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Buffy Limited Edition DVD (R1) Box set to be released November 15th, 2005

By Gord Lacey

jeudi 4 août 2005, par Webmaster

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Limited Edition Complete Series Box Set !

Whoa, these past few weeks have brought some news about big box sets, but this one takes the cake. Fox has announced plans to release the complete run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a 40 disc limited-edition box set releasing on November 15 (the same day as the complete Friends set).

You’ll get the previously released 7 seasons of Buffy (39 discs), plus a special bonus disc containing a brand new documentary featuring Joss Whedon. Each box will be individually numbered, and will contain a signed letter from Joss Whedon, and a comprehensive book filled with episode listings and memorable Buffy quotes. This will set you back a suggested price of $199.98.

Annoyed by this new set because you already have the seven seasons ? Here’s a quick suggestion ; dump your current sets on eBay right now. Amazon.com is selling all 7 seasons in a package for a suggested price of $399.86, and their price of $231.01 (big savings). When this set hits stores it’ll likely go for $140, so if you could get $120-$150 for the sets on eBay then you’ll be laughing when you pick up this special boxed set. If you’ve never sold on eBay then go into a local DVD store that deals in used DVDs and see how much they’ll give you for all 7 seasons.

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