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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy 7x22 Chosen - Spoilers

Saturday 19 April 2003, by Webmaster

Tricky Joss Whedon: What’s up ME’s sleeve, plus DC’s bad boy, Finale dates by Coreen Kremer 4/18/2003

Buffy finale - What we think will be may not be what isAccording to a "proven source" AICN reports that Joss Whedon is "filming a BUTTLOAD of unscripted stuff. There’s the ending in the script where Xander dies and where Spike dies, but there’s another ending where Spike vanishes ... and there’s additional stuff that’s been shot above and beyond THAT. Joss is determined that THIS unscripted stuff isn’t going to get leaked. He wants to go out with a bang."

So spoil, speculate and spew but don’t get yourself too worked up about what you find out…odds are, Joss will get his way in the end and go out with a bang!

That said, here are the current "rumors" for the finale but what actually comes to pass, I can’t confirm or deny at this time:

The band Nerf Herder makes an appearance in the finale. Amanda and Anya die. The First approaches Buffy in the form of Buffy. Willow and Kennedy both live and they still seem to be a couple. Willow’s hair turns white and she may become a "Goddess". (Aren’t we all goddesses though, really?) Angel gives Buffy an amulet that only a ’champion’ can wear and she gives it to Spike. Buffy sends Angel back to LA but there is some talk about a possible future together. Buffy wants to ’battle in the hellmouth’ and kill the ubervamps. Buffy has Willow perform a spell that ’activates’ every slayer in training so they share her slayer power. Spike and the amulet end up on the seal. The amulet creates energy, which lets in light and kills the ubervamps. Buffy tells Spike she loves him but he doesn’t believe her. Spike ends up the hero and essentially burns up from the inside out. The hellmouth sucks the town of Sunnydale inside itself. Xander says they saved the world, Willow claims they just changed it and that there are slayers ’awakening’ everywhere. The "where do we go from here" question isn’t directly answered and the show ends vaguely. Again, these are the current finale rumors but I find it difficult to believe that Joss would allow the actual finale script to be leaked this far in advance, if at all. Obviously some of the rumors make sense, or can be made to make sense but only time will tell what is true.

A few Finale dates for ya…tune in!

Alias: Sunday, May 4 - this is a 2-hour finale! Angel: Wednesday, May 7th Survivor Amazon: Sunday, May 11 - this is a three-hour finale! 24: Tuesday, May 20 Boston Public: Monday, May 12 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tuesday, May 20 Enterprise: Wednesday, May 21 Dawson’s Creek: Wednesday, May 14