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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Season 6 Episode 09 "Smashed" - Download The Dailies Part 15

Monday 23 January 2006, by Webmaster

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Buffy 6x09 "Smashed" - Download The Dailies Part 15 (mirror)

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Shootdate : October 22th, 2001
Airdate : November 20th, 2001
Writer: Drew Z. Greenberg
Director : Turi Meyer

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  • I have tried so many times to download these dailies but I cannot get them to play. I use a Macintosh G5 computer, I have tried Quicktime (which should work), Real Player and Windows Media Player. I can almost always get one of these to work on the videos I download. I have also downloaded that divx thing, but it just opens Excel if I click on it and then a message from Excel that it doesn’t work.

    I’d be glad to make a donation if I could get these dailies to download and work. Thanks