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Capacity crowd in Portland Screening for ’Firefly’

Thursday 12 July 2007, by Webmaster

All Whedon’d up.

The Firefly screening last night was a rousing success. The video and sound quality were very good, the theater was more crowded than I’ve ever seen it (Mr. Russell said that theater employees tallied attendance at 312, which packed the place) and the audience had a great time. Bad guys were booed, action scenes elicited cheers, favorite lines of dialogue were yelled out, and the vibe was just one big, happy Whedonfest. It was great.

I saw chris_walsh there, and met Russell’s boyhood pal Ryan, a delightful fellow who seemed tickled that I remembered his tiny part in Resident Evil. And Eric Snider made too many hilarious snarky asides to mention, even if I could remember them all (and I’ve never seen him laugh so much as he did when Mal shot that horse). Other LJ people (I’m looking at you, darkpoole and greyaenigma) were there/supposed to be there, bit we’ve never met in person so they could have been sitting right by me and I’d have never known.

The beer (Black Rabbit Porter) was good, too. And my hummus plate was insanely delicious, even if I did have to wait, like, 40 minutes for it. Not so good — staying out until midnight when I had to get up early this morning to drive Patrick to work and then head to the radio station. Especially when it was too stuffy and hot to sleep once I hit the sack. But it was worth it.



So went to the Firefly screening at the Mission tonight, and the place was PACKED. "PACKED" as in "almost didn’t get a place to sit". XDD But really, there’s nothing quite like 200 fen reciting Wash’s "this land" thing with him and singing the theme and cheering on Jayne with his guns, because wow. :D :D :D I’d try to talk jic and butterfly into going if it weren’t for the whole "10:00PM on a Tuesday" thing, and if B didn’t do it for Buffy I doubt she’d do it for Firefly. :D But the Mission is only 6 blocks from here, so I really had no reason to NOT go. :D