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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

"Buffy : Tooned Up" Figures - More infos like the Nathan Fillion / Caleb sculpt

Friday 23 March 2007, by Webmaster

Hi Philip,

Thanks for your inquiry about our "Tooned Up" Buffy line. We hope to start the first sculpt soon. Our original plan was to do a hero and a villain at the same time, but it turns out retailers seem to only want to support the main characters. They say the secondary characters and villains don’t sell well for them (ie. fans don’t buy them) so some of the characters we really wanted to do may not get produced. Many observant fans noticed the Caleb design on our teaser image. We chose him for multiple reasons. A- He went with the Buffy design we are doing B- Nathan Fillion has a great fan base and we thought it would be fun to acknowledge them (esp. since we don’t have a Serenity license) C- My best friend is a Fillion Freak and threatened me at gunpoint to do him. He will more than likely be the first casualty since he is not a main character. It’s such a shame since I think the design is pretty fun (and evil). This is why you see multiple Buffys, Willows, Spikes etc. from other companies because the other characters don’t have consumer support. We’ll have to see how the line does at first to see what comes down the line. We may try some small edition size exclusives if the main characters do well. As far as teaser images go, we want to keep things under wraps for now, but we will send these extra teasers along. They won’t give a whole lot away, but then again thats the point right. Best to you and the Buffy fans at SlayAlive. We are so psyched to be doing Buffy and hopefully we’ll get to do a wide range of characters.


Tracy Mark Lee