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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Convention - Vulkon Con Tidbits - Fan Report

Sunday 17 April 2005, by Webmaster

Tidbits from the Vulkon Con

- Amber is tiny in real life....i asked her about the size of her female costars and apprently she is "Much bigger" than them, i shudder to think.

- After arriving thursday night (before the con actually began) the first sign i saw that a buffy convention would be here is Camden Toy chatting with a small group in the lobby....after doing a double take and confirming to myself that this was actually the guy who scared the crap out of me as a gentlemen and gnarl....i introduced myself and quickly learned that Camden is not only one very talented actor, he is a wonderfull and friendly man....i spent a lot of time over the weekend hanging with camden.

- I chatted with Amber for about 10 minutes at the cocktail party, at one point i asked her about the voice work she did for "Choas Bleeds" (the video game) and humorously asked her if she could remember any of her lines from it....al she could come up with was "something...baby"...lol

- I finally got to see "Chance" (and on the big screen), afterwards Amber answered some questions about the film and even gave our very own joeyanya some pointers and her own film projects.

- In one of his Q & A’s Camden did some of gnarl’s lines for us in character...that was awesome!

- I’m not really a starstruck person really...but when i first approached Amber face to face i literally froze for about 3 seconds...after watching this show for so long, being face to face with "Tara" is just surreal.

- During the karaoke contest my friend Adam gave a stirring rendition of "This is the moment"....and he impressed Andy Hallett....how big an honor is that!

- Jenny Mollen is a very sweet and shy woman...she was adorable and her Q & A rocked...she likes comics and video games!

- When i went in for my picture with James Marsters he pointed to my shirt (it said "liberal") and said "Hell yea"....laster on in the autograph session he told me he had been thinking about me and asked where he could get a shirt like that. Then i proceeded to tell him how fantastic an actor he is:)

- I was innocently going up to my room in the elevator when it stopped on another floor and in walked james marsters guitar in hand (he was on his way to his concert). I told him to break a leg to which he responded "thanks, i’m gona need it".

- The second time i ended up in an elevator with James i joked about how i always seem to end up in there with him...he laughed and agreed

- When i ended up wating for an elevator with Andy Hallet and Amber....Andy ended up in the elevator with me and i asked him if he though Lorne was as under appreciated as i did...he agreed and we talked about that for about a minute.

- As great as meeting the stars was...there was nothing quite like being in a hotel FULL of like minded buffy fans...makes real life seem boring now

- At the banquet Amber sang a drunken rendition of "Under Your Spell" and danced with a chair...oh the good times....

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  • More like made love to a chair lol. I remember you I stood in line with you for James pics with a little girl named Ashley. I told you there may not be anymore Buffy shows for Vulkon but I talked to Joe yesterday and he said there’s a possibility.
  • omg you were so lucky! I wish they would have a convention near me! come on huys small towns need the love 2! I agree lorne was under apreciated! but I loved lorne! and I love Andy!