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Buffy Geek Gets His Own Show !

Friday 28 February 2003, by Webmaster

Tom Lenk, better known as Andrew on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is scared. Not because deadpanning the best lines in each episode, like this admonishment to Buffy - "Where the hell have you been? This funnel cake is kicking my ass" - greatly increases the odds he’ll be typecast as a comedic actor. And not because he realizes he has just crooned the lyrics of the original Star Trek theme song to someone (read: me) who will undoubtedly play the tape for her coworkers. Tom Lenk is scared because Buffy fans may not be prepared for tonight’s chilling episode, in which Andrew films a "Buffy-mentary" and confronts his past as a member of the Evil Trio. "It’s very bizarre in that most of the show is me," he says. "I don’t know if America is ready for that much Tom Lenk." Set your phasers to stun. We’re going in. - Mandi Bierly

TV Guide Online: Joss Whedon tailored the character of Andrew to you. And you tailored it to... Betty White? Lenk: If you look at Golden Girls, Rose is just there for the ride and doesn’t get how stupid she is. I sort of approach my scenes the same way she approached hers - say the stupidest thing, but say it with complete conviction. Joss Whedon’s dad, Tom Whedon, was a writer and producer on Golden Girls, so it all comes full circle.

TVGO: You were the one who told Danny Strong that Jonathan was being killed off. How’d you do it? Lenk: We were skimming the script, and I had gotten ahead. He got done, and he wasn’t upset. I was like, "Did you read such and such page?" He’s like, "Huh?" I’m like, "You might want to go to this page." I had to point it out. He read it, and [then] he was a little upset. (Laughs) I was wondering why I was still around.

TVGO: Why are you still around? Lenk: I’m the comic relief guy. I guess a lot of fans resent me for killing [Jonathan], or whatever, but there’s a purpose for each thing... I once saw a website where fans could say what they thought of my picture, and it was devastating. You can’t stop reading the bad comments once you start. So I took a tip from Danny. If I don’t read it, it doesn’t exist to me. (Laughs)

TVGO: What would you like to see Andrew do before the series ends? Lenk: I keep telling them I’d like to work a round off-back-handspring in somewhere, ’cause I could do that. And I’d like to see [the Scooby Gang] forgive him. He’s not the only person that’s killed people. That’s all I’m saying.

TVGO: What about hooking up with Dawn? Lenk: I’d like to see, perhaps, a nice shopping montage with Dawn at the mall, getting our ears pierced, eating at the food court, a little Avril Lavigne playing in the background. You never see where they buy their fancy clothes on the show. I definitely think it would be interesting to see Andrew take a love interest, although (laughs) he’s probably not committed to where he stands in that area.

TVGO: If the Evil Trio had gotten a song in the famed musical episode, what would it have been? Lenk: We always joke that we would have had a boy band number, which would have been very cute because Adam Busch is in a band. I started out in musical theater. And Danny sings, even though he says he doesn’t. He’s also quite the dancer.

TVGO: With all the talk of a possible Buffy spin-off, have you been pitching one for Andrew? Lenk: Of course. Danny and I keep suggesting that the season finale, which is potentially the end of the show, should end with me kneeling down at Jonathan’s grave, putting blood on my face like Willow did [when she resurrected Buffy]. After I resurrect him, we build a robot of Warren, and then we have our own show.

TVGO: And then what? Lenk: Then we’re hired by the government to use our powers for good, and we’re given a watcher, which would be played by Morgan Fairchild. Danny had a run-in with Morgan, and she’s apparently a big fan of his and of the show. Let’s do it, Morgan. I’m ready.

TVGO: What doors has Buffy fame opened for you? Lenk: (Laughs) Preferential treatment in retail stores. I’ve gotten lines opened up for me. I liked that. People that you would never think watch Buffy buy me drinks. And when I’m getting scanned at the airport, the security officers are very friendly.

TVGO: Last fall, you headlined a "Crimelords of Sunnydale" fan convention in Northern Ireland. It ended with a disco ball. Be honest. Did you attend? Lenk: These conventions all end with a disco, and like "fancy dress is optional." It wasn’t crazy people dressed as vampires everywhere. It was a couple of vampires and some people wearing their Renaissance Fair costumes. It’s fun, and it’s funny, because you meet such characters. It’s sort of weird because... am I following the path of Leonard Nimoy or something?