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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Finale Spoiler Speculation

Monday 21 April 2003, by Webmaster

Unscripted Alternatives

As promised, I’ve got a few bits of possible spoiler information to pass along. It’s not much, it’s nothing that really is going to make a huge difference to the finale, but it’s interesting information at the least.

Now in terms of the sources, they are new. Which also means that they are untested, as the only information they have provided is for the finale. Normally, I would wait until the info that a new source provides, is backed up by an aired episode or one of the few sources that I’ve come to know and trust over the time the site has been in operation. I don’t have the luxury to do so in this case.

However, they have provided information that matches the script summary that Bubonic provided, some time before any of this information was made public. In addition, there are other minor comments that are made, which fit with other information that I do trust. So I feel confident to pass this along, but to point out that it is ’unconfirmed’ in many ways. It wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve heard some info on the finale, that did not turn out to be true.

Whistler, who provided some good information on the finale, including Andrew’s Dungeons and Dragons session at the Summer’s home, did have a bit of info that differed from the current script.

They passed along that Buffy saves Kennedy at some point in the final battle, and later Willow revives Kennedy. That’s all the info that they had that really differed, but it is coming from a script that is newer than the version that is floating around.

Super-Cub, who has been passing along tidbits for quite some time, wrote with what could be a glimpse at the first unscripted scene. According to their information, two versions of the Andrew/Anya scenes have been filmed. One with Anya dying, and the other with Andrew dying.

So a few possible changes to take with a grain of salt, but could be interesting if either comes to pass in the finale.

I also wanted to comment on a couple of other things about the finale.

First, I know that an alternate script has surfaced, this one has Xander dying, Dawn discovering that she is already a Slayer and trying to use the amulet instead of Spike, etc. Essentially it’s the current script, which someone has tweaked, added scenes, etc. I don’t believe a word of it, it seems like foilage to me.

Second, in terms of the final scene of the series, I have a ’hunch’ that this will actually be unscripted. The scene that we have in the script, with Buffy staring off into the distance with a smile on her face, does not fit what little I had heard about the final scene. Joss stated quite early on, that he had already written the final scene of the series. While nobody has been able to provide any details about this scene, I had come to understand from at least two sources that it would be more of an epilogue, rather than anything firmly attached to the final episode. In essence, it would be a scene that could stand apart from the action in Sunnydale.

Now I have nothing to prove or verify this, so all of the above should be ranked more as ’offhand comments or speculation’ than actual spoilage. Just a couple of possibilities that one might want to consider.