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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Bash Details

Tuesday 15 April 2003, by Webmaster

The Invitation-Only Buh-Bye Buffy Bash FAQ 1.0 I. Aaaauuughhh!!! This party is going to go all "no vacancies" in like 10 minutes!! I must be there!! The idea of sitting home alone while my fellow "Buffy" fans cavort together will drive me to madness!!! How can I ENSURE that I WILL be invited?? First, check your email box. If you’ve been in contact with us, you may already have gotten an invitation that explains everything. If there’s nothing there, you can request an invite by writing to us at hercaicn@yahoo.com.

II. Where is the big Buh-Bye Buffy Bash to be situated? Our bash’s venue is the fabulous, historic, spacious and improbably swank Hollywood Athletic Club. Read more about it here: It sports a humongous video projection system, fearsome speakers, wall-to-wall carpeting, and a lengthy, well-stocked, well-staffed bar.

III. What are the coordinates? The Hollywood Athletic Club is situated at 6525 Sunset Blvd. in the tourist mecca of Hollywood, California. Doors will open at 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 20.

IV. What’s the agenda?

The basic plan, completely subject to change: 6 p.m.: Load up on liquor. Argue with your fellow fanatics about who loves "Buffy" more. 8 p.m.: Watch the final episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." 9 p.m.: Grieve openly with Herc & Friends. 11 p.m. or midnight: You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. (Watch the site for updates.) V. Will Sarah Michelle Gellar be there? She’s pretty! Not real likely. Ms. Gellar will be in Canada, filming "Scooby Doo Too" with Seth Green. However. More than a few other people who have been professionally associated with the "Buffy" franchise have already indicated they intend to be in attendance. But. The only people we guarantee to be at this event are "Buffy" fans.

VI. Will "Buffy" creator Joss Whedon be there? He’s pretty too! Our fondest hope is to get series mastermind Joss Whedon and and the other "Buffy" creators to swing by, say hi, and explain things. Mr. Whedon is said to be aware of our party, and he’s a very busy and important man, and he hasn’t said "no" yet.

VII. Hey, I have written episodes of Mutant Enemy shows!/Hey, I am an actor who was on more than one episode of "Buffy," "Angel" or "Firefly"! Do I get any kind of special treatment? Yes you do! Contact Herc at hercaicn@yahoo.com and special arrangements will be made! Prepare for the worship!

VIII. I don’t get it. People are really gathering to watch a TV show? Can’t they just do this at home? They’re not only gathering, they’re booking flights into Los Angeles from London, Glasgow, Dublin, Buenos Aires, New York, Boston, Toronto, Florida, the Carolinas, Louisiana, Texas, Seattle, Portland and Chicago for this.

You have to experience it to understand. Watching an episode of "Buffy" with a roomful of fanatics is very different from watching it on your sofa by yourself or with someone who’d really rather be watching "JAG" or "American Idol."

IX. One last question: Am I the only one who thinks this is a great idea? Actual letters from actual viewers:

"Please oh please put me on the list for the Buffy party!" - R.B.

"Please please add my name to the list!!!!" - P.L.

"Come on, let us in. Please. Pretty please?" - D&L.K.

"Would love to see Buffy wander off into the Sunset (or moonlight...) with a bunch of like minded fanatics like myself." - K.H.

"thank u for the oppurtunity to share in experiencing the last episode of buffy in quite possibly the best way i can imagine." - M.S.

"I would love if we could join your party for one last Buffy Night to celebrate the greatest show on TV. … this will be the first time that a show has ended and I have ben devestated." - E.C.

"Huge fan and would love to say good-bye in the ever so fine Ain’t It Cool style." — K.C.

"I am sooo in for the party." - U.M.

"It would be like a religious experience! Seriously, it sounds awesome and I’d like to go/help in anyway possible, Whoo Hoo, get to it Herc!" - C.M.

"Herc, this is the greatest idea in the history of AICN which is fitting for the greatest show in the history of television. You provide the time and place and I’m there." - J.H.

"I actually dream about the show some nights that is how obsessesed I am. Please Please give me an invitation to the party." - J.N.

"I live in LA and would looooove to attend with a friend. We are both major buffy fan-girls." — A.H.

"That’s a great idea! I’m so sad the show’s over!" - P.T.

"Herc, I’m dying to go to the Buffy sendoff. My girlfriend (a like-minded Buffy fanatic) and I would love to get together with others to watch the last episode of our favorite program on television." - D.T.

"I’m a HUGE Mutant Enemy fan. Got all the episodes on tape. I would be most interested in attending. As would a friend of mine who is equally obsessive. Long Live Serenity! - B.S.

"I am unable to find anyone to share my passion with. Please invite me." - L.K.

"Herc: There’s a Buffy episode for every happenstance in my life. I’d love to See if the finale applies as well. Might be rewarding to watch it with OTHER people beside just me on the couch weeping." - S.H.

"Dear Herc, I would be VERY enthused to hit a Hollywood send off party to the point of flying in from NYC to LA for the event. I would love to send off Buffy with other fans." - B.S.

"I’m saying that Buffy is possibly the Greatest Achievement in the History of Mankind. Please invite myself and a guest to this shindig." - T.N.

"How much liquor and how many girls do I need to bring to get in? Because, the Buffy-sendoff would so rock. Please, please, please let me go!" - K.E.

"I live in Portland, OR and would love to come down to LA to a special Buffy send-off." - B.Y.

"My husband and I are both Buffy obsessed and would love to attend the Buffy send-off spectacular you mentioned. A part of my heart will Die when I can no longer tune in each Tuesday to watch my favorite TV characters of all time battle evil in what is the best hour on television. An appropriate send off is required!!! PLEASE LET US COME!!!" - H.A.

"I am a sick fan, trust me, I often get teased for my obsession of the show... And it will be really cool to be in a room full of people that feel the same way... - L.M.

"I go to UCLA and am dying to find some like minded scoobies in the area. I watch painfully religiously and often scare the neighbors.... Can I come?" - D.P.

"I’ve been a huge fan since the second season, and have watched religiously ever since. It’s my all-time favorite TV show. I own a bitchin’ collection of Buffy action figures, the Buffy board game, and a Sunnydale High yearbook! (My obsession-fueled consumerism knows no bounds.) I even watch Angel! Please please please let me come to the party." - D.G.

"My wife and I are extremely fervent fans of the world of Whedon. We have every Buffy DVD, and I listen to the Once more with feeling CD most days on my way to work. We’d love to be part of a send-off." - A.A.

"I’d have to fly in from New York but I don’t have any one here to geek out with in that faithful day." - S.B.

"I look forward to meeting you at whatever wheelchair accessible partypalace your hadicapable self chooses." - B.W.

"It’s the end of an era for me in what was the greatest TV show of all time in my opinion. Now, I live in Seattle but I will happily fly down to come to this at whatever venue. It would feel really good to end the show with others who thought the way I did." - C.H.

An Iowan: "Im gonna be working out finances to make sure i can be there for that party...it sounds like the perfect excuse to see LA..." - D.M.

"If there’s going to be some place in L.A. with a cadre of like minded fans, I think that’s where I’d like to be." — RJ.

"I think this would be a GREAT way for me to get into the local fun! I am a huge Buffy fan...I am not ashamed...I might shed tears after the last episode!" - S.J.

"OH HOLY SHIT!!! Okay. I must be there. I must. You do NOT understand. I AM Joss Whedon’s bitch. So is my ex-girlfriend. I will do my best to bring her to this. She’s hot, she’s 22, and she flashes her tits when she gets drunk. Trust me, you want us there." - J.J.

"Herc! I’d absolutely love to be invited to the big Buffy send-off. It took me so long to convince people to start watching it, but had about 10 other people hooked by second season :) - S.M.

"I am very sad to hear that my all time favorite show is ending. Please include me in your buffy finale send-off! I am new to LA and havn’t yet met many of the throngs of people who share my obesssion for this show here - I still call all my pals back home every Tuesday to discuss what we have just watched!" — M.N.

"I’ve been a Buffy fan longer than I’ve known my fiance, and now I’ve gotten my future in-laws completely hooked — so badly in fact, that when I told them I couldn’t afford season three on DVD right away, they bought it for us with the condition that they watched it first. In a nutshell, I’d *really* like to watch the finale with a bunch of other Buffy fans" - M.A.

"I WANNA I WANNA!!! I would love to watch the last ep of Buffy down in Holywwod. Actually I might even be willing to sell my first born." - S.T.

"Hey there, I’ve been a loyal fan of Buffy since year 1 and a long time reader of AICN... If the event is too packed already, I would absolutely love to go...I’ve dreaded this day and it has finally come, let’s hope for a great send off" - M.W.

"Count me in on that send off party. It would be great to send the show off in style." - P.B.

"Nothing would be grander." - T.B.

A Minnesota resident: "I don’t live in the LA area but I WILL fly out there!! I cannot miss the final and if there is going to be a party, Im there!!!!" - K.D.

"Herc! I’ve been watching faithfully since the very beginning. I’ve endured the scorn of friends, family, and colleagues who could not see beyond the title. I live in Berkeley and would happily drive to L.A. for the farewell as only you can organize. - R.A.

"Please, please, PLEASE count me in for the finale party. i’m in Connecticut now, but will be on a plane immediately if this goes through." - R.K.

"i think it would be so cool to watch buffy go out in style." - J.G.

"I’d be ever so grateful for an invite to what is sure to be an Incredible send-off (and I refer to both your hootenanny as well as the Whedon-penned second hour of the finale)." - S.O.

"It would be the highest honour to score an invite to an AICN sendoff for Buffy. I have been a LOYAL Buffy watcher since episode 1. I am obsessed (hell, my car is named Buffy)." - T.R.

"I don’t have many people around here that I can talk to about the show (in person). It would be great to see and talk with others who liked the show and appreciated the talent on the show (actors and writers)." - E.D.

"Please!! I have watched this show from the pilot episode and have Always loved it!! PLease let me attend the Finale Party!! Please!! It would mean so much to me!! BTW, my fav ep is ’Graduation Day’." — J.M.

"I want to watch the finale with like minded folk!" - K.V.

"I must be there!" - J.M.

"I’m in San Diego, but would make the drive in a heartbeat!" - T.B.

"I’m in! So is my boyfriend and his sister." - W.S.

"I would love to attend the farewell party for Buffy. It will be a sad But joyous day. Sad because few shows on TV compare to Buffy, joyous Because they will do what many series fail to - GO OUT ON TOP. It’ll be a time to drink a pint and have a few Bloody Tara’s." - C.T.

"it is so rare that i get to watch buffy with those as obsessed as myself. i own all 3 seasons on dvd - i watch one right before i go to bed at night and i watch the buffy reruns on fx every morning. PLUS my boyfriend dumped me because i called out spike in my sleep!!!! do you need more reason than that? i would love to be invited to this grand event." - L.R.

"I really really want to attend your liquor soaked Buffy send-off. I’m a 32 yr old ICU Nurse (meaning I’m old enough to drink and can be of major assistance with any alcohol induced mishaps) that has been devoted die-hard & unwavering BTVS fan since day one!!!! I not only have all of the episodes, I’ve seen each of them at least 4 or 5 times (most of them way more than that). So my level of enthusiasm is F*&*ING HUGE!!! So please (pretty please) invite me!!!! BUFFY RULES! BTW, I love your site and the kick ass BTVS & Angel Previews & Spoilers!! You Rock!! Thanks and Hope I get to see you there!!" - T.W.

"I hate to see the show go, but at least I’d like to have a few like-minded people around to share the moment." - G.C.

"I have been a fan of buffy since the original movie and the show has offered a magical respite from the stress of my life for years. now that the show is passing i need to gather with other individuals of shared passion and celebrate the passing of buffy in a wake style environment. please invite me it would mean the world to me and my lady." - T.S.

"I would die if I came to something such as that....I am on the east coast and would go out my way ....to be there....finals be damned! Buffy is the best fucking written show EVER....WOW, an invite would be the world to me!!!" - C.W.

"I’ve never done anything like this before and never thought I would. But here goes. I so need to get my wife and myself(and a few pals) into your Buffy send-off party. I’ve been a closet ain’t it cool news fan for a couple of years now and find it’s time to come out. NO better place then a Harry Knowles extravaganza. I’ve read about the now legendary events and hope to be a part of the dream. My wife and I started watching Buffy together with the premiere. My good friend, who at 8 1/2 months pregnant still makes the 70 mile trip to my house every tuesday, (like she has since the beginning) and my brother and sister-in-law Airic and Barbara. We’re all so sad the the slayers time has come, but misery loves company. And a chance to get to say farewell with other Buffy lovers would be the best way to part. - J&S A.

"While I can barely type through my tears, I can think of no better way to say good bye to one of my all time favorite shows than to be with my fellow Buffaholics and my favorite TV movie web site folks." - J.K.

"Dear Herc: I live in New York City. My enthusiasm level: buying a ticket to LA to be with a bunch of my Buffy brethren on her last go-round. I think that’s around a 118 on the e-level ratings. I love that show. More than I have ever loved a television show. I’ve been there from the very beginning, never missed an ep. Love. A strong word. But true." - O.W.

"I am an enormous Buffy fan and would love to come to this get together. I was at breakfast this morning with the head of music at UPN and though they acknowleged that a Faith spin-off was possible (maybe even likely) it certainly wasn’t done yet. I just recently completed the soundtrack for Smallville and am glad you have been covering the show. This is my home address, though my work address is John.Kirkpatrick@Elektra.com if you want to verify my position at the company. Or else just look on the back of the soundtrack under producer. john kirkpatrick jkp88@pacbell.net

"If there is to be a Buffy-send off party (why does it have to go?!), we would LOVE to there. Long time Buffy fans...Buffy, Angel, Firefly, pretty much anything from Joss to good for our souls. Plz include us. We love watching the show but dont know many people who we can watch them with or even talk about with... M&S F.

"I am a fan of BUFFY who would love to attend a party celebrating the end of the series with like-minded souls … to share in the last bit of "love" for a show I never thought could have turned out so wonderful. - S.P.

"I WANT IN on the send-off you’re planning, the show deserves a proper wake" - J.M.

"Hi Herc, I live in Seattle, but, Buffy fanatic that I am, I will fly down to LA for this Buffy send off on May 20." - T.C.

"PLEASE? Sign my daughter and I up if at all possible... Thank you" - C.H.

"Hey Herc, I for one would be very interested in making the last "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" a communal experience. I have been a dedicated viewer since its second season and have a sickly feeling now that I know chances are it’s over. - S.W.

"Keep me updated , please! I am very enthusiastic to party with the people here at ain’t it cool!!!!!!!! Thanks!" - A.K.

"i am in california right now and am capable of accessing a car...and i want to be around people who will really feel the finally.." - M.P.

"Herculitus! Read yours on the Buffy finale showing for this upcoming May and just gotta see this. I live in nearby Long Beach and crazy enough to bring my own coffin." — J.G.

"I am a Buffy fanatic. I even watch the reruns on Sunday every week. I would love to be part of a boozy Buffy send off." - E.R.

"Currently, I live behind the Orange Curtain, but my wife and I would really like to make the trip up to the city of the stars to enjoy Buffy with the proper fannage and lascivious beverage." - D.N.

"Buffy has been a BIG part of my life ever since it started.... I would LOVE to be at the final episode BASH with like minded individuals!!!" - V.G.

"Herc, I’m both a huge Buffy fan and a regular reader of your AICN column. Would love to be in on a Buffy bash." — J.R.

"Herc: Although I do not live in the LA area, I have been a fan of "Buffy" since it first aired in 1997. I live in Seattle and I would pay my own way there to be a part of the excitement." - C.K.

"Hercules, Please, please, please…put be on the invitation list. I’m a big Buffy fan AND, of course, a faithful reader of Ain’t It Cool." - K.B.

"Herc, My boyfriend and I are saddened beyond belief. For the last seven years we have immersed myself into the Wonderful World of Josh Whedon, and now our reality comes crashing down. Buffy is ending???!!! What!? WHY??? I need a drink. I will have to wear black to mourn my Tuesday night." - S.M.

A very attractive young woman in New Jersey writes: "I am NOT in the LA area, but am willing to FLY to the LA area for the right sort of Buffy send-off party. You write about my two favorite kick-ass chicks: Buffy and Sydney Bristow." — M.C.

"Hey guys! Loyal fan here, of both your site and Buffy! My two roommates are also slayerets! We are all new to this city and this would be a great opportunity to have fun and meet like minded people. Hopefully we are loyal enough to be and eager enough to be invited to the party." - L.R.

"Herc, I am a Buffy fan from way back and unfortunately have no friends in the area who share my obsession. Having a chance to attend a send-off party would be extremely cool." - S.W.

"Level of excitement: EXTREME" - A.T.

"Herc! Please PLEASE put me on the guest list! I’ve watched Buffy from the beginning...not only do I carry stakes with me (well, chop sticks on occaision actually) but I have every episode carefully preserved on DVD or VHS. My roommate hates the show (she’s psycho) and my friends are simply not worthy of the show. You have to invite me! Pretty please?! If it helps, I’m a professional masseuse! You name it, I’ll massage it for you! Invite me! Massaging away for an invitation... Tish (aka Leticia Lopez) LeticiaL@aol.com

"Herc, I do not live in LA, but could make it there for the finale. I have been a fan of Joss’s work since the beginning. If this is going to be the end, I would fly to LA for the viewing of the last show, I’d come to LA to be whatever small part I could. - C.M.

"Yes, yes, put us on the list!!! Level of enthusiasm: Ridiculously high. Unless I’m in labor (which is A slight possibility) I’ll be there!" — S.M.

"I have been watching Buffy since day 1. It’s hard to believe that it has been seven years. I love the show so much!!! :) The characters are so well developed and likeable. Even when they go bad...you can’t help but be fascinated. The stories touch me, they make me laugh, cry, think, and relate to what is happening to them (metaphorically). Anyways, I would be delighted to be invited to the "??Series Finale??" on May 20th. I haven’t met to many people who love Buffy like I do. It would be a great experience." - A.A.

"I live in NYC and would come in to LA for such an event. Perhaps I need to reexamine my life, but May 20th, 2003 will be on of the saddest days EVER for me." - J.T.

"I NEED tickets to the Buffy party! Like really need. Enough that I don’t type with correct grammar or even complete sentences. The excitement is driving me to fragmented sentences. I was once a Buffy disbeliever that so many, mostly the Emmy’s, still are. However, upon watching the season finale of season two, I was hooked for good. Even the crappiest episode of Buffy, mostly Doublemeat Palace, still ranks much higher than any other program on television. I need Buffy. I live with Buffy episodes going through my veins. I sometimes hallucinate that Spike is talking to me during my theater class! Well not really, but the effect is there. I need the Buffy last episode to be one of the greatest moments in my life M.S.

"I can only say that I’d only want to spend the last night of watching quite possibly one of my favorite shows of all time in a crowd of ill-minded individuals such as myself. I’ve been watching this show since the second season (when the campers that I was in charge of during summer camp convinced me that the show was, and I quote " A fuck load better than the movie"), and there’s never been a more sacred night of television to me then Tuesdays. I know of at least a few other people in my crew who’d want to go, but screw ’em if they don’t email you. I WANT TO BE THERE." - D.S.

"I have been a fan of BTVS since the very first episode. I know that is said a lot about Buffy fans but in my case it is true! There is something about my BTVS fandom over the years though that has left me empty...all of my friends DO NOT watch the show. I have tried to convert some by talking about it and sitting them down and forcing them to watch BB&B or VILLIANS. All I get in return are refusals and weird looks. I have always watched every single new episode of BTVS by myself. I have a lot of friends, but every Tuesday I would be all alone, no one to share all the great funny and sad moments of BTVs with. No one I know (IRL) could care less when Joyce died or when Oz cheated on Willow or when Xander left Anya at the altar! Just me and my bag of Doritos every Tuesday night... I live in the bay area of California. Hopefully I can get an invite to share the final BTVS with other people who actually like it as much as I do!" - C.J.

"Howdy, Herc! I just moved to L.A. to work as a Young Adult librarian for L.A. public. After being in a very Buffy-centric world in Austin I feel a bit like I’ve dropped off the face of the Earth down here! I desperately want to attend the Buffy farewell soiree. please????" - P.L.

"I can not speak for the millions of other fans, but I can speak for myself. I have loved this show since the first season. The only season I can say that I missed most of or all most all of was season four (This did not stop me from finding a way to record "Hush" or "Primevil" and "Restless". The reason I missed it was my parental unit felt that the show was not a good christian influence, whatever, has more religion on it the that dumb show about that family with the white mutt. I have since won and now watch or record it every Tuesday, my parental unit deciding that it was losing battle.) A case in point, I drove home from work while on the clock to put a tape in so I record "Get It Done" I think driving 80 in 45 mile zone is kinda wrong, but fun. Let’s see, I collect the toys, buy the DVD seasons the day they come out (Buffy DVD’s are why God allowed man to invent credit cards) For English MO1A at my community college (Moorpark) I wrote a 21 page essay detailing season by season, and explaining why this is the best show on television. I even showed "Hush", explaing why a correct understanding of the English language is important, although my friends will telly ou i speak in fractured sentences, or as I like to call it "Joss speak". Of course the idiot teacher gave me a B, and never returend my paper, I can only hope it was like the Bible and showed him the greatness of this show. It is the only show other then Sex and the Sopranos that I will not miss. I could go on and on, hell if ya want I’ll even send you the essay. But the reason I love Buffy, the real reason, I can never explain, I can just sum it up in one word. Perfect." - J.S.

"I would Love celebrating /mourning the end of my favorite show with people that can appreciate it with me! Herc, if you have any space , can I go? I think it will be a little less sad with a crowd of fellow Scoobies with me...." - R.B.

"First of all, you rock. Second, Buffy. You get it! By the way, I’m in Indiana, and I’ll be there tomorrow if you give me the word!" - K.B.

"That would be so cool!" - J.M.

"Hey HErc! For years, my wife and have been die-hard fans of the Slayer from the start. They used to re-run the pilot episode 20 times when we were living in the Bronx and we’ve turned on ever since. Before the seasons were available on DVD, (even before the UK editions) We had every episode on video cassette. (all uncut!) Owning merchandise is one thing but having a love and understanding for The characters is something to be celebrated. Especially with a group of peeps who appreciate it as much as we do. I’m not sure how you will choose your guests, but I think it would be a great event to attend. Besides, I’m in the navy and heading to Italy later this year. I know They get it over there, but the funny thing is that is only in season 3 or 4! So, in a way its kinds like having FX, but in Italian....I think that’s a good thing!" - K&S M.

"I and my finace would be extremly interested. Since moving to LA from Phoenix, it has been difficult meeting like minded people who enjoy both (sad I can’t say all 3 since Firefly has gon eto visit the chior invisible) of Joss’ shows." - C.M.

"i want to be go with you hercules please invite me i watch buffy since well a really long time so please choose me. hey can i take a friend or two? love your website." - L.P.

"Hi Herc! I live in Las Vegas, but I come out there pretty often to visit friends. I would love to come to the send off." - J.K.

"My degree of interest is on the far side of stratospheric, enough to get my numbed butt out of my chair to drive to LA to see it." Greg Brown gregbrown@aol.com

"Hi Herc, My wife Tifany and I are die-hard Buffy fans, I can’t believe they are going to end its run this year. We are down here in San Diego and would LOVE to hang with the rest of the Aint-It-Cool gang in HollyWood for a proper Buffy Send-Off. My wife and I actually met in Law School and our first dates were spent watching Buffy on the WB." - C.M.

"I would LOVE to be part of the Buffy send off party. I have watched Buffy since day one. I got three friends hooked on the show and even chose a roommate because he has all of the Buffy episodes on tape, including the unaired pilot. I have seen all of the movies that the Buffy gang has graced their presence with. Just to let you know how Buffy crazy I am, I am a gay guy who tells all of my friends that I would definately switch over for any of the Buffy girls if given the chance. Anyway, I hope that I can get an invite." - Q.S.

"I’d like to attend the possible buffy send off - long time buffy fan and buffy essayist - go with the big venue!!!!" - J.K.

"i want to go to this soooo badly! i dont know what i’m going to do without buffy on the air, it has been my life for the last 7 years." - E.S.

"Herc, I hope it’s not too late! I want to RSVP SEVERAL spots for the proposed Buffy soiree (what’s the max? My roomies and some friends hold Buffy viewing marathons regularly and would LOVE to go to a big send-off viewing)!" - C.I.

"I would definitely be interested in attending this invitation only event. I’m a die hard fan; have watched from the first episode. Have attended 3 PBP. Am willing to travel cross-country for a chance to meet the mighty Herc!" - L.M.

"Just emailing to let you know that I would LOVE to attend a Buffy Series Finale party hosted by the ever-so-wonderful Herc & Co. Having followed Buffy ever since its first episode (yes, I have each one on tape — and yes, I DO realize that that fact makes me more than a little sad), I would be ever-so-excited to attend a "liquor-soaked Buffy send-off" with "like-minded people (instead of my stupid Charmed-obsessed boyfriend.)" - K.S.

"PLEASE INVITE ME!!! I have watched this show from it’s humble beginning. I would love to sent this show off in a way it deserves with other people who feel the same way about it. If you invite me I’m there baby...I’ll call in sick or freaking quit my job if I have to. Whatever it takes Herc, I’m there. It would be just friggin sweet and I could die happy." - J.W.

"I so have to go!!!! Please make room for me and my star trek obsessed husband." - D.J.

A young woman in Houston who has thought globally and organized locally, Buffy-wise: "I’m hoping to get an invite to your send-off shindig. I’ve seen every ep (at least twice) and it has interested me so much that I decided to form a local organization of Buffy fans in my area when I noticed none were previously existing." - J.R.

Please, please!!!! I would love to go to a party celebrating my fave show of all time!" - S.K.

"Hi Herc. I and five of my colleagues would gladly make the lonely trek down the 101 to send off Ms. Summers in proper Hollywood style, if you and the AICN gang would have us. I’d put our enthusiasm rating at roughly 46 out of a possible 10." - J.C.

"YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES I would love to be there!!!!! Puh-lease I would appreciate it so very tremendoulsy. Yes I would like/love/really truly enjoy being there at the granda finaly!!!" - E.B.

"Oooh, count me in! I do indeed live in L.A. - and no one I know (not online, that is) is a fan. Grrr." — V.V.

"Bring on the booze and the ass kicking babes, bring on the fun filled action(and lesbian) packed hour(s)that is BVS. What the hell are we going to do with our Tuesday nights now? Watch NBC?? Ooo, ooo- can I come to the party? Can I, huh? Pretty please with sugar and sprinkles (and a cherry) on top?" - J.S.

"I watch religiously with three other buds and we’d all LOVE to drown our sorrows with other fans while watching the finale!" - M.F.

"Hi Herc, I am completely obsessed with BtVS, and would love to attend the farewell soiree with my fellow crazies, despite the fact that it’s on my 3rd wedding anniversary and I’ll be nearly 9 months pregnant. Would you count me in? Pretty please??" - J.C. "I want to go. I’m in Chicago, and I’ll fly out. Me and my wife. We’re both big fans..... ask us, we’ll tell you we’re both big fans. - D&A. N.

"If this is the last year, we have to go out in style!" - D.C.

"I am a huge Buffy fan and the thought of this season being the finale literally kill’s me. But if the end if near then let’s go out in style. I would so love to be there for the screening of the Buffy finale in stead of sitting in the sum what comfort of my own home getting pesterd to switch over so the family can watch something else. So from one huge Buffy fan to another, please, i so got to be there." - J.T.

"HEY HEY HEY I WANNA GO! err, see the buffy finale in hollywood someplace..." - F.C.

"Sign me up! Incredibly high level of enthusiasm. But not in a creepy way. - S.S.

"Hi Herc, I’ve been a fan since the first season. Discovering Buffy was a bonding moment for my college roommates and I in Philadelphia. We gathered around the television for years just marveling at the genius of taking regular teenaged/young adult angst and personifing(?) it into an ass that could be kicked. I would like to please be invited to the Buffy party. I moved to Orange County away from my Buffymates in July of last year. My 24- obsessed boyfriend respects my love for Buffy but cannot relate to it. I would like to watch the series end with people who can. - L.R.

Herc, Count me in. I’m female (and cute), and you can’t get enough of us there, right? Plus, I really wanna go and I promise to get liquored up. ;) But seriously. Count me in." — J.L.

"I am very interested in watching the finale with a lot of like-minded people. It sounds like a great idea. I’m glad you thought of it . - K.S."

"I would love to be there. Please add me to the list, with 3 friends." - V.A. Sean Albertson Jon Michaels Cameron Frankely Thanks! Virginia Albertson Virginia.Albertson@unistudios.com

"Hey, i read the buffy finale thing, and i am a super fan, i do not however live in the area, not even the same state, but if i could go to that, i would buy my own ticket there, i love buffy, i wish it wouldnt end, but if it does to go see the finale with a bunch of people who love it like myself, that would be super." - J.M.

"I’ve been a Buffy fan for YEARS! Since the first episode!! Please send me an invite to the Buffy send off party. I live in Alhambra and grew up in L.A. I won’t have a problem with directions! This would be sooo cool. Unfortunately, not one of my friends understands the awsome power of Joss! Well, I’ll leave off now. Thanks for supporting buffy and always giving me right on reviews!" - R.R.

"Herc, Buffy is my absolute favorite show, I spend countless hours scouring The internet for spoilers and reading scripts of past episodes...I am what one might call a Buffy nerd. It would be an incredible honor to watch the last episode among those who are like minded...I would love to be invited the party!" - R.C.

"I so don’t want the series to end yet, but if it is, I want to share it with fellow friends of Buffy. I think it’s really cool that you guys want to do a send-off party. Thanks for being there for us fans." - K.I.

"1) I even like the Buffy movie and watched the series from day one. I was the first on my block to sing the praises of the great one (Josh) 2) Being a Buffy-atric, I have faced the derision of my friends and family and remained true to the one "practically perfect" program on the tube today. 3) My office is tastefully festooned with Buffy-ness (action figures, comics, poster) for the entire world to see. And, to inspire them to join the one true faith. 4) I have more money than sense (flight & hotel) and almost no life (workaholic). Take pity on me and invite me to your party." - J.L.

"I would love to attend a last Buffy Bash. Please sign me up. Level of interest: I am such an obsessed geeky fan that I knew of the series before it went to air and have watched it w/out fail ever since. I nearly cause traffic accidents in my tuesday night hurry home, because I couldn’t possibly miss it and have the rest of America know what happened before I do. All my friends are either rabid fans themselves . Acquaintances are treated to verbatim retellings of last night episode if they mistakenly ask, "so what happened on buffy last night.?" My last b.f was not a charmed fan, he loved buffy just as much as I did, which is why he was even considered b.f. material. Hopefully, this makes me a good candidate for the party." - D.C.

"My husband and I live in Charolotte, North Carolina. We are obsedded with SMG and the Buffy group (she and i sctually share the same DOB 04-14-1977) and are looking for the best way to send the show off. I saw you have an invite only tentative for May 20th, and if you could get myself and my husband on that list, with a email reply with directions from LAX, we’d be thrilled." - J.J.

"Sigh. I’m desperately in need of like minded-folks to drown my sorrows with now that it sound like BtVS as we know it is going to be no more after this season. Enthusiasm level? Does ’off the charts’ mean anything to you?! :-) If you’re having a farewell party, I want to be there. Did I say ’want’? I meant, ’crucially need to be’ there. - K.S.

"Lemme come please....I would love to go to this thing and I live somewhat nearby. Please." - A.S.

"i am a huge buffy fan.....i have watched it from the very beginning and would really love to be invited...." - J.C.

"OMG i would die happy if could go watch the finale with other die hard buffy fans.... i instantly became obsessed witht he show when i was in 8th grade and here i am...a sophomore in college and im still known as the buffy freak...i love buffy and angel and never miss any episode and live for them and i have never left florida so i think that the perfect chance to get away would be to partake in this amazing event that would give me a sense of closure after all these years of faithful buffy watching...please pick me!!!!!!! im a sophomore at the university of florida originally from miami..." - J.P.

"Okay here’s the deal. I live in Reno, Nevada and am one of the biggest Whedon-verse fans ever!!!! I go to the University of Nevada Reno and take flack from my roommates for my Angel poster and calendar and the fact that the only X-box game I was or am willing to spend 50 dollars on was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I will cry like a little bitch with a skinned knee. I would be so down with driving to California to hang with a bunch of like minded people and watch what is the greatest show ever to grace the television say buh-bye. So, if it’s invite only, I will do ANYTHING to get an invitation. ANYTHING!" — J.R.

"I would love, Love, LOVE to be at the Buffy Finale party. I am a diehard fan of Buffy (and, in fact, supply Buffy episodes to my friends that are not so lucky as to have cable)and it would be great to see the finale with a bunch of people who feel the same. Please keep me in mind when you’re sending out invitations. Roxanne Prince princ100@chapman.edu

"I live nowhere near LA, but I do have friends who’ll put me up. I hope you’re still considering invitations and that I’m not too late to throw my hat in the ring. Each week Buffy gives me the courage to face my little life and be proud of who I am. Having the opportunity to do so with a room full of strangers all having a great time participating in a hell of a send-off would be a dream come true." - J.B.

"Herc, Level of enthusiasm very high. A red enthusaism day. There are three of us that would like to cra- come to the viewing if you’ve got room for us. Nina Lumpp, Teri Bolke, Julie Rayhanabad. Thanks, Nina spooky@watchfarscape.com

"Hercules: Hi. I’m responding to your plans for a Buffy send off party. Sounds like a great idea. I’m in the Army and unsure if I will still be in the United States on that date. But as much as I envy everyone who will be able to continue to watch all the way through till the season filale, I still want to wish you guys enjoyment in it. There wont be any watching Buffy or Angel over in Turkey or Iraq. Hopefully I will be able to see it in reruns upon my return (knock on wood). I just want to say Thank God for Buffy Seasons on DVD. I already have season 1 so I can take that with me and watch it on my laptop. Well thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail. And I hope you enjoy your party." - A.W.

"Herc - Up until last year, I barely knew this show was on the air. I then had the good fortune to catch "Once More, with Feeling" when it aired on UPN. Interested, I tuned to F/X not long after and caught the rerun of "Hush". I’d like to think that I’m a moderately reasonable person. I’ve never become too concerned with any one show - sure, I’d watch "The Simpsons" and "The X-Files" every Sunday, but if something else was going on, I’d skip the shows without being too concerned. But here, I found myself leaving work early in order to catch the RERUNS on F/X. I found myself, hunched over till the wee hours, in chat rooms, bulletin boards, and fansites - researching the mythology of the show, plot synopses, dream analyses, and character bios. I couldn’t believe that I had gone this long without discovering this show. None of my friends understood it - I was all alone. Late last year, I moved out to LA and found some like-mindeds. So every Tuesday, we convene and watch the final days. I would love three invites to the party, to be in a room full of people all witnessing the finale." - R.C.

"i’m quite interested in a group watching of the Buffy Finale!!!!!!!!!! I’m very excited about the possibility of this!" — A.P.

"You don’t know me, though I do write occasionally for a not-entirely-dissimilar site, but put me on the list, spoiler-boy! Pretty please. I’d actually appreciate it. (None of my friends watch Buffy, so the thought of watching it alone is almost more than this aging fanboy can bear. ) Thanks!" - B.W.

"I am a like-minded fanatical Buffy fan who was on vacation in Mexico when this was posted - the browsers in Mexico did not seem to like loading this site so I beg of you to find more mercy in your generous soul and add me to the invite list." - D.S.

"Seems like tons of fun especially watching the end of this era with other people that understand what true great television shows should be about." - T.T.

"I live in London, England but would definitely attend a party around May 20 in Los Angeles. I love the show so much I have a friend who videos Buffy and then sends it to me by Federal Express. Please please invite me! I’m sending this to you with my fingers crossed. — C.H.

"Just tell me when and where. I know of a few of my friends who probably already e-mailed you as well. We must celebrate this amazing series!! — D.N.

"Hey Herc, I live in Boston, but I would love to fly to LA to watch the finale with other diehard fans like myself! Let me know any details!!" - C.V.

"Live in San Diego, would love to go up to LA for the close of the show." - M.T.

"I am crushed that it’s over. I need to go to bid farewell to the best show on TV with my fellow fans! Thanks!" - J.C.

"I’ve been watching and taping the show from the very first day and right now my thumb is sore from playing the X-box game! I am so Buffy obsessed, it would be a crying shame not to be part of a greater Buffy purpose. I have a couple of friends that would like to go too!" - N.L.

"Well CHRIST ON TOAST I think I’m probably too late to get invited to the Very Last Buffy Ever Party (wake?), which I’d take 4 days off work to fly to wherever it was going to be. DAMMIT ALL TO HELL! I WANNA GO! I WANNA GO! Buffy Night(tm) is a hallowed tradition, a permanently blocked-out chunk of time where all things non-Buffy cease to exist. Since I started watching regularly (4th season - we didn’t get WB where I went to college, but I caught up during summer reruns), I’ve only missed 2 brand-new episodes. If there’s still spots left, I WANNA GO! I WANNA GO! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! The though of watching the very last Buffy with tons of like-minded fanboys/girls sends me into convulsions of ecstasy. Please give me a Buffygasm!" - A.M.

"I have been a die hard fan of the show for all of the show’s 7 seasons, and would love to get to be there. Please consider me." - S.B.

"Hi! I’m really sad so I need some comforting! Thanks." - S.D.

"As a devoted Btvs/Angel fan, I would love to fly down to see this...from Seattle. Please let me know if this will be possible." - K.E. "I have been a huge fan of the show since season 3, when a college roommate started a Buffy Club for our dorm. Each week, we would have a huge gathering to watch Buffy, eat pizza, and occasionally play a Buffy drinking game. We even got into a verbal argument with the Resident Advisor when he posed the question, "Why don’t 100 vampires work togther and attack Buffy at the same time? She’d get her ass kicked!" Ever since then, I have seen every episode. I even find it hard to change the channels during the re-runs on FX (even though I have the first 3 seasons on DVD and plan to buy the next 4 DVD packs). There is not a better place I can think of to celebrate this bittersweet event than at your viewing party and I hope I can join you. - R.H.

"I can’t think of a better way to watch the ending of my favorite series than with indiviuals who will feel the same anticipation and loss as I will...and alcohol never hurts! I don’t know the area but I’ll be in town that week and would LOVE an invite...and possibly directions:)" - M.K.

"ok i don’t live around there but i would fly my butt to the west coast in a HEARTBEAT to go to this event!!! I am in Boston, MA and would sincerely wet my pants at the opportunity/excuse to take a mini vacation to fly out there for this event. I have been stuck here in all this cold and snow on the east coast all winter and have been thinking of booking a trip out west to visit with friends and escape the gray of new england winter. this would come in may and be a perfect way to kick off the spring!!!" - A.F.

"Hi, My fiance and I would love to send off Buffy with a bunch of like-minded people (and maybe drown our no-more-Buffy sorrows with a few tasty beverages)." - P.D.

"Hi, I definitely would like to get together with people for the last episode of Buffy." - R.R.

"Is it too late to get on the list for invitations to this party? We are four L.A. area rabid fans (or three rabid fans, and one long-suffering spouse) who have a Buffy-watching party every Tuesday night." - R.O.

"If there’s room, my wife and I would love to attend!" - J.S.

"I have been a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan since it’s debut March 10, 1997 on the WB. Although I am saddened that the series is ending I knew in my heart that this day would one day come. There is no better way than to celebrate the finale of one of the best shows in the history of television with like-minded fans. I would definately love to be invited to the Buffy send-off party taking place in my hometown of L.A. Thank-you so much for providing the chance for fans of the show to interact and express their love freely for Buffy the Vampire Slayer." - B.Z.

"Living in a backwater state like Louisiana, we do not have a local UPN affiliate and since Buffy’s move from the WB we have been forced to make do with downloading the latest episode of Buffy from KaZaA each week. For the finale we were already planning on renting a room at one of the casinos in Jackson and invited a few like minded friends with us to watch the final episode live but your shindig in California sounds even better. What a great way to say good bye to a great show. I know she would be thrilled. We would need two tickets, if that is possible." - D.R.

"Hey Herc, Im writing you from Chicago (yes its very cold and very snowy right now). Some friends of mine and myself are very interested in coming out if there will, in fact, be a Buffy Finale Party... We would love to send off our favorite show in style :)" - K.A.

"My wife and I are the biggest fans of BTVS! We started watching during season 4 and have not missed an episode of BTVS or Angel since then. (We finally got caught up on all the season 1-3 happenings when season 3 Buffy was released last month.) I hope that you allow us the honor of attending your Buffy party." - D&M

"Hi Herc: My name is (name withheld) and my handle is WillowX. I’ve been running a BTVS Spoiler Board (www.voy.com/62795/) for the last two years. I’m a avid reader of your website and would love to go to your Buffy Send Off."

"I am a huge fun of the show, I began watching in its first year when I was of the tender age of 16 (same age as Buffy in high school) and got addicted around when Angel turned evil. I now go to UCLA and am torn up about the end of my childhood and my show. I got all of my friends into it and need to see it out with a bang. You need me there at the party as much as I need to be there, so make the right decision. I need an invite Herc." - L.R.