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Casting News

Friday 1 August 2003, by Webmaster

31 July 2003

David is scheduled to appear tonight on The New Tom Green Show airing on MTV at Midnight (EST)

Dido is scheduled to appear on The LATE LATE SHOW WITH CRAIG KILBORN, CBS on the 13 August..

31 July 2003

Variety confirm the addition of Sarah Thompson (Boston Republic) as Eve...

For those who are not registered, Coming soon also have a report

In an interview with show-runner Jeffrey Bell, Variety report:

Executive producer Jeffrey Bell tells Variety Thompson’s character "will be an anomaly at Wolfram & Hart in that she seems like a normal and well-adjusted young lady."

"She seems sort of too normal," Bell said, adding Thompson’s character "may or may not be a love interest for Angel. The goal is to have her be a consistent force in our characters’ lives."

Mercedes McNab as Harmony seems to be as a foil for Spike in that:

"She has a history with Spike, and she brings a great sense of humor to the show," - Jeff Bell, Variety.

27 July

The article from Entertainment Weekly confirming David is the leading man in her new music video. -Thanks Jen for sending it to TDBUK.

August 1 EW, "One Week in Hollywood" feature, pg. 39, called "Dido’s ’White Flag,’ Take 25."

For about two hours and two dozen takes, Dido has been ambling down the same ersatz New York City street; every time, the focus, lighting, or extras thwart her ambition to make it to the end of the block, which is actually on the Universal backlot. But you won’t find her carping about the hurry-up-and-wait shoot for her upcoming music video, "White Flag." "The last time I came here was when I was 20, for the stuido tour, so it’s actually quite nice, says the Brit, 31, whose "Thank You" made her famous. Not only is she no longer heading through these parts on a tram, now she gets her choice of leading man. Dido wanted a costar who was "cool and dark" since, although the video initially pictures her obsessively following a guy, a twist reveals he’s the "really crazy" one in their sidewalk cat-and-mouse game. Cool, dark, and stalker-ific? No wonder she picked TV vampire and Angel star David Boreanaz.

(She couldn’t have made a better choice. Who’s better at stalking and crazy than David? :) )

27 July 2003

Thanks to nc2224 and The Stranger-Things Board for this information:

The role of Eve has gone to actress Sarah Thompson

. http://us.imdb.com/Name?Thompson,+Sarah

27 July 2003

Insight into what David enjoys watching and doing...

"What I’m watching this week" part and he stated the following "I like Before & After on HGTV. I love building stuff and architecture and remodeling. I like to see things the way they were before, and then what they do to it."

August 2, 2003 edition - TV Guide - Thanks to Shannon

25 July 2003

David’s co-star in Crow - Wicked Prayer, Tara Reid, is due to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC) on Wednesday 6th August - perhaps she’ll mention the shoot?.

25 July 2003

I have an update on David’s photo shoot for ’The Virgin Chronicles’.

The project is in developmental Holding. The project was shot in Philadelphia but the Post production was done in California. The information is that "IT wasn’t quite as exciting as MTV wanted" so there would be a re-tool.

This information is provided by source on the Production.

(A pity as I was really looking forward to seeing this... hopefully, it’ll be airing soon!)

To remind you of David’s ’Virgin Chronicle’ Shoot click the link.

25 July 2003

Rumours are that Entertainment Weekly are confirming that David is to appear on Dido’s "White Flag" video. I have not personally been able to confirm this as yet.

21 July 2003

David was on - set with none other than Dido, the English singer, who was filming her video for her next single ’White Flag’ at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Pics from the film-set

I do not know whether David was just visiting or participating in the video shoot. As a side-note, the director of the video, Joseph Kahn, was once slated to have been directing the abandoned Crow - Lazarus movie, which was to have become Crow 4 before The Wicked Prayer was given the go-ahead.

20 July 2003

More Joss comments from the WB All-Star Party:

Contrary to statements by WB executives in May, "Angel" executive producer Joss Whedon says, actress Charisma Carpenter may appear on the drama series again. Though she’s no longer a series regular, Whedon said, he wants Carpenter to return to give closure to her character’s story. Carpenter’s Cordelia ended the season in May in a coma.

"That’s what we want, but it’s dependent on her schedule," Whedon said Sunday at a WB party. "We know what we want to do; it’s just a question of when to do it."

Source: Pitsburgh Post Gazette

18 July 2003

Source: Kristin of Eonline

Angel, Baby: A big shake-up is also in store for the WB’s Angel, with the addition of Buffy’s James Marsters and the departure of original castmember Charisma Carpenter. But take solace, we fans aren’t the only ones who are antsy.

"I have no idea what we’re doing!" the always adorable Amy Acker (Fred) squealed at the WB party. "There are new people, the hotel’s gone...It feels like a new show. I called [executive producer] Joss Whedon and asked if there was anything I should be working on. He said he didn’t know—they hadn’t decided yet."

David Boreanaz (who’s looking even more delish with longer, wavy hair) also admits he’s "a little nervous" about the big changes (Marsters is in, Carpenter is out) but he’s "extremely excited" about working with James again. "He brings a level of intensity I enjoy. He’s passionate about his work...It will be an interesting dynamic. Hopefully, [Spike] will be my ally, but if not, I’ll just have to kick the s—t out of him. I’ll break out Angel’s big badass boots."

David also says Mercedes McNab (Harmony) could be returning. "I don’t think she’ll rejoin the cast, I think she’ll be a recurring character."

Of course, the show could use a little infusion of femininity after the loss of Carpenter. Though it’s possible she could return for a few episodes, C.C. is no longer be a series regular, something insiders say was not her choice.

When asked about Carpenter’s departure, Boreanaz would only say: "It’s going to be sad not seeing her there. It’s an unfortunate circumstance, and I don’t know how it all unfolded. I don’t think certain people were happy about it, but I’m just as clueless as anyone. I know she’s happy—she’s got a beautiful baby boy named Donovan. I’m really proud of her for becoming a mother."

"I hope [Charisma] comes back for a couple of episodes," Acker added, "but I totally understand having a new baby and wanting to be a mom. I need her around because there’s so much male energy on the set as it is! Someone told me there might be another girl coming on. I asked Joss today, and he didn’t mention anything, so I don’t know!"

Meanwhile, Whedon—who said the new set allows for an "exciting whirlwind feel," jumping from place to place la West Wing—has already spoken with Sarah Michelle Gellar about a guest spot. "I have [talked to her], and so has David," he says. "She’s always been very open to the idea...but it’s really about schedules. It would be great if she could do it around, hmmm, I don’t know...sweeps? But she’s doing Scooby-Doo, and I don’t know when she’ll be available."

15 July 2003

Joss Whedon confirms that Mercedes McNab will be joining the cast of Angel in a recurring capacity, in her role of Harmony, at an interview given at The WB fall press tour.

"Well, Spike and Harmony do have a history," Whedon said, referring to the vampire duo’s steamy affair on Buffy. "But that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily hook up. It just means we love Mercedes, and we want to see more of her."

"I can’t really give you much of a hint [as to how Spike will be integrated into the show], except that badly would be the word," Whedon said. "Because he sticks out like a sore thumb, which is exactly what we always hire him to do. I see him not fitting in. And that’s exactly what they need right now. Because, although they all have their separate agendas, to an extent, they’re a team. And when you’re a team, you need somebody to come in and f—k up the team."

Whedon added that big changes are in store for the character of Charles Gunn, played by J. August Richards-a transformation that was foreshadowed in last season’s finale. "Yeah, he’s going to go through some interesting changes," Whedon said. "And again, we’ll find out early on what it is, but not exactly what it means. But, yeah, you know, Gunn is somebody that we felt was a little underutilized. J.’s an amazing actor. And we thought Wolfram & Hart would be the perfect venue to find a new side of him. So we’re shaking it up."

Source: SciFiWire (Full Article)

11 July 2003

David and Jaime were spotted in attendance at a party given on Wednesday 9th by Robert Evans at his private home, Woodland, in Beverley Hills. This followed interviews given by Evans on The Television Critics Association Press Tour in Los Angeles.

Source: Canoe.ca (For Full Report)

10 July 2003

Source: A Boy and His Bird

Principal film production has ended and the site is reporting that their contacts say that optimism is running high for a theatrical release as the film has turned out ’beyond expectations’, due to the great casting.

30 June 2003

The casting sides of Angel Season 5 have begun! The first character for which the casting call has gone out is for ’Eve’ - a character aged mid to late twenties who is beautiful, intelligent but to act as an Ally to Angel liasing between him and the Wolfram & Hart powers.

29 June 2003

Source: Thanks to Dottie for sending this item via SFX Superhero Special 2003

Boreanaz-The Angel of Steel?

The net was recently ablaze with the rumour that Angel hunk David Boreanaz had a shot at playing Superman in the new movie. "My future unfolds every day", Boreanaz tells SFX, revealing that he did indeed screen test for the coveted role of the Caped Wonder. " I dont know exactly how accurate everything on the net is, even when it’s about me. I kind of get a laugh at it. I don’t know whats going to happen with the Superman thing. I’ll just leave it out there and keep everybody guessing", he smiles.

Seems Boreanaz is itching to leap into the four-colour universe, but the Man of Steel may not necessarily be his ideal choice. " I’ve always been wanting to do some cool comic book characters. But I’ve always been one for the character that’s not running around in spandex and leaping from building to building. I’m into creating a new genre. There’s some talks going on about that".

Boreanaz’s mouth remains firmly zipped on that one, but he confesses that there are other comic book charaters he would kill to play. "There are a couple of ones out there that I’d love to jam into, other than the ones I have under wraps. One that I particularly like is the Green Hornet. I love him, and have done since I was a kid. And I really liked the whole Dick Tracy thing. I’d love to step into Dick Tracy’s shoes. I love that kind of stuff!"

By Chuck Wagner. Page 91 SFX Superhero Special 2003

27 June 2002

Titan Magazines -

Now that BTVS is over the group has decided to release a magazine dedicated to Angel (only 4 years too late - but that’s just me! :) Karen )

This is the first issue due in August and promises interviews with cast etc.

(I hope they realise the actual age of the audience and do away with the space-wasting comic strips! But that’s me again!)

26 June 2003

Look out for a new David Interview in Dreamwatch 108, due in shops at the end of July.