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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy in the The Five Scariest Episodes in TV History

Tuesday 27 October 2009, by Webmaster



Noted more often for its technical mastery than its outright scare-factor, "Hush" is writer/director/show-creator Joss Whedon’s almost-completely-dialogue-free masterpiece. The image of ghoulishly smiling demons, wielding heart-gouging knives, floating toward a victim who tries to scream for help but cannot (due to the monsters’ magicks) lingered with us long after the end credits had rolled. The idea of being robbed of our most visceral defense against a baddie—to just scream bloody murder—is sheer terror indeed. That Whedon pulled off such a ghastly motif with an artist’s grace and innovation is just the cherry on top of a dread-filled sundae. "Hush" is in the top five of best Buffy episodes ever, and certainly the series’ scariest.


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