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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy 7x18 Dirty Girls - Aphrodite

Monday 24 February 2003, by Webmaster

aphrodite-in-nyc posted February 22,2003 8:37:26 PM EST

Yes, torturing Xander is bad unless there is going to be some sort of payoff to it — and he is big in this episode, there is a lot of stuff he does including the loyal speech about how great Buffy is. And then wack to the eye — it has to mean something but I don’t know what. I hope Willow can fix it.

aphrodite-in-nyc posted February 22,2003 8:45:35 PM EST

Yes, Wood is definitely someone to keep an eye on. And Buffy does tell him she has been thinking about beating him up for what he did to Spike — she says she has been drawing "little doodles" about it but hasn’t acted on it ....

I think burying Jonathan must put him firmly in the evil camp on SOME level but I have nothing to back that up. Alas.

aphrodite-in-nyc posted February 22,2003 9:27:34 PM EST

Autod is right — but I really don’t get why Wood didn’t do anything about the seal in the basement; indeed why didn’t ANYONE do anything about the seal in the basement until this week’s episode? And how come Xander and the other construction people didn’t know it was there. Really.

I like 18 so far, although the really blatant misogyny gets to me — as I assume it is meant to. I like the Spike/Faith interactions a lot if only because he is talking to someone other than Buffy — and she treats him well. If anyone wants details on any part of it I am happy to help ....

aphrodite-in-nyc posted February 22,2003 9:58:09 PM EST

The Spike/Faith scenes read like friendly, wary, flirtatious banter that kind of gets them to bond. Faith tells him about prison a bit — including that they showed the movie "Glitter" so they bond in their hatred of Mariah Carey, she tells him she is all sexually frustrated after being in prison, she tells him that they met before when she was Buffy and he remembers exactly what she said. Script direction IS that the dialogue is getting a bit hot and then Spike sort of sticks up for Buffy a bit — and she gets that they have been an item. Buffy comes in and isn’t happy to see them bonding — Faith totally plays it off and tells Buffy that she [Buffy] knows all the cool vampires. That’s pretty much it. I also think they bond over feeling cut off from the group as a whole and CLEARLY because they both have been evil in the past — reformed evilholics and all.

Re the Angel stuff all I remember her saying to Buffy is that she had to kind of mind meld with him and she saw his past or something. I’ll look. And hey — where are the other 18 spoilers posted? I don’t know and I don’t want to repeat anything cause it will just bore you all ....

aphrodite-in-nyc posted February 22,2003 10:00:53 PM EST

And finally — I think she is really trying to be careful of and respectful to Buffy. She doesn’t want to overstep her bounds. Part of why she goes to the basement in my opinion is out of respect of Buffy’s role as leader with the SITs — she doesn’t want to get in the way. That is MY TAKE on it at least.

aphrodite-in-nyc posted February 23,2003 08:17:36 AM EST

Hi Kalbear: In answer to your questions: 1) Pillow fight scene could go either way — it is stupid and pointless but I would imagine some people would find it funny, and it really will depend on how they shoot it. I am not sure how people will feel about it — if it is a bad thing to show Xander like that right before he is so badly injured or if it will keep the show a bit lighter. This is NOT a light episode, really, and at the end Buffy is in the same sort of position she was in at the end of HELP — what do you do when you are powerless in a situation? The Andrew scenes have been so popular, maybe they wanted to do one for Xander. It might work, since it is so clearly a fantasy. 2) The Xander speech on Buffy is really nice — really shows his take on her and everything that has happened. He truly believes in her — and she comes in with Faith so she [Buffy] hears it; and Faith hears it too and sort of tells Buffy she agrees. 3) Caleb is just trying to get Buffy to come to him — it is a trick to get her to attack. When she arrives and says what do you have of mine he indicates all the girls — that now he has them. I don’t know HOW he got so powerful — however, I would guess it has something to do with the ring, and maybe the seal on it means something and there is a lot of emphasis in the previous episode on the writing on the dagger Andrew used to kill Jonathan. That is just a guess though — I don’t know. And he kicks the shit out of Spike and Faith too so he is real trouble. 4) Giles does not contribute — he warns Buffy not to go after Caleb until they have been able to find out something more about him however, and that is it. He doesn’t have a real part in this episode, and Buffy is still cold with him. 5) Finally — the script doesn’t indicate anything like "Xander’s eye pops out" but it is pretty clear that Caleb sticks his finger all the way in — it is all bloody and terrible.

So, that’s all ....

aphrodite-in-nyc posted February 23,2003 09:01:48 AM EST

No word on age of the pillow fightees — but Xander does say to one of the fantasy girls that he was younger than she is when all this started for him (demon-fighting that is). It is a fantasy, and shouldn’t Xander be 22 or so by now? How old are these characters anyway?

Re: Connor — no, Faith says nothing to Buffy about Connor. Buffy seems pretty filled in on the whole Angel thing however so I would be shocked if she didn’t know already. And I don’t know about the ring — I just think the fact that Willow was taking photos of the symbol on it will mean that at some point in a later epsiode someone will pull out a book and say AHA! about the symbol. So far that is the only clue about Caleb we have, right? It sort of stands to reason....