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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy DVD Season 7 Region 1 - New Ad

Wednesday 26 May 2004, by Webmaster

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    26 May 2004 15:31, by mike
    did ANYBODY ever hear why there were no season seven promo pics???
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    26 May 2004 16:23, by Chris B
    NO!!!! I was so angry about that!!!
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    26 May 2004 18:44, by Anonymous
    why did aly have blonde hair in those pics anyways?
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    26 May 2004 21:46, by B
    there was no season 7 promo pics because Joss wanted to spend all free money on the show rather than pics. thats what i heard anyway
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    26 May 2004 22:36, by Chris
    When they advertise, do they CARE that some people may be watching it from the beginning, in sequence? When I saw that promo, I realize that those who don’t know aren’t going to realize that photos exact place in the series, but Xander has an eye-patch, Giles is alive (hello, where’s the suspense in the whole is giles the first or not arc) and faith is standing there. And the packaging of the whole DVD box set for this one did nothing BUT give away what happens in the series.
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    27 May 2004 00:30, by Jules
    You know, I’m not going to buy this simply for the fact of that cover. My stomach actually flipped (in a bad way) when I saw it. That terrible, terrible last moment, those insane glowing faces at the cusp of the crater holding the bodies of dead friends. The incredible lack of comprehsion personified in that moment of what it is like to be a witness to such death. Find me any soldier anywhere, anytime who is going to smile and joke over the dust of their fallen. Those last five minutes were disconnected from what it means to be a human being and...INSANE You don’t believe me? Go stand at the edge of the Twin Towers in NYC even now years later and see how euphoric you can feel. It is not a mean comparsion. To choose that as a cover, that contraversial moment is a slap to us who loved those characters and a especially a slap to Spike and Anya—to see the survivors enjoying the lack of their comrades, enjoying and joking about that death is a double blow. Especially since they must know how painful that moment is for so many of us. It feels like a like a sucker punch all over again.

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    27 May 2004 01:00, by ohgodspike!

    what in the hell is this? how in the hell could they NOT have spike on the season 7 box set and include faith?

    i am seriously upset here; it is as if Joss and ME are trying to wipe out the existence of Spike and i just cannot understand why?

    Spike was PIVOTAL in season 6 and 7 and his picture is not on the box set for season 6 either.

    Why has Joss destroyed Spike? anybody have a clue? because he surely did destroy spike with that horrible girl in question episode and the rest of that season on angel where it seemed they were using him for comic relief.

    i have no words for how extremely depressed this is all making me.

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    27 May 2004 05:34, by Maire
    Oh great, it’s the bye, bye home, school, graves of loved ones, bodies and dust of unloved ones, let’s mourn the mall shot. Every time I start getting warm fuzzies for scoobies, something has to remind me that they were bopping each other on the arm 5 min. after their "comrads" died and that Buffy smiled with the smell of burning Spike still in her clothes. Would Illyria have smiled after Wes died? Ha! Now Spike is probably gone again and they don’t know nor would they care. The entire Fang Gang is gone and the scoobies might have been able to help, but they’re still off congratulating themselves on saving the world the last time. Nope don’t care for the implications of this picture or the way JW left me feeling. Poor Anya.
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    27 May 2004 16:06, by Anonymous
    damn people, whine much??
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    27 May 2004 16:17, by Grumpy recluse
    That picture probably won’t be used on the box for the DVD set. The picture is just for the ad. They probably haven’t even chosen a design for the box yet. I doubt they’ll try to squeeze so many characters onto the cover.
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    27 May 2004 18:10, by Anonymous
    I dont think that the pictures in the ad are the ones for the box- set. I only hope the they dont use season 6 promes pictures, that will be bad and cheap. Maybe caps from protion of the episodes that be good but i want my collection to look great. Look what they did with region 2 box-set, i dont like it.
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    27 May 2004 22:59, by Lore
    I pray to god that they’re smart enough to stop using this pic. That scene makes me despise the scoobies more with each time I see it. It shows their total lack of caring about the fallen. That joking makes me furious.
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    27 May 2004 23:23, by Anonymous
    Maybe the will have that picture and have like those see-through pictures of Spike and Anya at the top looking down....................Besides there is still time to take a picture
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    28 May 2004 09:30, by SMGFanatic
    Um, I’m sorry but has everyone gone insane on this thread? They won’t use that picture as the main art for the box set. Just like all the other box set advertisements they never really used those specific pictures for the cover. It just just to get people ready for the final season set. Plus the only hint they gave you is that the color of the boxset is going to be a blueish color. The other side of the advertisement showed a promo picture of Buffy from the Season 6 promo pictures and instead of the maroon color she had in the actual picture they colored it blue to match the background- kinda fits in with the whole back to the beginning theme by tying it in making the last set a blue toned color matching the first season’s blue.
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    30 May 2004 06:02, by frozenpiper2a
    I love Buffy as much as anyone but geez it’s a TV show!!!!!! Who cares about the cover it’s what is inside that counts!!
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    30 May 2004 19:35, by Anonymous
    ITS A PROMO! NOT THE COVER! When has a buffy cover ever looked like that? Oh letsee. NEVER. ITS NOT THE BLODDY COVER. stop worrying.
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    31 May 2004 16:33, by Anonymous
    I heard that Joss Wheadon decided that he wouldn’t take season 7 promo pictures and use the money for the final battle scene, so it would look realy good. He decided to take the season 7 when they took season 6. If you look at the front for this ad, Buffy looks different than in the season 6 promo pictures. Not to mention when Buffy moved to UPN they got a bigger budget, and there was less special FX in season 6 then the other seasons.
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    31 May 2004 20:58, by Riley
    You guys...This is the insert that was in the Season 6 set. IT IS NOT THE COVER!
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    1 June 2004 01:09, by WEREWOLF
    are you guys morons! THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE BOX SET! this is NOT what the cover is going to look like. After reading the posts about fallen soldiers and depression i almost want to spit on you for being so dumb! THIS IS NOT THE COVER OF THE BLOODY SET! UGh, people can be SO dumb!
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    2 June 2004 01:10, by Anonymous
    Uh. Yes, people died - people they loved - but everyone thought they would ALL die and the the world would be overcome by ultimate evil. They had a reason to be happy, even with all the sadness. It’s not like they high-fived each other and danced.
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    5 June 2004 19:35, by Anonymous
    The cover should be a hologram of the "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign falling over... :-p
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    5 June 2004 21:07, by Anonymous
    It’s not the cover, and even if it was and it gave away secrets(Xanders eye, Giles alive)the season six cover did too (evil Willow).
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    17 June 2004 02:53, by devon
    does any1 no info on season 7 dvd like the special features or pix inside the packaging, the cover art color, pix, anything helpful. or does any1 no wen der gonna tell pple info on da dvd box set if so PLZ post.
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    24 February 2005 13:08, by Rach
    i know how it’ll look like! i even have a pic! u just e-mail me and i’ll send you a copy of it!