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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Comics are going on !

By Scott Stuart Allie

Friday 16 May 2003, by Webmaster

So the show’s ending any day now, maybe has ended by the time you read this. But the comics are going on, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about the new direction. First of all, of course, Fray is ending. After all this time, we’re wrapping it up. Issue seven’s out now, and issue eight is scheduled for June ... but it’s gonna be early July. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, we’re getting this done as quickly as we can, but Karl DOES have a full-time commitment, and can only work for us on the evenings and weekends. So I’m telling you now, the final issue of Fray will be a little late, but after all this time, what’s another week or two? And yes, as many savvy Buffy fans have noticed, Fray’s weapon has appeared in the TV show. Joss was incredibly happy with the way the prop guys were able to reproduce the weapon for the show, and raved about it to Karl.

Now that Joss is done with that pesky TV show which has so interfered with my plans for his career, he’s going to do some more comics. First up, him and the other writers from the show are working on a followup to Tales of the Slayers. This time it’s gonna be Tales of the Vampires, and you can catch a preview of it in my Halloween special, Drawing on Your Nightmares. Brett Matthews, who co-wrote Angel with Joss and went on to be a TV writer for both Angel and Firefly, spins a scary little tale. Working with Brett again is a treat, as we became pretty good friends during the Angel run.

After Tales of the Vampires, we’re talking about some more comics for Joss and Dark Horse to work on together. More Buffy stuff, maybe some non-Buffy, maybe even some more Fray, believe it or not. Joss loves his little girl, and might not be ready to let her go after a mere eight issues (despite the many years she’s been hanging ’round ...). So stay tuned. The show’s almost over, but we just might have new Slayer material from the man himself into 2004 and beyond ...