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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Figures by Diamond Select Toys : A new revamped line is coming

Thursday 1 March 2007, by Webmaster

Diamond SelectToys’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figure line is to see some dramatic changes this year, with a new revamped line coming this fall...

You know for a TV Series that hasn’t seen new programmes in years, the Buffy franchise has legs. Fans and collectors have been supporting the Buffy brand for years now. However ask most retailers, and they’ll tell you that there is a marked cooldown on fans buying Buffy merchandise across all manufacturers.

It’s certainly not the end for Buffy merchandise, but it does mean that it’s a time to refocus.

DST’s 6" upcoming Buffy figure lines are to be split into 2 waves: School hard Drusilla, Principal Wood, and Dopplegandland Oz in one series, with Band Candy, Fear Itself Oz, and vampire drusilla in a second wave. Between those 2 waves you will be able to complete the Judge Build-A-Figure (Which DST told us will be in scale in the finished product, rather than the oversized one seen in the ToyFair gallery).

After these 2 Build-A-Figure Waves, that’s pretty much it for the basic Buffy line as you know it, as DST go for a different direction.

November will see the release of ’Buffy Revamped’, which will go for a different style to previous Buffy releases. These will be mini dioramas, with more "McFarlane-esque" figures. This means pre-posed figures with limited articulation. instead the figures willc ome with a number of parts. If you look at the pictures in the gallery you’ll see half torsos. These aren’t broken prototypes but instead are parts you can swap out. The diorama base also has plenty of peg holes for you to put your figure, giving you some control on the look of your diorama.

Whilst this might not appeal to everyone, fans of the articulated Buffy line will be glad to hear that the super-articulated Buffy line is to continue with Willow and Kendra released this summer, and plans for a new wave every year.