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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy End Of Season 7 & Season 8 - Spoilers

Tuesday 18 March 2003, by Webmaster

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Spoilers Various news sources have reported that SMG has confirmed she will not return for an additional season of Buffy. I put it in the grid at the bottom of this page, thinking that would be enough. I was wrong. A full 75% of my submissions on the Submit-A-Spoiler form over the last few days were writing to tell me that the show is over at the end of this season. Thank you! I know! Please, please, please for the love of Joss PLEASE stop sending this news to me! Thanks!

Will there be an eighth season? 3/11 - Nathan Fillion (Mal on Firefly) has been confirmed as Caleb. Not Sisqo, as was previously reported by some sources. Creator Joss Whedon says: "Nathan Fillion has a leading man’s looks, but he’s actually horribly evil, so he makes Caleb the epic foil for Buffy that he needs to be. Caleb calls himself a preacher, but his habit of murdering girls and his alliance with the darkest evil known to man makes him exactly the sort of guy whose ass Buffy needs to kick." Source: Dark Horizons says it was in Variety March 11, 2003 - Repeat of "Him" March 18, 2003 - Repeat of "Conversations With Dead People"

Episode 7.17: Lies My Parents Told Me Airdate: 3/25/2003

3/11 - The Scoobies’ failure to nullify the First’s hold on Spike inspires Wood to pursue a vendetta as the vampire relives the day his soul was taken away. Anne: Caroline Lagerfelt. Drusilla: Juliet Landau. Young Robin Wood: Damani Roberts. Vamp: Ira Steck. Kennedy: Iyari Limon. Source: TV Guide Online 2/25 - The new title, Lies My Parents Told Me, refers to Nikki (Wood’s Mom), Anna (Spike’s Mom) and Giles (Buffy’s surrogate daddy). As expected, it features a Wood and Spike confrontation. Giles is back and we find out why Giles has been missing — he’d been seeking info on how to detrigger Spike. He has Willow do a spell to try and determine the trigger and hopefully detrigger him. They figure out the origin of the trigger song — it was Spike’s Mom’s favorite — but Spike refuses to supply more details and work through its significance, which is necessary to a successful detriggering. Giles tries to continue to get Spike to cooperate, but Buffy stops him — says the spell didn’t work and she’s releasing Spike. (He’s chained in the basement while they work the spell.) Which means the trigger is still active. Wood and Giles are both very concerned about this... as are the Potentials. Wood approaches Giles and asks him to help Wood kill Spike because he’s a danger. He tells Giles who he is — actually Giles guesses the moment he learns that Wood was raised by a Watcher and which Watcher. Wood says it’s not revenge though — just doing the right thing to keep Buffy safe. Giles agrees — sets Spike up for Wood to kill him by taking Buffy out of the picture for a few hours, while Wood is *looking after* Spike at his (Wood’s) place. PS — Spike had saved Wood’s life in the teaser. Giles takes Buffy away while it’s happening, so he can work on her *training* — tells her all about the greater good; the need to let someone die if necessary in order to save the world. He speaks of Spike as a liability. He says that Angel was wise enough to leave because he knew how harmful the relationship was, but that Spike doesn’t have that kind of sense. Buffy says Spike is there because she wants him there and needs him for the fight. Giles reminds her the First is using Spike. Buffy agrees, but says that Spike is innocent. Giles notes that so was Ben — and the truth comes out about Benjy’s timely death. Buffy realizes that Spike has been set up and runs off in horror to try and save him. Meanwhile, Wood has taken Spike to his garage — nasty place for a vamp, walls lined with crosses. Wood tells him who he is — Inigo Montoya flashbacks, anyone? Anyway, he doesn’t want to kill NiceSpike, so he tries to trigger him with the still active trigger. However, instead of instant EvilSpike, we get confuzzled Spike, slipping in and out of flashbacks revolving around his Mom and his decision to vamp her — and the aftermath. Flashbacks interspersed with ongoing fight with Wood. The Mom stuff is very sad, btw. It’s also striking how very *human* Spike seems, even as a young vampire — still loves his Mom and wants to share this wonderful gift of eternal life and health with her. As a result of this interaction and the flashbacks, Spike resolves his issues — and the trigger is broken. Spike thanks Wood for untriggering him — says he’s his own man now — and he’s going to kill Wood out of free will. He vamps out and bites Wood. Buffy shows up after Spike has finished with Wood, who is still alive. Spike tells Buffy he gave Wood a free pass this time because of his Mom — but if he even looks funny at Spike again, Spike will kill him. Buffy tries to check out his injuries, but he brushes her off and leaves. Buffy tells Wood that there’s no time for vengeance — and ps, he’s seeking vengeance against a man who no longer exists — and Spike is her strongest warrior and she needs him. And that if Wood tries anything again, she’ll let Spike kill him. At the end, Giles says he knows she’s angry, but this was for the greater good. She tells him Wood failed; Spike is still alive. Giles says that doesn’t change the fact that he was right and she still has to learn — Buffy stops him, and tells him she thinks he’s taught her everything she needs to know. And closes the door in his face. Source: Forums4Fans 1/23 - Principal Robin Wood goes vampire hunting, in search of Spike, the vampire who killed his mother. As Wood hunts for Spike, he flashes back to 1977. He remembers a time when he was four years old, hiding behind a park bench in Central Park, watching with wide eyes as his mother fights to a truce against Spike. As the episode progresses, Wood will continue to go back to his childhood and remember his mother. Wood is not the only one doing some reminiscing. The hunted, Spike, also flashes back to an earlier time with his mother, Constance. Seen in 1880, Constance is a frail, sickly woman in her 50s with a kind and gentle spirit, who dotes on her son’s lame poetry and showers him with her loving pride. It is during this time that Drusilla turned Spike into a vampire, although it’s not yet clear if we will see a repeat of this part of his history in this flashback. One of the first actions Spike takes after his transformation is to give his mother eternal life as well, but he only succeeds in transforming her into a monster. Unwilling to lead a vampire’s life, Constance denounces Spike, (swipe to reveal secret message) forcing him to combat. Spike kills his mother, but just before she dies, Constance reverts back to the kind and gentle woman she was - then explodes into dust Source: FilmJerk.com Episode 7.18: Dirty Girls

3/16 - Promo pics from "Dirty Girls" are here: http://www.smgboard.com/iboard/index.php?s=7817bd080f27d828116d55d9dc1831fc&act=ST&f=3&t=4876&st=0&#entry91081 Source: Simply SMGBoard 3/16 - Xander is still rounding up strays. As he checks to make sure no one is left behind, Caleb grabs him. Comments about him being the one who sees things — and stabs his finger deep into Xander’s eye socket. As Xander screams, Buffy and Spike rush to the rescue. Source: SpoilerSlayer.com (I thought I posted this last week, but I guess I missed it.) 2/25 - The teaser begins outside of Sunnydale, a girl (Shannon) is being chased by Bringers. - A young preacher (Caleb) stops his pickup truck to help. Shannon gets in and they drive off. - The girl tells him she’s headed to Sunnydale and Caleb says that’s where he’s headed too. - Caleb starts berating the girl, calling her a whore and telling her she was born dirty and without a soul. - Shannon tries to get out of the truck, but can’t. - Caleb refers to the Bringers as "his boys" and is angry about them not killing Shannon. - He heats up his ring, punches Shannon in the side of the neck, burning in an impression of some symbol. - Caleb says there’s a car behind them going to the same place Shannon is, and that he has a message for Buffy. - He stabs Shannon in the gut and pushes her out of the truck. - A car behind them swerves to miss Shannon. It’s Willow & Faith. - The first act begins at Xander’s apartment. 12 Potentials are staying there. - Xander is talking to a new Potential, Kelly, who saying she can’t sleep and is afraid. Then she starts flirting with Xander and comes on to him. Then another Potential joins in. A pillow fight amongst all the Potentials ensues. Then it’s revealed to all be a fantasy. - Rona opens the door, interrupting his fantasy, telling him Dominique has the stomach flu and the toilet is backed up. - Later on, Faith is at the house and has met up with Spike. Buffy was supposed to be at school, but has come home. Dawn tells her that Willow called from the hospital and that Shannon is now awake. - The next scene is at the hospital, where Shannon is barely alive, but able to tell them about Caleb. Willow takes a picture of the symbol with a digital camera. Shannon tells them that the message was "I have something of yours".- The following scene, the group (Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Spike, Dawn, Kennedy, Rona, Amanda, Vi, Molly, Chao Ahn, Anya & Andrew) gathers in the living room. Buffy tells them about Caleb and that he’s working for the First. - Buffy is very angry over what happened with Shannon. - In act 3, Caleb is preaching to a teen girl named Betty. It seems like he goes to stab her, and she ends up bloody and gutted, but then she morphs into Buffy/The First. Source: Spoiled Rotten 2/16 - Starting with the currently untitled episode 18, there’ll be at least one new person in Sunnyvale. Caleb is a fallen preacher, quietly convinced he’s on the side of right. He is seductive, sexual and cold as steel. But whose side is Caleb on? He’s in for the final five episode arc, so we’ll probably not know until the end. Source: SpoilerSlayer.com and Amy’s Casting Couch 2/16 - Faith returns causing several Slayers-in-training to begin to question whether or not they should follow Buffy or Faith. The First Evil visits Faith later that night (as the mayor) and tells her she belongs on the dark-side, she’ll never be in the spotlight because of Buffy. Giles friend Robson arrives in town with disturbing news. The news is only discussed between Buffy, Giles, Robson and later on Faith. We never learn about the news. Andrew, Dawn, and Xander, and Anya research while having an interesting conversation about Faith and Buffy history. Andrew has more Star Wars metaphors. Faith arrives back at Summers Casa the next morning and has an interesting chat with Buffy. Buffy and Faith take the Girls out later that night for a patrol, but are ambushed by The First Evils minions, The First as Buffy lures an slayer in training in to a crypt and has a vampire attempt to kill her, Faith intervenes just in time. The First Evil (Buffy)tells Faith she’s gonna gut her. Faith has a flashback to "graduation day P.1". Buffy enters the crypt to see if everythings all right after the dust the vampires and kill the harbringers, and Faith freaks and runs off. Later on Buffy and the gang burie the two S.I.T.’s, and flowers are put on there grave. The last scene shoots to Faiths hotel where the First is talking to her as the mayor. Source: The Buffy Cross & Stake Episode 7.19: Empty Spaces or Pawns or Sleeping with the Enemy Airdate: April 29, 2003?

3/16 - Spike and Andrew discover a crypt that only the slayer can enter. Source: TV Tome 3/11 - Opens with Buffy wandering around Sunnydale and running into Clem, who is fleeing town in a new car. They have small talk banter, with Clem acknowledging that the situation is bad, getting worse, and she should get out of town. Of course, Buffy is staying, but Clem drives off..... It is confirmed that Xander has lost an eye (very sad, he is being brave and making pirate jokes but it is obvious how torn up everyone is). Giles is in this episode. Everyone in heavy research mode — Anya has chatted up her remaining demon buddies and has found out that the ubervamps can be staked (although their skin is extra tough) but holy water does nothing. Faith decides to take the depressed SITs dancing at the Bronze. Giles tells Buffy that Spike is off on a mission, which she is not happy about — and then she goes off in search of the SITs. Faith and the SITs are having a great time at the Bronze, when a bunch of police arrive to haul off Faith. It appears that SOMETHING is going on with the Police, as they have ducttaped over their badges and are essentially acting as a hit squad. They haul Faith outside and basically try to kill her — the SITs try to help and then Buffy shows up. However, I don’t think Buffy gets that the police are possessed; instead, she gives Faith a big lecture about keeping the SITs safe and so on. Faith says — why weren’t you concerned about keeping them safe when you took them to the wine cellar? Buffy hits her — Faith just takes it. Back at Casa Summers, Much bickering ensues. Buffy says she is in charge because she is the SLAYER. Someone says - well, isn’t Faith a Slayer too?? Faith is all like — hold on — no — I don’t want to lead anyone. Everyone decides they will follow Faith and not Buffy; Buffy is shocked — she can’t just sit back and watch everything go to hell and she doesn’t think Faith can handle it. Dawn tells Buffy to leave the house if she can’t go along, cause Faith is now in charge. Buffy looks around for support, but no one backs down. Buffy leaves the house. Source: SpoilerSlayer.com 2/9 - Highly Unconfirmed: "In episode 19, the Scoobies discover a spell that will give physical form to the First, allowing it to now be harmed. In the fourth act, a massive assult against the First occurs, it morphing into past big bads to do battle. In the end, the First is wounded and forced to retreat. The final moments of the ep, much like Lessons, end in the school basement, with a realization learned from the fight earlier. It is more than just the physical forms of the dead it takes...it is their complete essence. The concluding shot has the First, in the guise of the Master, walking to Principal Wood’s office, muttering an incantation. The Hellmouth begins to open." Source: JennyLynn at BuffyWorld.com Episode 7.20: Unlock the Power Airdate: May 6, 2003?

Episode 7.21: Pipe Dream or Try Again or Point and Counter Point Airdate: May 13, 2003?

3/16 - A new character is introduced. Her name is Dora Bates. She is an American caucasian in her fifties, and a well-preserved lady of stature. A `Mrs. Havisham’ type who has been waiting in a secret crypt for some time for Buffy to show up in the currently-untitled Episode 21. Dora is there to explain the history of the scythe’s power, forged by women for The Slayer’s use. Source: SpoilerSlayer.com Episode 7.22: Chosen (Written by Joss Whedon) Airdate: May 20, 2003?

3/11 - David Boreanaz confirmed that he ill be on the last episode of Buffy; Charisma Carpenter said she has not been approached. Source: Kristin (formerly Wanda) on E!Online 3/3 - IGN Film Force reports that a guest cast list for Buffy’s final episode included the entire cast of Angel and there will be a mention of the First Evil, the current Buffy "big bad," on Angel by the end of the season. Source: IGN FilmForce General Season 7 Spoilers:

2/16 - James Marsters talked with E! Online about the rest of the season: "The end of the season will be very romantic and that’s all I can say. For my character and for Buffy. The Buffy-Spike thing is going to end very romantically and very dramatically. That doesn’t necessarily mean the characters are going to be together, but it doesn’t preclude that either. We’re talking about something larger than sex, but it doesn’t preclude sex. I don’t want to spill the beans. For the first time, I know something that will happen, and I don’t want to blow it. It’s both the coolest thing and the worst idea I’ve ever heard of. It’s the last thing I ever would have thought about doing, but when you say it, it almost seems inevitable. But we’re going to piss off people—oh my God! But we’re gonna make them love more". Source: E! Online 1/23 - Buffy’s Alyson Hannigan, who plays Willow, will be appearing in the March 26 episode of Angel. Source: TV Guide Online 1/14 - Jordan Levin, WB Entertainment president, says he’s given Joss Whedon permission to reunite Buffy and Angel on UPN for Ms. Gellar’s finale, if she’s quitting the role. "I told Joss that if it was creatively justified, and in the best interest of the show’s storytelling, and something he feels is necessary, I certainly wouldn’t stand in the way," Mr. Levin says. Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer 12/8 - Faith will turn up in 7.18. Word is that explosion at the Watcher’s HQ in London left no survivors. With Quentin Travers and so much of the watchers council wiped out (and assuming Giles isn’t really dead) will Buffy’s former mentor be sought to rejoin the council as new head watcher? Dawn will soon discover that she too is a slayer candidate. Willow is expected to update us on Miss Kitty Fantastico sometime in the next episode or two. Xander and Anya will not permanently reconcile. It now seems a virtual certainty that Faith will not survive the "Buffy" series finale. Source: AintItCool News 12/6 - The Watcher’s Council really and truly was blown up in the last ep. Source: The BetaBronze Amber Benson will not return this season. TVGuide.com reported that contract negotiations fell through. Source: TV Guide Online Clare Kramer has confirmed that Glory is back, and not just as a hallucination. "I think she has evolved a little bit. She’s been through it a little bit," Kramer said at a recent UPN gathering. "We’ll just to have to see what (circumstance) has done to her." Source: The Knoxville News Sentinel (Thanks to SpoilerSluts.com User ’Haplo781’ for pointing out this one.) Unsubstantiated Spoilers: From time to time, visitors to this site send me spoilers that can’t be substantiated, or that no other source has confirmed. Sometimes they’re not relevant to anything else we’ve heard, and sometimes they’re just waaaaay out of context. I’ll list them here, with the disclaimer that only one person has said this, and I can’t verify it.

Additional Disclaimer: Recently, it has come to my attention that some people are not reading the first disclaimer, and think that I believe everything that I post in this section. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of what winds up in this section is just fan wank. If I believed it were true, it would be in the other sections, not this one. Those of you who’ve criticized me for posting this stuff can just sod off- I think it’s fun to read what other people think is going to happen next.

3/3 - The gang discover that ’Caleb’ is dwelling at a nearby vineyard with his bringers. They set out against Giles’ advice (Buffy is ignoring Giles because he set up Spike in the previous episode) to confront him, but upon arrival Buffy and Faith get knocked out in one punch. Caleb kills Molly and breaks Rona’s arm, then approaches Xander. He says Xander is ’the one who sees things’, then stabs his finger into Xander’s eye socket. Spike knocks Caleb away and rescues Xander. Admitting defeat, Buffy and what’s left of the gang escape. Source: SpoilerSluts.com user "Brad." who neglected to mention which episode this was for. 1/4 - Faith will return to Sunnydale and will try to help Buffy and the SIT’s, but is killed in the final episode when she is caught off guard by a manifestation of the first as the old sunnydale Mayor turned snake. Source: SpoilerSluts.com user "Angelo" 1/4 - (Editor’s Note: I hate to call bullshit on something that was submitted in good faith, but this is ridiculous. There’s no way this could possibly be true.) "At the end of the season a chasm opens in the earth and thousands of baddies emerge. Buffy morphs into some kind of "uber slayer" and fights them. The digital price tag will be huge. Please don’t include my name on this spoiler I dont want to get my animation friend in trouble." Source: SpoilerSluts.com user "Alison" Intresting Speculation from "Dominus": "It turns out that "The Slayer" and "The First Evil" both come from one "SOURCE". Initially the first was able to have its way without too much interference, but then the source, knowing that it could not directly interevene without permanenetly destroying that delicate balance between "good" and "evil", indirectly created a power source (in the form of 3 men) that created the slayer. And so you better understand, the source is not good or evil it simply is, over eons things like early mankind, magical interventions, etc. allowed the creation of the first and the slayer. Also buffy’s constant winning ways have disrupted the balance in the favor of good. In the end they will be stalemated and the first will be in essence defeated and buffy will have to be the last slayer in order to recreate the balance and allow the world to exist as it should. TRUST ME, I SWEAR THIS IS ENTIRLEY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE POST THIS FOR ALL TO SEE!!!!!!!!!I BEG OF YOU" 12/29 - When Faith comes to Sunnydale she won’t know who Dawn is!! The Preists only had enough time and energy to put the veil or spell on sunnydale and its inhabitants. Faith was in jail in L.A at the time. Source: SpoilerSluts.com user "Buffylover" 12/1 - Look forward to the season finale... the Amber Benson spoiler is true... she returns in the season finale when all is reset... because Faith dies... Source: SpoilerSluts.com user "Dylan" Steven Says: Yeah, I’ll believe that one when Britney Spears appears as The First. 11/25 - Glory returns around February sweeps, having inhabited the body of a mental patient. She ends up fighting The First, and Buffy, since she believes she is the scariest, most powerful thing around. Source: SpoilerSluts.com user "Benji" 11/10 - The series finale will be a monumental confrontantion between the First Evil and his minions, and the Scoobie Gang and their allies. Look for a very spectacular showdown between villains and heroes with the world at stake. Source: SpoilerSluts.com user "chosenone" Later on in the season Buffy and Spike will reveal their true feelings for each other. Source: SpoilerSluts.com user "Sue" Seth Green has signed for one episode of Buffy. It has not been confirmed if he will play Oz. It was originally planned for Seth shoot with the Buffy cast while working on another 20th Century FOX project "Greg The Bunny". It’s stated on several websites that Oz will resurface much like he did in the early seasons of Buffy, random "animal mauling’s" will be reported around Sunnydale. It just happens that Oz appears at the Summers residence the same time as the maulings, coincidence? It is also speculated that he will sacrifice himself for a member of the scoobies and that his arrival will be right after a former "Faith-full" cast members return. Source: SpoilerSluts.com user "Xenith Smith" Buffy & Spike are finally reconciled in the third from last episode when, during a verbal sparring match, Buffy admits that she ’may...kinda...love him too.’ Source: SpoilerSluts.com user "Lolak" Spoiler Space for those who wish to view the Chart without fear of being spoiled...

Spoiler Space for those who wish to view the Chart without fear of being spoiled...

Spoiler Space for those who wish to view the Chart without fear of being spoiled...

Spoiler Space for those who wish to view the Chart without fear of being spoiled...

Spoiler Space for those who wish to view the Chart without fear of being spoiled...

Spoiler Space for those who wish to view the Chart without fear of being spoiled...

Spoiler Space for those who wish to view the Chart without fear of being spoiled...

Spoiler Space for those who wish to view the Chart without fear of being spoiled...

Spoiler Space for those who wish to view the Chart without fear of being spoiled...

Spoiler Space for those who wish to view the Chart without fear of being spoiled...

Will they or won’t they? The future of the Buffyverse has yet to be decided. Here’s what we know. If there’s a season 8 or a spinoff... Interested? Contracted? UPN "There is a whole different attitude at UPN right now, and it’s not the same attitude that first brought ’Buffy’ to the network in the first place. (Les) Moonves wants ratings winners, and nothing else. It is believed around here that if Moonves had been running UPN two years ago, ’Buffy’ never would’ve been there in the first place...(The show) was great, and I don’t think anyone regrets moving it to UPN, but there just isn’t any life to it left on television, and it seems nothing is set in stone over there (at UPN)". The sagging ratings aren’t the only reason though (they’re still one of the network’s best), its combining that with the expense that is causing faces to blanche." -SyFy Portal

The BBC is reporting that Eliza Dushku is going to take over the show after the end of this season. No other source has collaborated this story. -The BBC N/A Joss Whedon "If Sarah doesn’t come back, there won’t be a show called Buffy," he reveals. "However, if Sarah doesn’t come back, there still could be a show. I’m not tired of the universe. There is definitely a way to continue, but whether or not I will, remains to be seen." N/A Marti Noxon "We built this season so that it will work if it is the end it and it will also work if it isn’t the end," says Noxon. "I think that Sarah has not made an official announcement, but I think it’s very unlikely the show will come back as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think if it does come back, it’s going to be a different incarnation." N/A Sarah Michelle Gellar Sarah Michelle Gellar has given Entertainment Weekly an exclusive regarding her departure for its March 7 issue, however sources close to the UPN series confirm to Zap2it.com that the actress will not be part of the cast should "Buffy" return in the fall. No Nicholas Brendon "Hang it up? Yeah, I don’t know. Hey, listen, I’m having a great time," he said. "I haven’t heard that people think that this should be the last year of the show. We are [technically] on year six, because our first year was [as] a midseason replacement. So if people think we should hang it up, well, then, fine, that’s what they think. But I haven’t heard anyone think ... that we should hang it up. We’re having a great time, and it’s still a great show. I would love to [do another season]. ... I think we have some great stuff in it still." -SciFi Wire

Nicholas Brendon’s manager has released an official statement about recent rumours that Xander would move over to the spin-off: "Nick will absolutely not be going over to ’Angel’. The possibility has never been entertained, nor would Nick be interested if it had been mentioned". Unknown Anthony Stewart Head Unknown

Regarding the "Ripper" series- "I talked to Joss," says Head. "He said that instead of getting himself committed to another hour-long detective show like Angel, he’d rather do a two-hour movie. "It would look in depth into the character more. He’s interested in Giles’ character. It could be a one-off, and if anybody liked it, they’d go from there." Unknown Allyson Hannigan "It completely depends on [creator] Joss [Whedon] and his involvement, because if he walks away, then I’m going to beg him to take me with him. I think this is the last year. It feels like the last year." Would she do a spinoff show centered around Willow? "I don’t know," she said. -SciFi Wire Unknown James Marsters "I’m interested in continuing with the show," he said. "Contractually, it depends on if it’s still Buffy or not whether I’m committed to it. That’s the legal sense. But artistically I’m interested in continuing with the writers and producers." -SciFi Wire No Emma Caulfield No. Confirmed in UK Buffy magazine and to ATN Zone No Michelle Trachtenberg Unknown Unknown Eliza Dushku Producers have approached Eliza Dushku about a Faith spinoff, but she’s booked for another pilot which would conflict with a Buffy spinoff. Spinoff Rumors: Rumor #1: The new spin-off will be based on a new school designed to train potential slayers. Kennedy, who comes from a very wealthy background, will open and finance the school.

Rumor #2: A Willow spinoff.

Rumor #3: A Faith Spinoff. This one has already been largely shot down by other sources.