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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy 7x20 Touched - Summary

By BubonicPlague & Lov6bitch

Thursday 27 March 2003, by Webmaster

EPISODE 20: TOUCHED Written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner

At the Summers’ home, Faith is talking to everyone except the missing Spike, Andrew, and Buffy. Yeah, Wood’s there, too, as well as 20 extra SiTs, and there’s a script note about Rona. Well, gee, you guys finally figured out that she’s the only one of the Potentials anyone can tolerate? Except for that comment in 17 about Spike being allowed in their house…umm, hon, it’s not your house. You’re squatting more than a land surveyor working in the field, far from a Port-O-Let, and hoping that that one little clump of bushes manages to obscure the view from road traffic. Not that I have been in that situation or anything. Faith is telling everyone not to freak out, and Kennedy says that now Buffy is gone, they have some say in how everyone gets to die. Basically, there are a lot of arguments going on simultaneously about how things should be approached.

Close on Giles and Dawn, and Giles tells her traitor-to -traitor that Buffy is going to be okay, while everyone else argues. Seems a bit chaotic. Oh, gosh, you think? I mean, nice that they are showing a teensy bit of concern for Buffy while the First is after Buffy’s ass, not to mention Caleb and the Harbingers and whatever Ubervamps spring up from someone’s blood like soldiers from the dragon’s teeth. Sorry, this doesn’t move me. Faith speaks up, attempting to calm everyone, and actually manages to…until the lights go out. Oops, power died. I can identify. I have a real problem with the ComEd service.

In the street, Buffy is walking alone and detached. And I assume that means more season six facial expressions. Great, can’t wait to see more of constipated Buffy, which is even worse than constipated Angel, and that is saying something. The lights are out here as well. Damn, the whole grid must have gone down. See, I know this "grid" stuff from things like Close Encounters and Wargames, not from Comed. But it makes me feel all special.

Buffy finds a house, and enters it. There’s a middle aged man here, aiming a shotgun at Buffy, obviously paranoid and telling her to get out. OK, I am with middle-aged man, here. I am sure there are plenty of other houses for Buffy to wander into that happen to be empty. But no, she has to barge into the Timothy McVeigh stronghold session, and take some sort of stand. It’s his damn shed, Buffy! She seizes the gun and tells the guy to leave, indicating that all the cool kids evict people from their homes these days. Sweet. Now I have an excuse to bust my way into those nice little lakeshore view places on the Northside. She says it’s not his house anymore, not his town, and then starts rummaging through his fridge. Ermm…that just killed a lot of Buffy sympathy for me. No one is gonna get my smoked gouda. And I mean no one.

Back at the mission mission, during the day. Andrew and Spike are sitting in a small room lined with tapestries, and Andrew is looking bored. Don’t look bored, hon! You have a scene with Spike, not Kennedy. Or Vi, and her strange hat. Or the Mustard Guy, who will just berate you for liking a character and say that you do so because of his looks. The pair is playing "I Spy", but there are only tapestries in the room, so Spike is getting frustrated that everything starts with "T". Hee. He’s also really, really worried about Buffy. Awww. I’m worried about her, too. What if she steals all that old guy’s soda? If he’s one of those "I’m gonna stay in my home no matter what them damn scientists tell me" types, he most likely has an inbred pit bull that might do some damage. At the house, Faith is starting to get a little overwhelmed. I am starting to get a little bored. What happened with Spike and Andrew? What was the next thing Andrew spied? I am totally serious when I say that, too. Everyone keeps arguing and talking, and Kennedy seems like she is trying to take charge a bit. I think I echo the sentiments of just about all of the viewing audience when I want her to shut the hell up. Faith’s not having any part of that. Oh, thank God. She thinks the Bringers are the weakest link, and that maybe they should capture one. You know, I was tempted to make a "Weakest Link" joke in there, but I really restrained myself. That got old a long, long, time ago. Still, the temptation was there, and for that I heartily apologize. Kennedy expresses her discontent to Willow, and Faith gets pissed. She says she makes the rules now. Oooh! I think I can come up with some of Faith’s rules!

1) I will not have any character development on this show, regardless of what happened on Angel. 2) I will make cheap sexual innuendos at anyone and anything, because I’m a "bad girl". 3) I will get cheap sexual innuendos directed at me, because I am a "bad girl". 4) I’m really, really hot, and hell with Joss’s spinoff!

Mmm, I do admit to liking that last one. Cause, I actually like ED. Just not Faith.

At the Vineyard, Caleb and First as Buffy are talking. I’m thinking, with all these talks, they really need to start breaking open some casks of wine. The drunken conversations would be hilarious.

CALEB: Soooo, I told her she was a dirty girl! FIRST: Yeah, man. You should have. That so sucked, the way she stole your pot. CALEB: YEAH! I mean, It’s just not right to take what’s mine, you know? But I loved her, man…*gets all weepy* FIRST: Could be worse. She never liked your band, remember? Said you were immature and needed to get a job. You’re better off without her! CALEB: I am! Oh, you’re so right, man. I don’t know what I’d do without you as a friend. I love you, man! FIRST: I love you too, man! No one ever listened to me about that miracle snow thing. You totally *get* me!

Bringers are working on something, but it is not clear what. See now? Construction doesn’t require perfect sight. Xander will be fine. The First is discontent, not wanting Buffy to get "it". Ohh, what is "it"? Sex? I totally see the First’s plan- he’s trying to keep Spike and Buffy from having sex! Their lovemaking will save the world! Erm…not that I ship or anything. The First says that Caleb will have to kill all of the girls and everyone they know. Caleb’s not unenthused. I would assume that there is just the slightest sliver of possibility that Caleb is not fond of women? I dunno, sometimes ME is too subtle for me to tell.

In an alley, Kennedy is walking alone, looking despondent about her smacking-down by Faith. Three Bringers jump at her, but suddenly SiTs and Giles appear. It was a set-up! No, I never saw that coming!

Summers kitchen. Giles says that the Bringer is dumb. Confusion over that fact that he means "mute". Oh, I think the last two seasons of Buffy have been, with a few exceptions, pretty "mute" as well. Dawn suddenly remembers that she read an old Turkish spell book, and there’s something in there for communicating with people who can’t talk. Oh good lord. First Sumerian, and now Turkish? Well, she’s apparently a student of both Semitic Near Eastern languages and Indo-European Near Eastern Languages. I swear that some major university needs to snap her up right away. What’s next, Linear A? While the others are plotting, suddenly Andrew’s voice breaks in that they’re back! Spike appears, and Giles casts a wary look at Faith. Oooh…I think some proverbial crap might hit the fan. And splatter, such that JE can make toilet jokes about it. Andrew scampers off for the bathroom (where JE is waiting to write another bidet quip), and everyone seems to avoid looking at Spike. No, guys. You really don’t want to avoid looking at Spike. I mean, wow. Did you see he and Wood fight in that last ep? Oops, I better stop, before Fury gets any more ideas about why I like the character. Spike explains that he has a lead (in a spinoff? No? Damn!), and inquires as to the whereabouts of Buffy. Dawn says she isn’t there right now, and after a few further questions, Willow says that Buffy decided it would be best to take a little time off. Oh holy hell! Willow, you so suck right now. I think you need to go join Caleb and the First, as they play quarters.

WILLOW: So, I went all evilly, right? And then, I ripped the skin of this guy. He was totally flayed-ish. CALEB: Eh, I’m not buying it. After all, why? He wasn’t a girl. FIRST: Dude, shut up. I thought it was cool. WILLOW: Aww, thanks Firstie-type non-bodily guy! FIRST: Aww, no problem. Hey, did you drink all the Aftershock? CALEB: Dude, you knocked that over on the floor half an hour ago! Get a grip!

Spike asks her how long it took to come up with that speech. Xander clarifies that they all decided, and Spike calls them a bunch of sad, ungrateful traitors, and who do they think they are? Oh, sweet. You just go on with your bad self, Spike. Giles attempts to start a half-assed explanation, and Spike cuts him off, indicating that he simply can handle that the student has surpassed the teacher. Wax On, Wax Off. He says she has saved their lives over and over, and this is how she is thanked? I have to give you props, Spike.

Faith starts to get up in Spike’s face, telling him to knock it off, but he doesn’t back down. She gets a bit insulting, and Spike clocks her one. Snicker. I have been waiting for this moment for ages. You all know how ticked I was over that Spike/Faith flirting in episode 18! It was so out of character for both of them, IMO, and now I finally get some mutual ass kicking to make up for it. The two start to fight as the others back off, and Faith teases Spike about his feelings for Buffy, calling it cute, the way she has him whipped. Hey now! She beats him pretty brutally for a few, until he tosses her off and into a wall. Spike says that she finally got what she always wanted (re being in Buffy’s place, not beating him up), and then demands to know where Buffy is. She says she doesn’t know, kicks him away, and then he throws up his hands in a sort of "hell with this" manner. He glares, heads out, and the others look guilty and confused. Pausing at a crossroads, Spike breathes deeply, scenting Buffy. Well…erm. I mean, I know vamps can scent people, and Spike has implied he can with Buffy before. And Oz did it with Willow, too. But, still. Makes me wonder about the "ripe Spike’ comments in STSP and in Him. I mean, Buffy’s gotta be a thousand times more intense on Spike’s nostrils.

Willow tries her spell on the Bringer. The spell works, using Andrew as a conduit. He says they are working for the inevitable battle. You mean, the inevitable, LotR-style battle no one cares about, cause they’d rather see a bit of character development? Kennedy gets all up in the Bringer’s grill (with a knife) , and Willow looks uncomfortable with her aggressiveness. Umm, Willow, now you look uncomfy? I thought that stuff in KIM was bad enough. At least this is better than her asking you when you first wanted to have sex with women. Andrew speaks that they are destroying the Slayer’s legacy (they are going to destroy complete bitchiness? I’m sunk!), building weapons beneath the dirt, and obeying Caleb. The Scoobies focus on the weapons, trying to find out the location. Then Giles slashes the Bringer’s throat. Ohh, shades of Ben. As in, the guy who was sadly not mentioned in episode 17.

I am going to do the Spuffy bedroom scenes seriously, for my fellow FF posters:

Buffy lies in the bed of the small house. There’s a knock at the door, which doesn’t really register with her. She’s tired and lost. Then, Spike enters the room, full of energy. Says he didn’t even need an invite because the town is really in demon possession. He says he went to the house, and calls Faith a bitch. Buffy says it wasn’t just Faith, it was all of them, and asks Spike to leave. Spike’s excited, though! He explains that he has news that proves Buffy right - what she was after is most likely at the vineyard. He gets no reaction, but pries for one, reconfirming that she was correct in her assumption. Buffy says that she doesn’t feel "right", that they blame her, and she can’t say that they are wrong…

Spike kneels down next to her, and tells her she’s not fooling him. She’s not a quitter. She was their leader, and that wasn’t something she gave up, but something they took. And they can take it back.

Faith and Giles talk at the door to Buffy’s bedroom, he’s determined that the weapon-building is in the sewer tunnels. Oh, goodie. That means I’ll get more Vietnam refernces in ep 21. Okay, I have seen the references, but still. Faith is exhausted, but Giles says she is doing just fine. Giles leaves, and the First appears in the form of the Mayor. Faith says she knows who he is, she’s not fooling him, but is clearly distressed. The First explains that it is part of the evil, but is also him, the Mayor, and to ask things only he knows the answer to. Oh! I love the Mayor! I wanna ask him some stuff! Like, what does he think of Jefferson Airplane, and what happened in suburban America during the influenza pandemic of 1918.

Faith reiterates that she is not fooled. The First/Mayor says that Faith is doing far better than Buffy ever did with the girls. I think I have this slash mark down now, but it is getting on my nerves. Faith protests a bit, and the First/Mayor asks why Faith is defending Buffy. Buffy tried to kill her. And Buffy will always see her as a murderer. She’ll finish the job, and destroy her.

FAITH: So, First, you totally pissed me off! FIRST: Dude, when did you get here? I told you, babe, it was only a thing. God, you are so clingy. CALEB: Man, Firstie, you are sooooo wasted. Just calm down, dude. WILLOW: I am all hiccupy.

We’re back in the small house. Buffy is sitting on the bed, and Spike is standing before her, a bit flabbergasted. He wants to know what she means by "no", in regards to resuming her leadership position. No as in eventually? Buffy says he really seems to have trouble with that word. Ouch. But Spike says he doesn’t understand, he doesn’t understand her at all. Buffy says she’s been aware of that. She’s kinda bitching at him here, but he’s taking it well, IMO. She doesn’t know if she should bother to try to get them back. She’s tired. Spike says that they all need her, and Buffy starts to look hopeful. He goes on to indicate that it’s chaos there without her. Buffy asks for details, and Spike basically admits to not having any…the house is messy and so are the people in it. He hit Faith a couple of times, and then left. She perks a little at that despite herself. Spike offers to take Faith down in a joking manner, but Buffy grows serious. She says that every time she makes a decision, someone ends up dying. Buffy looks up at Spike, saying that she’s been thinking. She can’t fault them, because she’s just cut herself off from them. She knew some might die. And she’s making excuses, because she’s always cut herself off. People try to connect to her, but she pulls away. She pauses, and then says that he should know. Spike remembers some connecting, but Buffy says they were never close, because she was unattainable. He asks if she thinks that is all it was, and stands up. Says he’s listened to her self-pity, and he gets a turn now. Buffy indicates that he should go ahead, cheer her up, and Spike says that’s not what he was trying to do. He got pissed about the unattainable bit. He’s been around for longer than she has, and seen and done things she’d never imagine, nor want her to be a part of. And he’s not known for being a thinker - he follows his blood, which isn’t always going to his head. He’s made a lot of mistakes, and a lot of wrong calls. But in over a hundred years, there’s only been one thing he’s sure of…and that is her.

Spike tries to touch her face, but she misinterprets (thinking he will kiss her perhaps?). He doesn’t back away. He says he’s not asking her for anything, and that when he says he loves her, it’s not because he wants her or can’t have her. He loves what she is, how she tries, he’s seen the best and worst aspects of her. And she’s a hell of a woman.

Buffy begins to cry, and Spike smiles at her a little. He tells her she’s the one. She says softly that she doesn’t want to be the one, and Spike tells her he doesn’t want to be as good looking and fit as he is, but those are just burdens to bear. This makes her smile. Spike gets up to leave. Says he’ll check on her in the morning. But she calls out to him softly. Asks him to stay there. He acquiesces, taking his coat off and settling into a chair. Buffy says no…she meant …would he hold her? They look at each other and he lies down next to her, their arms around one another and her head on his chest.

The First/Mayor is talking to Faith, and says it all comes down to love…

Aww.. Now wasn’t that just yammy? I feel the need to weep a bit again. *sniffle*

I am sick of typing First/Mayor. I need to blend that up. I’ll just say Fayor, ok? Fayor says that Faith, deep down, has always wanted Buffy to accept and love her. Ohh, I think a lot of people out there just wanted Buffy to give Faith a bit of lovin’. He says she’s looking for acceptance, but no one will ever love her the way he does. She tells him to get out, and he says he’ll always be with her, before disappearing. (Didn’t he just negate himself a tad there? I’ll always be with you…*poof*? Yeah, I know it is metaphorical, but still. Not the best exit I can think of.) Faith is a little shocked and spooked, but then feels a hand on her arm. It’s Wood. Hahaha, Robin, not a two by four or a penis. Okay, I can give you that it is a dick. He wanted to tell her about the weapons. She snaps at him a little, but then eases back down. Tells him the First visited. Wood comes in the room and closes the door, saying that she’s really important if the First visited her. Oh, I think a certain little someone wants to feel special that the First visited him, too! I’m sorry, I just don’t really get what this guy is still doing around. Well, even though he’s hot. Robin asks who it appeared to her as…it was looking for her weak spot. I think that might be a ceratin pilot we all know about. Faith says it was like her father, and Wood indicates that it was like his mother. They share a moment. They both knew it was a trick, but got smacked by it anyway. Faith asks if the First told Wood the truth, and he says it did. She’s worried because it said Buffy is dangerous. And she’s not very sure…Wood says he thinks Faith has it in her to be a leader. Faith kisses him, and then they start tearing each others clothes off. Ermm…sure. Food sex. Fine by me. Can we get back to the Spuffy now? Cause, I really demand it, due to the suffering I will have to endure in 21.

FIRST: Dude, bubonic. You need to soooo chill out. But, I love you. Can I have the cooking sherry back?

Willow comes into her bedroom, and finds Kennedy there. Kennedy has lit the place up with candles. Well, not literally, though I wish she had. Kennedy the arsonist! That would put her away for some time, right? Right? They sit down on the bed together, and kiss. Things get more intimate, and Willow says she’s scared. God god, so am I. I see where this is going. I’ve met Tara, and Kennedy, you are no Tara. Ok, just wanted to say that cause of the "Kennedy" thing. Willow is worried she’ll go out of control again. Like what happened when she became Warren. Kennedy wants to know if she is pushing too hard (hahaha! Insert your own joke here, guys), and Willow is unsure. But Kennedy tells her she’s safe. Willow seems pleased…Kennedy is like her kite string, tethering her. They kiss some more. Errm…kite string? That’s really not one of the more romantic analogies I have heard. It’s kinda like "you are the wadding in my model rocket". Not that I ever…you know…engaged in such dorky…ok shutting up.

In the Summers kitchen, Anya and Xander are chatting, eating ice cream. God that sounds good. Anya is bitching about all the sex in the house, she can hear it. Oh, I hope we don’t have to.

In the small house, Buffy and Spike are still locked in each others arms. Looking into one another’s eyes, breathing together, holding one another

There’s a montage. Faith and Wood, sweaty and in the middle of it. Yes, "it". They roll about, kissing each other, passionately. Willow and Kennedy together in bed, Kennedy licking Willow’s neck and doing something interesting under the covers. Hee, it specifies that Kennedy has a tongue piercing. Don’t know why I find that funny. Xander and Anya in the kitchen, screwing behind the counter, still mostly clothed. Buffy and Spike, she sleeping in his arms, he gently stroking her hair before pressing his lips to her forehead.

The First says it envies them….

We’re back in the vineyard. It’s the FE-Buffy. Caleb says it is disgusting, they’re just animals. But the First is the cleansing fire. The FE-Buffy says Caleb is the only man strong enough to be his vessel. But it knows why they clutch at each other, to feel…and it wants to feel itself snapping someone’s neck. Ohh! They have to kill them. Caleb is on board. No, really?

Buffy wakes up, Spike sleeping in her arms. Childlike and at peace. She just watches him for a while.

At the Summers house, everyone is ready for action. Hahaha, no, the other kind. Kennedy and Willow are still holding onto each other, loving. Andrew is in a pith helmet, and trying to detail the info he and Spike got. They kinda dismiss him. Faith wants Giles, Dawn, Willow and Xander to spy on Buffy. Not get in her way, but figure out what she is doing. Wood asks where Faith wants him, and she says she wants him by his phone. He looks a little hurt that he was a one-night stand. Dawn is a little distressed about spying on Buffy. Faith takes some SiTs off into the fight, and Kennedy kisses Willow’s hand lovingly.

Spike wakes up. He smiles and reaches for Buffy…and there’s a note on the pillow.

Caleb and the FE-Buffy are still gabbing away. Buffy tosses a bringer down into the vineyard cellar. Tells Caleb she hears he has something of hers.

I know I was mostly serious here, guys. But I didn’t want to detract too much from our sweet moment. hey, we deserved it.

OK, do you guys even care about the end? No. You don’t. But I am doing it anyway, even though it is flat and dull compared to what we just got there. And that was hard to write. I mean, I find it easy to rag on the show when I hate it, or when there are pathetic jokes, but that? I just couldn’t. And I can’t do justice to sweet Spike’s lines, but I hope I was able to capture it a little. Anyway….

Back at the vineyard, continuing from where we left off. Buffy faces off with Caleb. Buffy wants to know where "it" is. Hee, what is "it" to you, Buffy? A coke and a smile? I bet Spike is wondering why you left him a note that probably said "if you like me check the box". I mean, I know I expected you just to leave him without saying a word, but still. Wake the guy up and tell him you’re going! Sheesh. You’re not 17 anymore….oh, wait, you kiss Angel in 21. Never mind. Caleb looks around (a bit nervously?) for hiding places, but doesn’t back down. He gets closer to her, and lays a punch on her…one that should knock her out…but she dodges it. She’s strong. That’s’s the power of Spike-holding, I am telling you! He continues to punch, and she continues to dodge. Even taunting him a bit with her evasiveness. Oh, finally a physical representation of Buffy’s usual emotional state. The FE-Buffy tells Caleb that this is getting a bit embarrassing. Hee.

FIRST: I never done nothin’ embarrassing! CALEB: Oh, dude, there was that time you puked on that girls shoes at that party. Course, it was non-corporeal puke, but hey… WILLOW: Look, if I can be on magic crack, he can conjure phantom vomit.

In the sewer, Faith and the SiTs are searching with flashlights. Is this another scene where I’ll need night-vision goggles, like in KIM? Of course, I choose to believe Buffy and Spike took the opportunity to snatch a few smoochies in the Initiative caves when they were invisible to our sight. Faith comes across something…a huge array of swords and axes. An arsenal. No, not the football team. A vast number of Bringers drop down upon the group of Slayerettes.

Caleb continues to try to fight Buffy, but she constantly evades. He hasn’t got a hit in yet, and he’s pissed. He chases her into a cement post…Uh oh. If that post crumbles, does it symbolize the destructiveness of the Caleb/Buffy relationship, and not that their barriers are coming down?

Faith fights a Bringer…blah blah.

Caleb tries to hit Buffy again, but winds up hitting the post, and it crumbles. Ouch. Oops, there go my season seven metaphors. She dodges and runs…

Faith runs, stabbing a Bringer. Managing to rescue Rona. The SiTs get ballistic on the Bringers.

Buffy swings up onto the rafters as Caleb rushes her. He calls her a whore. Hee, Caleb has been reading some of the more vitriolic posts on C&S. He picks up a barrel to chuck at her…under which is a small trap door. OK, dumbass, know where your own trap door is! Not that barrel! Buffy gets hit, but she lands on the ground, and makes for the trap door. Caleb rushes Buffy, but she makes it in. He lands on top of barrels and junk on top of the trap door. Buffy ends up in a heap at the bottom of the chamber. Buffy and Spike kiss tenderly. OK, not really, but I am still on a high from act 3.

Faith and the SiTs have won-all the Bringers are dead. They inspect the weapons, curious, wondering why there really aren’t all that many. Because you are being set up, nimrods! Kennedy sees something, calls for Faith to check it out. It’s a grate, with dark water beneath.

Buffy looks around…

Faith’s flashlight finds a metal box…what she came for…

Buffy sees what she came for…the scythe….it actually causes her to smile…

Faith races for the box, opening it to reveal a bomb, counting down. She yells for everyone to get down. And, could we be a little more blatant here that Buffy was the right one to follow? Ahh, who cares. I don’t. Spike held her . All night. She opened up. *sigh*


By Lov6Bitch :

Actually, the whole Faith/Wood thing really didn’t bother me, personally. In a way, it makes scence, and follows part vof the theme of this eppy... It plays out something like this;

Faith has JUST been visited by The First/The Mayor. He really got to her BIG time. She’s slightly in shock. A hand on her arm startles her. She turns to find Wood standing behind her, shakes his hand off and moves away. She warns him about sneaking up on her, and he appologizes, "I knocked." He asks her what happened, but Faith trys to drop it. Still, she looks shaken. "You sure you’re alright?" he persists. Faith gets defensive and questions why he should care. Wood just says that she just looked kinda upset, and so aked if she was okay. Faith relents, "Sorry." Wood starts to leave, but Faith stops him,"It was the First." Wood comes back and closes the door. Faith looks vulnerable. Wood comments on how the First doesn’t show unless it thinks you matter. Faith holds up a trembling hand, "Man, look at that..." she says. "That really got me." Wood asks her who the First was to her. "...an old boss of mine...he was like a dad to me." "It was my mother," says Wood. They both relate how they, in a way, wanted the person the First was being to be real..."Nobody wants to be alone, Faith. We all want someone who cares. To be touched that way." They’re intense. They connect, get the need in each other. They talk some more...about what the First told them, about Buffy a little. Wood starts to mention the mission they have planed, but Faith interupts him, "Forget about tomorrow. This is tonight." She puts a hand on his arm. Then she kisses him. "Touch me." says Faith. They passionatly fall back into bed.

Ah yes...the note. Spike is just starting to wake up. He smiles softly to himself, reaches over for Buffy... But she’s gone. There’s a note on the pillow. Spike reaches for it, unfolds it and begins to read. And that’s all we get of the note. The very next scene, Buffy is at the vineyard, confronting Caleb. "I hear you have something of mine." I can only assume that the note was telling Spike that she was going to the vineyard....as Spike told her the night before that Caleb was trying to protect somethingfrom her there.

The Willow/Kennedy love scene follows the Wood/Faith scene. Willow enters her bedroom looking at a map. She starts to address the SITs she believes are in the room, "Okay guys, Giles said that Faith said that we should..." She looks up to see that the only one in the room is Kennedy, wearing a nightgown and laying seductively under the sheets in the candle lit room. Willow asks what happened to the girls. Kennedy looks at Willow from under her eyelashes. "They’re not here, are they?" "Nope." Willow closes the door.Willow goes to the bed and sits on the edge, then kisses Kennedy lightly on the lips. Kennedy kisses Willow back, taking the map from her and dropping it on the floor. "C’mere." Willow, smiling, slides in under the sheets next to Kennedy. They snuggle and kiss...but then Willow turns away. "Something not right?" asks Kennedy. Willow says she’s scared...scared of herself. That if they sleep together, she could lose control of herself...lose herself, literally. Kennedy assures her that she’s safe with her. "I’ll keep you safe. You can float around and I’ll tether you down." "You’ll be, like, my kite string?" They start to kiss again, more passionatly this time. Willow closes her eyes, and abandons herself to Kennedy.

(later-part of a montage) Kennedy licks Willows neck with he pierced tongue, then something happens under the sheets... it makes Willow’s eyes grow wide!

The Xander/Anya scene follows the Willow Kennedy scene. Xander and Anya are sitting on the kitchen counter, talking and eating ice cream out of it’s carton while sharing the same spoon. Anya, of course, is doing most of the talking and seems somewhat crabby. "I mean, thet should at least acknowledge the possibility that some people might not want to listen to an a cappella concert of moaning and groaning." "Mmmmm." replies Xander, noncommittally. She goes on about it all being disgusting. Then Xander asks her if she’s a little jealous. She tells him that she’s a lot jealous, and that if Xander and her are done having sex, then "everyone else should just knock it off." Frustrated, she shoves a huge chunk of ice cream into her mouth.

(shortly thereafter, in a montage) Behind the counter on the Kitchen floor, Xander and Anya are having sex. They are clothed, with Anya on top of Xander, her skirt spread out over him.