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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

By Jacquie

Thursday 3 February 2005, by Webmaster


FRIENDS characters ROSS and RACHEL’s first smooch has topped a new poll of TV kissing scenes.

The couple, played by DAVID SCHWIMMER and JENNIFER ANISTON, set hearts aflutter when they locked lips in fictitious coffee shop Central Perk in 1995.

And their kissing scene has beaten RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN’s smooch with RACHEL WARD in 1983 mini-series THE THORN BIRDS and DIANE (SHELLEY LONG) and SAM’s (TED DANSON) CHEERS season finale romance, also in 1983.

The top 10 TV kisses in the new poll in America’s TV GUIDE are:
3. SAM + DIANE (CHEERS - 1983)
4. CARRIE + MR BIG (SEX + THE CITY - 2004)
6. KATE + SAWYER (LOST - 2004)
10. SYDNEY + VAUGHN (ALIAS - 2003).

15 Forum messages

  • > Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

    3 February 2005 22:52, by spikespeigel
    Stupid list. Kate/Sawyer topped out Buffy/Spike? And where’s the Farscape love? John/Aeryn deserved at least top five status. Bleh.
  • > Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

    3 February 2005 22:57, by Ruperta
    Buffy & Spike - incomparable when it comes to the on-screen chemistry and hot, hot, hotness. I’d put them #1, not #7. How can Ross & Rachel even begin to compare?
  • > Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

    4 February 2005 02:32, by Shoothemup
    Ross And Rachel deserve to be number 1... Plus for a Buffy kiss i would choose Angel and Buffy so much better than Spike and Buff... :)
  • I remember that poll, it was a couple of months ago. B/A was on the list so it wasn’t like that wasn’t an option. They just plain lost. I agree with the list (except K/S, bah!), and apparently the lots of others do too. Spuffy!
  • > Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

    4 February 2005 17:59, by Anonymous
    Why EXACTLY doesnt the Kate/Sawyer kiss belong on there? Have you actually seen any Lost? stop bashing other shows cos you wont watch anything else since Buffy ended! get over it! buffy/spike always kind of creeped me out...but whatever...
  • If you were going for the hottest kisses, Spike and Buffy would definently make the list above B/A. I am a B/Aer proud and true, but they are romantic, loving, sweet and sexy. Spike and Buffy should be on there for the exact reasons most B/Aers ARE B/Aers...because Spike and Buffy’s kisses are lusty, hott, sexy and steamy. Not loving. Their kisses are about sex, as was their relationship.

    So go Spike and Buffy for making the list I guess....

  • > Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

    5 February 2005 05:35, by Anonymous
    You know, just because things don’t go the way we like doesn’t mean we have to bash them. B/S were hot together, yes. All about sex? Shut up and actually watch the show. No way this is possible? Just because a minority of very vocal fans didn’t like it doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. S6 was in the top 20 DVD sales at Amazon for 2004. (S7 didn’t do too terribly for a late-November release, either.) Not bad for a higher-priced item that didn’t come out until mid-year that, according to you, sucked. Sheesh.
  • > Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

    5 February 2005 07:34, by Ashlee
    I realize that Bangel fans don’t like it, but this was a public poll and the public voted. Spike and Buffy were voted one of the hottest kisses for the exact same reasons that they were voted the hottest couple a few years ago (by the TV guide staff!)
  • > Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

    5 February 2005 10:50, by Ruthie
    You know, BA’s keep saying 6 and 7 are poorly reguarded as if SAYING it would make it true and yeah the war in Iraq is going REAL well seeing news reporters can’t drive the two miles from the green zone to the airport in safety and grenades were being lobbed as the votes of less than twenty percent of the population were being counted. I am so tired of people trying to rewrite the truth, its socially dangerous and a biazarre thing to do and disclaiming a major artistic avhievement such as season 6 and 7—and there are FOUR MILLION people who agree with me, if you don’t believe me just look out your window at the ongoing Spuffy conventions and such. You can have your opinion but why close your eyes to the stats and facts? Just because it doesn’t fit into your world view doesn’t mean it doesn’t exits. Oh yeah...and I was following that poll and I saw the endgame in the wee hours of the morning and Spuffy was #1 and Farscape was #2 and I think someone at tv guide is rewriting the end to justify somebodys means. (sigh)
  • > Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

    5 February 2005 23:13, by Anonymous
    MAYBE it’s tough for SOME fans to see the "romance" in a relationship that was laced with physical abuse,degradation and even attempted rape. You’re kidding yourself if you think that the writers actually meant for viewers to think that "Spuffy" was anything more than an obvious manifestation of Buffy’s feelings of depression and despair of having been yanked from "heaven". Even Sarah Michelle herself hated the whole notion of "Spuffy" or maybe I’m just reading too much into her whole "I felt degraded" comments and the fact that she couldn’t stand to do another season. Even the background music played during most of the "spuffy" scenes of "romance" (Although, really.... Is romance a word uttered when screwing standing up beside a smelly dumpster on your work break? ) was ominous and meant to convey the self-destructive quality of the ...ahem.... "romance" that we were subjected to. Figures that "spuffy" fans would be able to overlook the good fortune of having their favorite "couple" represented on the list and complain about their ranking.
  • > Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

    6 February 2005 03:32, by JacquieB
    It was the kiss itself that was the real shocker. And what a kiss! But some of the best romantic kisses were between Angel and Buffy - true love. Spike went from lust to (his) real love for Buffy.
  • That’s cool!!!
  • > Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

    6 February 2005 21:56, by Amanda
    Yah Spuffy! Sure there beginning was all about hot sex, but if you think there was nothing more then that you never saw season 7, especially the episode Touched. Also to clarify SMG didn’t feel degraded because of the S/B; she didn’t like the whole self degrading that went on with her character in season 6. Spike was a part of that but it was the whole lower then low that Buffy was in she didn’t like. I’ve read enough of her interviews to get this. Every one has their own shipper so you Spuffy haters leave me alone so I can bask.
  • > Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

    10 February 2005 22:25, by Anonymous

    This is an insane, stupid, pointless argument, so naturally, I’ll join in.

    This is the ultimatum: Spike did not have a soul.

    That is not an excuse, that does not make it OK. Spike’s attempted rape was absolutely wrong and unforgivable, and nothing Buffy did to him can excuse it.

    BUT! This is soulles Spike. SOULLES SPIKE— the equivalent of Angelus. Tossing aside the Spuffy love just because of what he did is like saying the Angel-Buffy relationship is disgusting because he killed Jenny and tried to kill Buffy.

    Soulless Spike still treated Buffy better than Angelus. He loved Buffy, w/ and w/o a soul, but the difference is, once he got a soul, he finally relized how to love her selflessly.

    The season 6 relationship, yes, was destructive. Yes, it was meant to be, yes, Spike did bad things, slap on wrist, he done evil. And Angelus kills puppies. I’m not shipping the destructo-relationship— I’m not shipping the "twu wuv", "They don’t change and evolve and grow as people" relationship— I’m shipping the mature, slowly developing, not pedophilic relationship of Buffy and Spike.

    So there.

    And this was a ridiculously long post.

  • > Buffy/Spike kiss is #7 in TV Guide’s Top TV Kisses

    11 February 2005 19:37, by Casper
    Doesn`t anybody think Angel and Cordelias kiss in the end of Your`r welcome should have been here? At least i think so....