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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy versus Batman - who would win ?

Thursday 16 March 2006, by Webmaster

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  • > Buffy versus Batman - who would win ?

    17 March 2006 14:21, by Anonymous
    No question — Buffy would wipe the floor with the Dark Knight. Batman’s got skills, but so does Buffy ... and she’s got slayer strength to back it up.
  • > Buffy versus Batman - who would win ?

    17 March 2006 20:30, by Anonymous
    When was the last time Buffy fought ALONE? The whole "it’s a secret identity" thing limits both Batman and Superman. Either of them might be able to take out Buffy, alone, but I don’t like the chances of Batman and Superman combined against Buffy, Willow, Faith, and Angel.
  • > Buffy versus Batman - who would win ?

    17 March 2006 23:39, by Aaron
    Batman has taken down many individuals with superior strength, His martial arts skills have been taken to nearly supernatural levels in recent years. Of course Buffy’s strength is supernatural so for the sake of argument let’s say that Buffy wins the first Round...After which Batman goes into "Research Mode" maybe employing Oracle(Barbara Gordon,DC’s resident information broker supreme) to uncover the Watcher’s records (If the robot ninjas of Angel’s fifth season can Oracle certainly do the same" Including, of course the "Cruciamentum" formula used by the Watcher’s to neutralize a slayer’s power for testing purposes. Creating a weaponized gas form of the same Batman takes the human Slayer down...Later naturally they team up to take down a common enemy lol...
  • > Buffy versus Batman - who would win ?

    18 March 2006 06:23, by Anonymous
    as much as i hate to admit it, batman would win :( batman is more powerful than the sun damnit!
  • > Buffy versus Batman - who would win ?

    19 March 2006 00:51, by Anonymous
    Batman would win, Buffy doesn’t stand a chance. If Buffy enlisted the aid of the Scoobies and Angel Investigations she would still lose because Batman would bring in the JLA. I agree though these things are silly.
  • > Buffy versus Batman - who would win ?

    19 March 2006 21:49, by k-dude

    It’s a lot tougher battle than most of you would think.

    Yes, the Bat was able to beat Superman. But then Superman has a major weakness that Batman, can use to his advantage - called Krytonite. Buffy doesn’t have such a weakness. Yes, Batman’s smarter and has lots really cool toys. But, Buffy has the advantage of superhuman strength, and agility. Yes, the Bat has some major foes(all of whom are basically human). Buffy faces powerful superhuman foes on regular basis.

    Buffy may have a few surprises for the Bat, in the fact, that he likely would think such a small girl could be so strong and fast.

    And as for Buffy, Angel, Faith & Willow vs. Superman & Batman. Here’s how I see it. Willow immobilizes Superman(remember that magic is his other weakness), then Buffy, Faith, & Angel take out the Bat.