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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy returns to Comics, Whedon Updates Projects

Jonah Weiland

Thursday 10 November 2005, by Webmaster

There’s no doubt that Buffy The Vampire slayer fans are very happy fans indeed, today. Series creator Joss Whendon informed fans that he’ll be writing a new "Buffy" series for Dark Horse Comics and shared updates on a number of other projects, including "Wonder Woman," "Spike," "Astonishing X-Men" and "Serenity". Whedon wrote:

And now on to the rumors and allegations section. Many of you want to know what the future holds. Anxiety, hurricanes, and Male Pattern Baldness. But maybe also some art-stuff, which is really what you guys are into. No, I don’t know anything about sequels, or spinoffs, or Nathan’s President for Life gig. I’ll keep my ear to the ground of course, but for now I’m just going to rest on my laurels (I have two). Oh! Oh! But I will tell you that Brett and I are talking about another three part comic, and it’s gonna be a hoot. Takes place during the show, and has some sweet character deaths — I mean moments! ("And what brings you to our ship, FutureTara..?") Sorry. Horrible taste. (Empty inside!) But wait’ll you see the cover...

Speaking of Darkhorse Comics, they are starting a new Buffy comic, and as I understand it, it will take place after the end of Buffy and Angel and be canon in the Buffy world. And I understand it that way ’cause I’M WRITING IT. I’m kicking off the book with a four issue arc that finds Buffy — you guessed it — living in Italy with The Immortal. (Scott — don’t be mad I spoiled the announcement — saying it means I have to finish it.) Then I’ll be overseeing the book more closely, to make sure it remains true. Gonna be interesting. And it just might tie in to...

The infamous Spike movie. Still haven’t finalized anything, but I feel that very soon I’ll be able to go to James and say something a lot more interesting than "Wouldn’t it be cool if..." ’Course, I just hope he’s free some time this decade. See how my peeps is all actifying! Tomorrow night is AMIAS, (that’s alias with Acker in it.) Happy. And totally jealous.

See, the Buffyverse glows in my brain with a new, overreaching arc that will include the comics, Spike, and more. It’s taking shape and soon you will know its name. And you will tremble.

Then of course there’s a little thing called X-Men, who are apparantly supposed to become astonishing again real soon. I miss me my Cassiday. Can’t wait to see the fan response when I kill Wolverine and replace him with fan-fave Marrow.

Well, I certainly can’t say much more, except that Wonder Woman is finally kicking ass that is not my ass, as in, I’m loving this script. She’s saving the world in a tiara, people; this is why there’s a me!

Oh, and there’s nothing on TV tonight. TV has been cancelled. Talk amongst yourselves. La la la la la...

4 Forum messages

  • > Buffy returns to Comics, Whedon Updates Projects

    10 November 2005 17:10, by Anonymous
    Yay! That is all I can say. I am indeed a happy fan.
  • > Buffy returns to Comics, Whedon Updates Projects

    10 November 2005 22:32, by Anonymous

    Problem is Joss writing the comic is he is writing ONLY for Darkhorse. He can only use the characters they own. Joss himself does not own these characters, Fox does. They then leased them out. IDW has ALL the Angel characters. That includes Spike. Darkhorse has all the Buffy ones. This Includes Faith. Neither can mess , refrence except in the most abstract of ways, draw, use or even say the characters name in the comics. Idw says there are no plans for any crossovers or any characters and thier Angel stories have nothing to do with DarkHorse.

    Dru was owned By Darkhorse. They released her to IDW. IDW has always owned Darla. Spike is owned By IDW and can not be used by Darkhorse as he was a full regular on Angel seaosn 5 and when the bought the liscense. It is upn/wb all over again.

    I would think the connection between everything will be much like the tv shows during their split. A character. Most likely Willow coming form the comic to the Spike movie, to the next one(giles or Faith) and then whatever else. She would connect the stories.

  • > Buffy returns to Comics, Whedon Updates Projects

    11 November 2005 13:17, by Anonymous
    Whedon isn’t writing "only" for darkhorse. X-men is Marvel.
  • > Buffy returns to Comics, Whedon Updates Projects

    12 November 2005 06:43, by Anonymous
    annoymus person above me: leave it to joss to figure out. don’t get so worked up about something that isn’t a weight on your shoulders. I’m very sure Whedon knows exactly how to get things done when he wants to. Plus I’d just like to add that NO ONE owns characters. ONLY the name "BUFFY" and BUFFY’S character is owned by FOX. So, Spike, Faith, and all the rest, are property of Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon. So don’t get your nickers twisted.