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"Can’t Stop the Serenity" : What’s next ?

Friday 30 June 2006, by Webmaster

Early talk of wanting to do this again next year surfaced well before this event truly got underway. Several cities already are reporting that their venues have invited them back to do it again next year, with some venues offering larger capacity.

So, yes, there will be discussions about doing this again. In addition, people are already wondering what they can continue to do for Equality Now between now and then.

However, on the matter of another round of screenings next year, it is the "official" position of this website that Browncoats should let this year’s organizers finish tallying the funds raised, decompress, consider the success of their events, and ponder what worked and what can be done better. And maybe even focus on something else, just for a moment or two.

Which is not to say no one should be pondering the possibilities, or discussing them. It’s merely to say that the focus of this site, in the near-term, is increasing capacity so we can better serve the discussions to come.

There will be a letter going out to our Universal distribution contact in early July, posing the set of questions we would need answered before any substantive discussions can occur amongst organizers regarding a new round of charity screenings in 2007. In addition, organizing discussions likely will be moved off of the Yahoo! group and onto a Web-based discussion forum, once the relevant details of that are worked out.

Please be patient. There will be discussions about next year, and this website will be working to enable and foster those discussions. But let’s finish enjoying this year, first!

(And stay tuned for news on a September screening in Arizona that’s been planned since the beginning of this year.)