kennedy asks why make her take Warren’s form, and why it happened when they kissed. This makes Amy chuckle at how the Hex finally started. "The Hex I cast let’s the victim’s subconsious choose the form of the punishment. It’s always better than anything I can come up with." Kennedy demands that Amy undo it, and Amy eagerly agrees, then says "oh, wait... no." Kennedy asks Amy if she really hates Willow that much, but Amy says it’s not about hate, it’s about power and how Willow always had too much of it. Amy is jealous that she had to work hard to only end up being half as powerful as Willow, who had magic come too easily for her. Amy rants on how Willow was weak, giving into evil, and it almost ended up destroying the world, but now everyone keeps loving Willow as if nothing was wrong. Amy wanted to have a little fun taking Willow down a peg or two. Kennedy is furious, questioning Amy’s meaning of fun, and saying that Willow is fading away. Amy says it’s not her fault, it’s Willow’s own fault. Amy then thinks and wonders where Willow might be about now. Kennedy starts forward again, but Amy snaps her fingers...

... and POOF, Kennedy suddenly finds herself standing in the Summer’s back yard! the familiar bench where Buffy and Xander sat during Warren’s shooting spree sits in the background as she looks around confused "that was a hell of a thing." Willow is then seen marching in the open gate, shades of Warren’s entrance in her stride and image "you thought you could do that to me? That you thought you could get away with that?" Warren’s familure words are now heard in Willow’s voice as she raises and cocks the pistol, aiming it at Kennedy. Kennedy tries to calm her down, questioning what "she" has done. "make it stop!" Willow says.

Kennedy asks "Willow, what did you do?" as Willow continues to threaten Kennedy with the gun. "You were there, bitch, you saw it." "I killed her" Willow/Warren continues. Both Willow/Warren and Kennedy are confused, but Kennedy still tries to question and talk Willow/Warren down. She asks Willow what she meant by "she killed HER". They both realize that Warren is slowly taking over Willow’s body. Willow then starts to blame Kennedy, saying it’s her fault for Warren’s manifestation by making her forget. Kennedy then understands and says "Tara" which sets Willow/Warren off again. She says Kennedy tricked her into kissing her. Willow then comes to the forefront, saying that Warren is winning and starts to beg Kennedy for help. Willow says she’s being punished for forgetting Tara in the instant that they kissed. Kennedy tells her it’s ok, that kissing her wasn’t wrong. Willow is starting to break down and is confused, the gun slowly lowering from her hand. Willow feels guilty that she betrayed Tara’s memory then yells out for Tara to come back, collapsing in tears on the ground.

Kennedy approaches Willow, saying everything is ok and that she is starting to understand this whole magic thing out. She then leans into Willow/Warren as if to kiss, but Willow/Warren stops her, asking her what she’s doing. "Bringing you back to life" mutters Kennedy and the two kiss, and with the change of scenes, Warren’s image is no longer seen. Willow looks at Kennedy, who says "Hmm... i am good!" Willow is surprised, asking if she’s back as she feels her face. Kennedy asks if she’s alright. Willow nods, saying she’s tired.

"yeah... i’ll make you some tea." says Kennedy as she gathers Willow up by the arm and lets her rest against her body as they walk inside the Summers back door.

Grrr... Arrrg...