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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire slayer - Coolest Gadgets

Monday 30 May 2005, by Webmaster

The gadgets used by Buffy and the Scooby Gang are, for the most part, decidedly low-tech. Generally speaking, they tend to restrict themselves to home-made weapons, such as your garden variety wooden stake (it’s a classic for a reason), or at the very least, the medieval (you know: swords, crossbows, what have you). However, the hit show did periodically dabble in the high-tech, oftentimes with comedy ensuing.

During the fourth season, a shadowy paramilitary group kidnapped on-again, off-again villain Spike and implanted him with an experimental chip. As a result of their modifications, Spike found himself wracked by intense pain whenever he attempted to harm a human being. The problem, of course, was that, as a vampire, harming humans was part of Spike’s modus operandi.

The show’s other great tech moment also involved Spike, though in a notably different manner. Spike’s love-hate relationship with Buffy eventually swung further towards the love end of the spectrum. Unable to act on his infatuation (for obvious reasons, given that her surname is apparently "the Vampire Slayer"), Spike turned to uber-geek Warren to help him out. Warren, in turn, created what became known as the Buffy-bot, an android identical to the Slayer, but programmed to adore Spike. After providing many episodes worth of hilarity, the Buffy-bot would come in handy for the entire cast (instead of just Spike) when Buffy died, filling in for her so as to maintain the illusion that a Slayer still protected Sunnydale.

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  • > Buffy The Vampire slayer - Coolest Gadgets

    31 May 2005 16:55, by Claudia
    Spike didn’t "masturbate on" the BuffyBot. He had sex with it. In any case, that’s not as real as his love got. He was desperate: rejected by the only three women he had ever fallen in love with. There are thousands of people in the world who search for people similar to their crushes/loves to be with. Spike is no different. Your dislike for Spike shouldn’t overlook that fact. Sure, it’s wrong, but it doesn’t make his love for Buffy any less.
  • > Buffy The Vampire slayer - Coolest Gadgets

    1 June 2005 01:49, by Shel
    i definitely agree Claudia!!!
  • > Buffy The Vampire slayer - Coolest Gadgets

    1 June 2005 14:47, by Anonymous
    well, technically he DID masturbate on it, seeing as its a mechanical thing not a person...
  • > Buffy The Vampire slayer - Coolest Gadgets

    16 June 2005 06:20, by Angry Person
    You know what, thats just sad. On almost EVERY article on buffy.nu that people respond to, it suddently transforms into a big B/A B/S fight. Just get over it. In the end of the show Buffy told Spike she loved him, and she left Angel behind a long time ago. PLUS, on ATS, Angel and Spike both decided to get over Buffy, for final. She’s with the Immortal now, as far as it goes, and I’m sick of you moronic people always picking on James Marsters or Spike, because he fell in love and got to sleep with Buffy! If you’re so mad about it, why don’t you go build yourself a Buffy-Bot to "masturbate" on?