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Buffy Geek Code

lundi 20 octobre 2003

Buffy Geek Code. Heh. Inspired by Mad Poetess’ awesome The Jossverse Fancred Stats Sheet, and a comment at Whedonesque made by Wren, here is the : BUFFY GEEK CODE This is really for Buffy the Vampire Slayer only, because Angel really is its own seperate deal. I might make an Angel code at a later point though.

Example Code : OS++FG+++FA+VR=DS++DK+++S++++N++CS+US++FF+++SP+++W++II+VII-107. This is my code actually. I am a sad sad person with lots of plus signs.

New School/Old School OS+++ Seasons, 1, 2, and 3 are what I consider the show. There is no Buffy after Graduation ! OS++ Season 2 or 3 is my favorite, but I still like the other seasons (Except maybe 6 and 7). OS+ I like the high school years the best, but I like the other seasons as well. OS I like all the seasons equally. OS- I really like seasons 4-7. OS— Season 4 and Riley rock ! OS--- I <3 Kennedy and Spuffy, seasons 6 and 7 all the way ! !OS Everything after Buffy the Movie SUCKS. OS ? There was a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? What ?

Playing Favorites Part 1, The Favorites FB Buffy ! She’s the Chosen one ! Like I could have any other favorite ? FWi Willow ! She’s cute, she’s smart, and hello ! She’s gay now ! FX Xander ! He’s so loyal and brave, and damn cute in a Speedo. FG Giles ! The smart older man who made librarians sexy.

Here’s where it gets complicated. There’s a lot of characters, and I’m going to attempt to make a code for most of them. So if I miss anyone, comment and tell me. FA : Angel (FAus for Angelus). FC : Cordelia. FO : Oz. FJ : Jenny Calender. FF : Faith. FS : Spike. FDu : Drusilla. FAy : Anya. FR : Riley. FJy : Joyce. FE : Ethan. FT : Tara. FD : Dawn. FWe : Wesley. FK : Kennedy. FWa : Warren. FAd : Andrew. FJn : Jonathon.

Part 2, The Drool Factor Tack this on to the F_ tag to show how badly you drool over your favorite character. ++++ Um, I would give my first-born child to have mad monkey sex with this person. +++ Is cloning an option ? ++ Oh, ok, I know I have no chance, but dayum, they’re hot. + I’m not scribbling this person’s name all over my notebook, but I still find them kinda cute.
-  Drooling ? Um, ew, how unattractive. = Heh, I’ll leave the drooling for others.

Favorite Villian You know, I still never know how to spell Villian (ain ?). Anyway, after many requests, this is a new part of the code. VM The Master. VAus Angelus. VS Spike. VDu Drusilla. VDa Darla. VR The Mayor (Richard Wilkins III). VTk Trick. VF Faith. VAm Adam. VM Maggie Walsh. VG Glory. V3 The Troika, Warren, Andrew, Jonathon. VEv Evil Willow. V1 First Evil. VCa Caleb. ...And if you happen to think evil is sexy, feel free to add on the drool plus/minus system here as well.

Die [insert character name] DIE ! Really really hate someone ? Wish you could have seen them meet their horrible fate, dying slowly, painfully, and possibly in the rain ? This is the part where you tell us. DB Buffy should die ! geddit now ? so D_ and use any one of the character abbreviations used above. Next, use the level of + signs to show your level of hatred. DS+++ Spike tried to rape Buffy, etc etc, HE SHOULD DIE AT MY HANDS. DS++ Ergh, I really really don’t like him. A nice staking couldn’t hurt. DS+ It wouldn’t break my heart to see him go... Example : DK+++ is not in fact Donkey King, but your neverending desire to see Kennedy kick the bucket.

The Stuff S++++ You name it, I got it. Books, comics, t-shirts, DVDs, signed stuff. Anything and everything. S+++ I have the DVDs, but I don’t go really crazy. I might have a claddaugh ring though. S++ I have a couple of books, but I already have all the episodes taped, why do I need DVDs ? S+ I got a comic book once on a whim... S Um, I have that tape of the musical lying around here somewhere... S- Wait, people tape episodes ? S— Wait, people buy Buffy merchandise ? S--- I only watched like, one season, why would I buy Buffy stuff ? Note : Add a $ on the end if you’re short on cash, so S++$ would mean you have a medium-sized collection, but aspire to a big one.

Net Presence N+++ I run a kick-ass site, I’m popular on the boards, and people beg to have their fic hosted by me. N++ I might not be among the elite, but I get along pretty well. N+ I have a tiny fansite, and I’m on some boards as well. N I lurk a few places maybe, but that’s about it. N- Message boards aren’t the place for me. N— Dude, you losers ! Go get a life ! N--- I <3 flaming. N ? Buffy’s on the internet ? Woah.

Conventional Shipping CS+++ Buffy/Angel forever ! Willow/Oz ! Anything the writers give me, I’ll take. CS++ Willow/Tara please. Thank you. CS+ Conventional shipping is ok. I liked Xander/Cordy alright. CS Conventional shipping works out all right sometimes, especially in the earlier seasons. CS- Ew ! Conventional ? Look at Buffy/Riley ! CS— NO ! Willow/Kennedy is the root of all evil. Writers be damned ! CS--- I live in the world of subtext thank you very much. Didn’t you see that look between Giles and Oz just then ? CS ? What’s a ship ?

Unconventional Shipping US+++ Give me the weirdest pairings you got, I’ll love it. This includes anything with Graham. Cause it’s Graham. US++ Mmm, slash ! It’s my reason for living. US+ Hey, I liked Spike/Xander all right. US Eh, I like following the show. US- Hey, who are we to decide what’s best for the characters ? US— Buffy&Angel 4EVA ! US--- Slash sucks ! US ? Wait, I still don’t get it. What’s a ship ?

Fan Fic FF+++ I read, I write, I’ll sit in front of the computer for hours if its a good fic or my muse is with me. FF++ I might have written one or two, and I read a fair amount. FF+ I’ll only read one every once in a while, and I’ve never written one. FF Fan fic is weird, although sometimes it’s entertaining I suppose. FF- Fan fic is weird. And ew, NC-17 ? Gross. FF— Get a life, people. It’s a show. FF--- I’m going to tell Joss on you ! !

Spoiler Status SP+++ I know the status of the season finale... and it’s October ! SP++ Next episode is going to be awesome ! SP+ Hey, I heard this crazy rumor. SP If I hear something, I don’t freak out, but it does ruin the surprise. SP- Don’t tell me anything ! SP— AH ! I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL ME ! SP--- You will burn in the fires of hell for telling me Spike is going to come back ! ! !

Watching Habits W+++ I watch an episode or more per day. Go DVDs ! Go FX ! Go Buffy marathons ! W++ I’ll catch episodes on FX when I have time. W+ If I have some free time on the weekend, I’ll put in a tape and watch a couple. W I don’t really have enough time to watch episodes again. W- I didn’t catch all of them the first time around, so it’s even harder to catch repeats. W— Wait, FX shows repeats every day ? Wait, there are DVDs ? W--- I stopped watching after Season 6 rotted my brain out. The images...

Favorite Season To include your favorite season include the roman numeral (this was the best way I could think to minimize confusion). So we all know... I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, or put X for I can’t decide or I like them all equally. Edited to add : OK, to show your favorite versus your least favorite season, put a plus after your favorite and a minus after the season you really could have lived without. So an example : II+VII-

Favorite Episode OK, to include your favorite episode in your code, simply use the following system : Prophecy Girl = 1.12 or 12. Becoming II = 2.22 or 34. Graduation Day II = 3.22 or 56. Restless = 4.22 or 78. The Gift = 5.22 or 100. Grave = 6.22 or 122. Chosen = 7.22 or 144. Either way works for me. I also happen to know the number and title of each episode forwards and backwards, so it might be kind of simple for me.

Are there any other fannish qualities that should be included in the Buffy Geek Code ? Let me know.

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