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Charisma is cast down

By Johnny Butane

Wednesday 27 August 2003, by Webmaster

On July 24th, shooting on the fifth season of the hit television show ’Angel’ began, and I know I for one could not be happier. Last year proved that ’Angel’ is very much it’s own show outside of ’Buffy’, and this year it’s going at it solo, now that ’Buffy’ has retired.

One cast member that may have not been so happy was Charisma Carpenter, who plays (played?)Cordelia on the show and has since ’Buffy’s first episodes. Even though it was rumored for a while that she would not be returning for this season, it was assumed this was her decision. Apparently not, however...

"I was not prepared. I don’t think you’re ever prepared for that kind of situation. Seven years, that’s a long time. I started that show. To not be finishing it is a pretty big deal for me. They went back to work on July 24...On that day I thought, `Oh, today is officially my first day of unemployment’".

She said there’s no word on whether or not any of here storylines will be wrapped up, because she has not heard from Joss or anyone else involved with the show as to when they might need her to at least come in and finish. If they don’t do something with the character, that would suck in a lot of ways, but Joss has never been one to leave too many threads dangling, so I hope he wraps this one up soon enough.