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Bye Bye Wildfeed - Hello Wildfeed

By Leoff

Wednesday 1 October 2003

Hi gang...

I recieved confirmation from two different friendly sources yesterday that yes, Angel the Series will not have a Wildfeed transmission that can be easily viewed.

I was planning a sort of grand site re-launch to announce that, in partnership with Angel’s Acolyte, would be bringing all my lovely spoiler whores some form of Wildfeed Summary for the Fifth Season of Angel.

Turns out Fox had different plans.

Up until this year, Fox broadcasting has transmitted it’s satellite wildfeed broadcasts in ANALOG, allowing myself and others with C-band satellite dishes to grab anything and everything easily. If it was out there buzzing around in the airwaves, we could get it. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series were two such analog transmissions.

Now Fox has finally wised up and started transmitting their shows DIGITALLY, which means you’re gonna need some fancy-smancy expensive decoder box to be able to unscramble everything. That’s a decoder box that I and others don’t have.

So, while there’s no more Buffy to talk about, now there is also no more Angel, at least in a Wildfeed sense.

Will I do the write-ups ? Some sort of summary ? Many of you have written and asked me to still do one, regardless of whether it’s a surprise or not. I may do it, but I dunno. Gonna just have to see how I feel.as the season cranks up this Wednesday. You’ll know my decision on Wednesday October 1st if the site looks vastly different.

I’m also considering doing summaries for Alias and 24 still. I finally understand what the hell is going on in both shows to do a clear, fun summary for either. I’m still deciding.

Now as for the site ? Oh, it will definitely live on, but it’s going to be a little less Buffy oriented over time. Chances are in a year or two it will drift into the oblivion that is hundreds of thousands of personal web sites out in cyberspace. Like all fame, this site’s popularity is fleeting also.

And so, we’ll see what the next week holds. Will there be an Angel summary for the fun of it ? Will Alias and/or 24 replace the spoiler-whorey goodness ? Stay tuned.

To every single one of you who has ever visited the site, or read a summary, with every bit of my heart I thank you for allowing me the chance to make you smile every now and again.

And thank you, Buffy and Joss, for all the enjoyment you’ve given me over the past years.

Windex made it shine.


What the hell happened ? ! ?

I sign on-line this morning and find that, according to Angel’s Acolyte, there was, indeed, a viewable Wildfeed transmission of Angel the Series !

Yes, this means, that plans have changed my dear spoiler whores ! If the feed’s still feedable, then I must feed the need for feed !

huh ?

Yes, I’ll be doing a mini-wildfeed summary, in conjunction with AA’s full coverage, if that’s ok with you, AA ?

(if you’d like to read my sappy little tearful and somewhat jumping the gun farewell, it follows :)