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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Season 7 Dvds - Audio Commentaries Details

Wednesday 3 December 2003

Hey, we should probably just note that the VHS versions of season 7 are already out in the UK. They’re PAL, so they’ll play fine on Aussie TV’s. If you try to get them off of eBay, keep in mind the early versions of the 7.1 VHS boxed set were missing an episode. Fox will replace the effed-up tape anyway, but just so you know. - Weevs

BREAKDOWN (Updated 2nd Dec - Whole stack o’ Buffy VHS and DVD trailers. *grumble*) Please Note: There is no wild rumourage or flights of fancy here. Everything listed has been classified by the British Board of Film Classification in readiness for release next year (in regions 2 and 4, at least). Please also remember that this list is in no way complete - I’m sure there’s plenty yet to be classified. Enjoy. And by "enjoy," I mean "please don’t drool on my shoes."

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 7
7x01 - Lessons + Commentary (N/C*)
7x02 - Beneath You
7x03 - Same Time, Same Place
7x04 - Help
7x05 - Selfless + Commentary (N/C*)
7x06 - Him
7x07 - Conversations With Dead People + Commentary (Jane Espenson, Drew Goddard, Nick Marck, Tom Lenk and Danny Strong)
7x08 - Sleeper
7x09 - Never Leave Me
7x10 - Bring On The Night
7x11 - Showtime
7x12 - Potential
7x13 - The Killer in Me + Commentary (N/C*)
7x14 - First Date
7x15 - Get It Done
7x16 - Storyteller
7x17 - Lies My Parents Told Me + Commentary (Drew Goddard, David Fury, James Marsters, and D.B. Woodside)
7x18 - Dirty Girls + Commentary (N/C*)
7x19 - Empty Places
7x20 - Touched
7x21 - End Of Days
7x22 - Chosen + Commentary (Joss Whedon)
Featurette - Spike Character Profile (00:15:00 RT)
Featurette - Willow Character Profile (00:14:38 RT)
Featurette - Faith Character Profile (00:15:00 RT)
Featurette - Angel Character Profile (00:14:16 RT)
VHS\DVD Trailers (00:05:11 Total RT)

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