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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Free Video Game - Call Of The Siren (NC-18)

Tuesday 19 August 2003, by Webmaster

As you can see from this screen-shot our games have vastly improved since ’Trek In The Flesh. This is the second game made by Blade Games. It’s based on the cult TV series ’Buffy The Vampire Slayer’. The controls are easy, the puzzles mind boggling, and the sex scenes are HOT! In ’Call of the Siren’ you play the part of Xander Harris who... Well you can just play the game to find out

Download Call Of The Siren

System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Screen Resolution: 800x600 or higher

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Credits :

Buffy the vampire slayer: Call of the Siren: The Production Team.

Blade - [The game programmer and team leader] Blade also played a heavy role in all other aspects of Call of the Siren, including script writing, puzzle design, graphics creation, etc. Contact: buffygame@hotmail.com or ICQ# 19380626

Shiran - [Graphics Designer] Shiran helped by making many graphics for the game. He also created 4 flash animations for the previous Blade Games website. Contact: shirangraphics@yahoo.com

Pagrin - [Script Writer] Pagrin came up with the main plot for the game. He designed and wrote numerous of the early scenes in the game. Then he moved on, letting me and others take over.

Falconer - [Script Writer] When the game development was reaching the final stages, a writer left the team, Falconer joined and helped write parts of 2 scenes. Contact: falcon_master@mailandnews.com

Optimus - [Erotic Script Writer] After seeing examples of Optimus’ work from a game he created, we contacted him to take the place of a writer who left the team. He also wrote the best sex scene in the game. He then rewrote and improved one of the other sex scenes. Thank you Optimus!

Rue - [Erotic Script Writer] He wrote one sex scene.

Biggie - [Web Designer] Designed a website for the game. Biggie also helped in some areas of the game. Contact: Biggie-online@biggie.tk - ICQ# 86512600

Liberty Hippie - [Voice Over] Provided the voice for Miss Chambers. (Speaking of which, if you are also a female with a sexy voice and would like to record some custom sounds for the game, contact me.)

Fake Nude Graphics About 90% of the nude pictures in the game were put together by Shiran and Blade. 3 nude pictures of Buffy were taken from the internet. The artists who made the images are Dr. Dave and Badnewzbearz. A third picture found was a picture modified to be a calender. I do not know if the listed name, Imposter, was the one who made the initial fake or did the modification. The see-through picture of Buffy always displayed in the game window was also found, and was created by Tinker. Those individuals had no involvement in the making of the game.

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