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Buffy’s Xander and Anya Chat You Up !

Friday 23 May 2003, by Webmaster

grill, gossip & gripe May 19, 2003

Bye-Bye, Buffy Sink your teeth into our Slayer send-off: Cast Q&A’s, video clips and an interactive timeline

Buffy’s Xander and Anya Chat You Up!

This week, Nicholas Brendon and Emma Caulfield gave us the lowdown on all things Sunnydale, as Buffy the Vampire Slayer finally comes to an end. They dished on everything from their best and worst moments to the possibility of guest spots and what lies ahead. Plus, scoop on other faves, including Friends, Smallville and Everwood.

Hey everyone, Nicholas Brendon is here! Parting is such bitter, awful to the tip of our toes sorrow. But this should help.

Nick will be here for the first half, then we’ll switch over to Emma Caulfield. And throughout the chat, I’ll be sprinkling in a few non-Buffy Q’s (as if any of those matter).

From Diane: Hi, Nick! Was it a challenge to act one-eyed?

Nick: It wasn’t a challenge except for bumping into things. My depth perception was a tad off. The patch was easier than wearing the big turban, because I could take the eye patch off.

From Sarita: Who is the more high-maintenance partner, Cordy or Anya?

Nick: Probably in terms of love, it was Anya. But in terms of style, it was Cordy.

From Nina: Xander nabbed all the best Kleenex-worthy scenes this year. Any chance we’ll see him on Angel next year?

Nick: No. Zero chance. There’s no reason because Angel and Xander were never friends. I tried, but Joss said no. [Laughs.]

From Janet: Are you sorry that a romance between Xander and Buffy never took place?

Nick: No, because it just didn’t make sense. Buffy’s character seemed to gravitate toward things she didn’t have. I was ready and willing!

From Emily: I’m going to miss Xander so much, he was the "everyman." Any possibility of seeing the Xander-Anya Comedy Hour anytime soon?

Nick: I don’t think so—no! No variety show in the works. Of course, unless I’m approached. Then everything changes.

From buffyfanforever: What will you miss most about your character and doing the show?

Nick: I guess I will miss his innocence and passion and grace. And I’ll miss working with everyone I worked with for seven years.

From scoobydooby: What has it been like to work with Sarah and Alyson for seven years?

Nick: It’s been great. Awesome. Fantastic.

From angelasg: Fox is auctioning off some great mementos. Did you keep anything from the set?

Nick: We all had each other sign our scripts and write messages, kind of like a yearbook. Everyone wrote something pretty magical. And I had the cast sign my eye patch, which is one of a kind!

From katefromatlanta: Is the Scooby Gang as tight-knit in real life as they are onscreen?

Nick: It’s a TV show and we’re all fantastic friends. I’m married, Alyson’s about to be married, Tony is married and lives in England. But in a sense, we’re closer because this is real life, and Scooby life is pretend life.

From rachelgibson: I’ve been a fan of the show from the beginning, and I was so pleased to see the characters evolve over the years. What do you think was Xander’s biggest change, and how did you tackle it as an actor?

Nick: I think he changed at a normal rate. His change was natural. It was kind of easy for me to play the changes. High school, moving out of the house, getting a job. The "Zeppo" episode was big for Xander—that was a defining moment, but everything else was very natural.

From jenlynnj: Now that you know the fate of your Fox sitcom, are there any plans for the future?

Nick: I would love to do a sitcom and play some different film characters. I think that I’m lucky because I haven’t quite been defined yet as an actor, which is nice. I would really love to do a sitcom!

From Trinity: How tough was it for you, and the rest of the cast and crew, to shoot the final episode?

Nick: It was hard. Sarah was wrapped first...the day before I was. There were a lot of tears. I was shooting a sitcom for Fox and doing the last Buffy episode, so I think that made it easier for me. I was so busy going back and forth, but it was sad, and it is still slowly hitting me that we’re not going back.

From joanne: What was your favorite Buffy moment?

Nick: "Hush" and the musical, "Once More, with Feeling." I got to act in them and watch them as a fan. It’s been very unique to be an actor on the show and also a fan of the show.

From annalise: What was more fun—playing funny Xander or serious Xander?

Nick: Jeez. Isn’t the word "fun" in funny? So, I guess playing funny Xander was more fun.

From anonymous: I just wanted to say, it’s pretty beautiful and inspiring for us fans seeing how you guys talk about the show with such pride and love. Who’s funnier than you on the set? Tom Lenk? Nick: Tom Lenk is much funnier than I am—and cuter, too.

From designhustler: Do you feel Xander should have developed a superpower just like Buffy and Willow? Nick: No, I think Xander’s superpower was his wit. But it’s nice to have one character that didn’t have a superpower. It rounded out the group.

From Kristin: Okay, guys, Nicholas has to go. Be strong... Nick: Want to let everyone know that my pilot isn’t on the fall schedule for Fox, but we’re waiting to hear if it’s going to be picked up midseason. Thanks for all the great support, and I’ll see you all again.

From nychick08: Nick, can you please shed some light on the biggest mystery to ever grace the Buffyverse: How old is James Marsters? I say 40. Others, the delusional ones, say 32. Tell me I’m right! Kristin: While we wait for Emma, I’ll answer this one for you: He’s about to turn 41. A wee young whippersnapper compared to his alter ego, eh?

From ycart35: How can we enter to win Buffy prizes? Kristin: By being here, you are automatically entered to win. We’ll pick the winners at random, and you’ll be notified via email. Good luck, y’all!

From seercee: What are these fabu prizes we are all here for? Kristin: They’re listed in the column. Five winners will get a not-yet-released Buffy season-four DVD. (It’s coming out June 10.) One winner will get a set of Sunnydale pom-poms used on the show, and another winner will get a Razorbacks (the Sunnydale football team) seat cushion, also used on the show.

From geeker_joy: Who must I sleep with to win? Kristin: A question for the ages.

From Kristin: Emma is here!

From antai: If there had been another Buffy season, would you have signed for it? If no, why?

Emma: I was just ready to leave the show. I have been on it for four-and-a-half years, and I thought that I had done everything I could possibly do with that character. I’m a firm believer in going out on top.

From stacy7121: The audience was always surprised by the writers, but which storyline—through the seven seasons of Buffy—surprised you the most? Why?

Emma: I think it was very daring and bold of Joss to do what he did with Willow and Tara. I think that they, as actors, did amazing work with that storyline, and Joss told the story well. I think prime time needed a non-exploitative presentation of that world.

From katie666: Which members of the cast will you miss the most?

Emma: Well, the castmembers that I was closest to I won’t miss, because we’re friends, and I’ll see them. Alyson Hannigan, Tom Lenk, Tony Head, Eliza Dushku...

From BuffyXO: What is up with Anya and the bunny phobia?

Emma: I have no idea. I don’t think anyone will ever know, which I think makes it all the more brilliant.

From UnChosenOne: Say it ain’t so! Is my favorite bunny-hating human-obsessed ex-demon really going to...sniff...tear...die?!

Emma: Of course, I can’t say! I will neither confirm nor deny the reports.

From annmarie: Your comic delivery is great! Any chance of you doing a sitcom?

Emma: I love, love, love doing comedy, but I don’t have any plans to do TV in the immediate future. But I am starting a romantic comedy at the end of July that I am starring in and producing with Steve Pink, who also produced High Fidelity and Grosse Pointe Blank. So, I will be diving back into the comedy world.

From shabas: Would you like to work again with Joss Whedon?

Emma: In a heartbeat! I can’t wait to work with him again.

From rammyram: Was it super sad shooting the last episode?

Emma: It was emotional. It didn’t hit me until the very last minute of the shooting day, and then I cried like a baby.

From Amy: Which did you like better: 90210 or Buffy? (You are my fave on Buffy!)

Emma: Uhhh...Buffy. I had more time invested in Buffy.

From poupa: If Anya survives the final battle, is there any chance we’ll see you on Angel?

Emma: Either way, there is no chance of seeing Anya on Angel.

From redsurfer: Which Anya episode are you’re proudest of?

Emma: Probably "Selfless"—going between the scenes of Anya speaking Swedish and then Anya singing. Then back to Anya present-day being guilt-stricken. It was a lot to play in a very short amount of time.

From Sarah: If you could have chosen a guest star for Buffy, who would it have been and what part would they play?

Emma: That’s a really good question. Probably any of my friends, and they would’ve played vampires,and I would’ve staked them.

From mouseketeer: Were you happy with what happened to Xander and Anya’s relationship, or do you wish they had found their way back to each other?

Emma: I think it worked out creatively the best possible way it could have. It would’ve been sadder for me if I couldn’t have worked with Nick again and I stopped having scenes with him. Instead, I got to work with Nick, which was half the fun for me.

From Georgia: Is there an episode which didn’t include Anya but that you wish had included her?

Emma: No, I don’t think so. Unless you count the seasons that I wasn’t in, because those were so much fun. I’m pretty happy with the time I spent there.

From Nancy: How did you find joining an already established cast?

Emma: It’s always a little intimidating doing that. I did that on 90210, too. But I have to say that I was made to feel welcome on Buffy right from the start.

From anonymous: She has been an ex-demon flunking math in high school, to a money-loving bride-to-be, to an apocalypse-dreading Scooby. What’s your favorite Anya phase?

Emma: It’s a tough, tough call. I loved Anya being bad again. The threat of makeup was always present, so I could never fully enjoy the great dialogue and story they were giving me because I so desperately did not want to get back into that makeup!

From Joanne: Do you think you’ll be able to adjust with a Buffy-less world?

Emma: I think I already have. We stopped filming, and I lost all track of time five weeks ago. That’s been enough time to adjust to a new life.

From Kristin: Okay, you guys. Emma has to go.

Emma: I just want to put it out there how grateful I am for all the support that all the fans gave us. Buffy wouldn’t be where it’s been without you. And certainly Darkness Falls would not have done as well as it did, so thank you for that. Thank you for being fans!

From hopn4apjendn: Do we get a sneak peek of the finale tomorrow on E! News Live?

Kristin: Yes, they’ll be showing an exclusive clip of the Buffy finale on E! News Live, Tuesday at 7 p.m., on E!

From bookseell30s: We’re just about at the end of the TV season. What will you spoil us with all summer? I’m having panic attacks with worry.

Kristin: I’ll spoil you with love, warm cookies and spoilers on all the fall happenings. For example, I’ve already got the 411 on the first ep of ER. Shhh...