IN COMIC BOOK !!!!!!!! Jane Espenson has been interviewed by the website Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...'>
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

Thursday 28 October 2004, by Webmaster

IN COMIC BOOK !!!!!!!! Jane Espenson has been interviewed by the website

MIKE JOZIC : Have you spoken with Scott Allie about doing any more comic book projects in the near future?

JANE ESPENSON : I have. Scott has been very eager for Joss Whedon and me to work on new books that take the Buffy saga beyond the end of the show. And just in the last week, Joss and I have begun talking about starting the conceptual work on this. It’s early days, but I think this will happen.

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  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!!

    28 October 2004 17:51, by Anonymous
    w00t! What great news. I love books and I hope they do well!
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!!

    29 October 2004 00:28, by Anonymous
    (Drops to knees,reaches for the sky)YESSSSS!!!!!!!
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!!

    29 October 2004 00:32, by Anonymous
    YEs!!! I couldn;t understand why the book series and comics didn’t already do this! My one hope is that they do their best to make it "canon" - i.e. base it one planned Season 8 stories (what they had of them) AND also on what we know to have happened to the Scooby Gang via Angel (i.e. the initial split of the gang to hunt worldwide for new slayers, Buffy’s move to Rome and dating of the immortal, and I’m assuming eventual getting back together of the gang (like when Andrew was in Rome with Dawn and Buffy, and presumably later when Willow went to Tibet and projected to the Astral least I’m hoping that was a "group" adventure and sounds like a stunning "beginning of the build up to the end of what would have been season 8". :-) Come on guys - do it well and like the real series, and if the proposed movies take off, how about they pick up from the comics/books (I prefer books myself - more detail), or at the very do not contradict them horribly so we find the Buffy & Pals we’ve been following are an "alternate universe" version or something cheesy like that. You have a unique fan base with the Buffy/Angel-verse - we have high expectations and expect the highest quality storytelling (because we were spoiled by both series!). I can’t wait!!! :-)
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!!

    29 October 2004 00:56, by Anonymous
    God, gimme a heart attack. I read the subject and was thinking you meant season 8 for tv.
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!!

    29 October 2004 01:41, by Anonymous
    That doesn’t mean that a TV season 8 was confirmed. It means that the books’ "seasons" were confirmed. There’ll be more books.
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!!

    29 October 2004 01:48, by Anonymous

    wow. nice way to fool us with that title. some people might not be as bright of me, and be expecting an actual season eight...

    i’m waiting for an alternate season seven with an alternate end of season six in which tara doesn’t die. other than that, well, i don’t care much.

    but thanks for being confusing with that title. :-)

  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!!

    29 October 2004 07:59, by SUSAN
    My heart skiped a beat then when I saw the heading "BUFFY SEASON 8 CONFIRMED"..Then I found out it was about a book...sigh....dont do that to me.....I guess a book is good.

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  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!!

    29 October 2004 12:16, by Anonymous
    They’re actually comic books, not novel books.
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!!

    29 October 2004 12:57, by Jessica
    The title of this article is very misleading. I think you should have put "Season 8: Novels confirmed"
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    29 October 2004 14:01, by Anonymous
    i hate u all for making me feel happy
  • No! I don’t want them to be comic books! Novel books are way better!
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    29 October 2004 23:43, by greg
    firstly MEAN making me read that title, along with evry1 else. and secondly NO NO NO! Buffy finished on such a gr8 note, y ruin it by starting season 8 in book form. it was a TV show, u can’t go from a gr8 Tv show and end it with a book (or series of) it’s just a bad idea. i for one will definatley not be reading the books. ok so i probably will but i wont be happy about it.
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    31 October 2004 07:19, by Sean Gecko
    Joss has been talking about bringing the Buffyverse back into the Dark Horse comics for a while. Thought that was basic knowledge. I know I have seen other articles about it. There was one where they wanted to continue the BtVS and Angel comic but not for sure how that article went. The Talee of the slayers wan great. So was Tales of the Vampires. Be Cool
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    31 October 2004 07:30, by Anonymous
    YESSS... I love the comics i own every buffy comic book ever made and i would like to start collecting them again.. THANK YOU!!!!!
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    31 October 2004 07:41, by Karen Hutchinson

    Hi Buffy & Family.... Please go back on tv...I absolutely adore your is my very favorite...can’t you put season 8 on tv? I know Sarah had said something in one of her earlier comments that she might be getting a little older to be Buffy...but that’s not true! are as beautiful as ever and I wish you and Spike could have more of a relationship. I know he died in the last season, but surely he can come many times has Buffy come back. I love you all....thank you for the best show on television! Also please don’t let fx stop showing the episodes...I record what I can on my cable dvr, but they are erased after a while and I haven’t been able to affored to buy your dvds. Which I am saving money to do very favorite of all shows was or is the "Once More With Feeling" All of you did a fabulous job. I also have a confession...I am 48, woman, disabled, but I am in love in James Marsters. I would give anything just to see him or be able to e-mail him. I think I am really crazy in Love with him. I know you think I’m a big kid...but I love him! Sarah I also love everyone on the show and I have watched you along with the others grow into amazing group. From a loyal Fan, Karen

    p.s. Could you tell James(Spike) that he has a woman in North Carolina that is madly, truly from the Love with Him. Ask him to e-mail me...that would make my days of all days.

  • Karen you do know that Spike came back on Angel right?? He’s not dead... well unless that’s what happened when they (WB bastards)canceled the show...
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    1 November 2004 02:29, by Karen Hutchinson
    No, I have not seen Spike on the Angel show. But I must admit I don’t watch that as much as I do Buffy. Thank you for your reply. I will watch more of Angel now, but I still love Spike and I wish that Buffy could come back on tv with more of a relationship with Spike. Angel had the relationship with Cordelia. Seems like Buffy could last longer...we all love her so much. I also love James with his new hair cut...I prefer the blond..but he is still the most sexy, handsome man out there! Thank you again... Loving Fan, Karen
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    1 November 2004 10:21, by Lynn
    I about jumped out of my chair on that...and I to was disapointed BUT...i love the show and love the scoobie gang so much i don’t care if it’s a comic book, a novel...or what i just want buffy back i would love to hear the t.v show is coming back...and if it’s reviews u want and oppions hell i can get u those...i think enough people liked the show enough to bring it back if its ratings and enough people envolved that you are looking for then geshhhh it’s right in front of you’re face i think nomatter if sarah is in it or not it will have a very good out come...LYNN

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  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    1 November 2004 21:48, by + Daniela +
    HELL YES!!! That is freakin` awesome! I’ve been going insane without more Buffyverse stories. YYyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss!!! ::Crys tears of joy...the loud dramatic kind with much vigor and self loathing of myself, not to mention people in m novanet class are looking at me oddly for screaming while on my knees infront of a computer:: I love Joss and Jane. If I could I would marry them...::Looks around twitchitive:: " I am not obsessive and I do not stand outside Joss Whedons window staring in at him...probably because I’m in Texas....heh...heh...Aah, nah. I just have much respect for the people of Buffy and Angel. I’m just happy and excited about this peice of information floating around the web.
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    6 November 2004 04:45, by Endorill
    Thank You PTBs, I guess I will go back to reading comic books. Of course, at this stage of my life, they’ll all swear I am in my second childhood.
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    7 November 2004 06:02, by shane
    i thought there was a season 8 on tv, its the best tv show, god i wish that there was a season 8 on tv, books and comics, first of all books are no were near as good as the show, and comics NERD!!, i own every buffy there is on DVD this is how much i wont a season 8, so someone if u have any contacts to the buffy writter and producer, a season 10 would be good, fuck comics and shit we need the real shit!!!
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    15 December 2004 18:44, by osku
    Will buffy the vampire slayer program continue???? Will there be an 8 season??????

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  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    5 January 2005 17:56, by Estelparis
    Spuffy and Spike bashing, it’s been a long time ! Looks like good old days...
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    2 July 2005 00:19, by Anonymous
    I am so excited for the new season of buffy. I have been wondering what happened to the group and what they would do after sunnydale and now i finally can. I also hope for at least this last season angel will come back or make an appearance beacause i think buffy and angel were so great together. That would top off the season, like a cherry on top.
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    28 July 2005 21:22, by Anonymous
    whoever stopped buffy is a complete and totally idiot!!!
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    12 August 2005 21:13, by Anonymous
    Either I’m stupid or everyone else is but did you really think there would be a season 8 when both SMG and Joss said they wanted to end it while they were on top? I guess I don’t understand why people would think this was going to be on TV... considering the title said "Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...". You gotta read the whole title before you start going psycho.
  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    28 August 2005 10:48, by katie harrison
    I think that you should make another movie about season 8 with all the same characters all my friends think so too and thats 1000 people please do another movie for season 8.thanks.

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  • > Buffy Season 8 Confirmed !!!!!!! But Not On TV...

    11 March 2006 16:20, by jerry from sweden ;)

    YES!!!! yes yes yes yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes yesyes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!

    BUFFY the vampire slayer FOR THE WIN!!!

    // love and kisses sweden ;P