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Chris Buchanan (Mutant Enemy) Thanks Angel Fans

By Chris Buchanan

Saturday 27 March 2004, by Webmaster

Buchanan says: (Fri Mar 26 00:49:13 2004)

Hi, Chris Buchanan here from Mutant Enemy. Long time lurker, first time poster.

Thought it was about time (OK, it’s way past time), to give all of the ANGEL fans an enormous shout out/thank you directly from Joss and all of us at Mutant Enemy.

Your kind words, support and efforts (flowers, beanie babies, postcards, mobile billboards, adverts, etc., etc.) in the weeks since the cancellation of ANGEL was announced, have been darn near overwhelming. We really, really appreciate the love.

It goes without saying here at the Bronze Beta, but I also wanted to let you all know that the Buffy/Angel-verse will never die.

While we consider the possibility of Season 6 of ANGEL as remote as the discovery of WMDs in Iraq, Mutant Enemy already has plans for more tales from the world of ANGEL. I can’t comment on exactly what form they’ll take, but rest assured, it’s in the works.

Thanks again to all of the fans, the "Save Angel" organizations, and your efforts taken in our behalf.

You kids are the best!


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  • > Chris Buchanan (Mutant Enemy) Thanks Angel Fans

    28 March 2004 06:20, by shellei
    Thank You so much for your response. It really means great deal to us fans. I tried to do my fair share in support of season 6(+) by sending off loads of postcards to every address that was given as a possibility for supporting ’Angel’. I think I sent at least 40, if not more. Thank You, and everyone at Mutant Enemy. Your productions will be forever cherished and recognized (by us loyal fans) as one of the best shows on television. shellei, phx, az