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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy 7x22 Chosen - Last Spoilers

By Wendy

Monday 7 April 2003, by Webmaster

Latest news - April 6, 2003 Now Shooting: Episode 22

Latest Rumors:

My apologies for the short update, but I have new information about the series finale (episode 22 - Chosen).

In the final battle, Spike sacrifices his life to save the world. Buffy tells him she loves him, but he thinks she is just being nice because he is about to die.

Join me in the Crypt of Decryption:

This is currently preliminary information, and the scenes have not been filmed yet. We also have to consider the possibility of being misled. But this is the current information that is circulating, and I think there is a high probability that this is the ending for Spike that we will see.

At a recent convention in Pasadena, James Marsters said that he was planning to appear on Angel next season. I see no reason to dispute this information as characters who have died often appear again on Mutant Enemy shows. I do not know how this will happen, but I would not be surprised if Spike survived the final battle somehow, either by some mystical reward (i.e., shanshu) or some other possibility. I do not know if it is planned to address this at the end of the Buffy finale or at the beginning of Angel’s next season.

A personal note: I’ve received many emails lately that I have not replied to. I thank you for writing, and I apologize for not responding.

Scheduled writers and episode titles:

Episode #18: Drew Goddard Title: Dirty Girls

Episode #19: Drew Z. Greenberg Title: Empty Places

Episode #20: Rebecca Rand Kirshner Title: Touched

Episode #21: Doug Petrie and Jane Espenson Title: End of Days

Episode #22: Joss Whedon Title: Chosen