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Chris Buchanan Posts About The Date Of Serenity’s Premiere

By Chris Buchanan

Sunday 12 December 2004, by Webmaster

Someone may have already said this above this reply, but the premieres are usually Mon, Tues, Wed. prior to the movie’s opening. That being said, all kinds of things can alter the standard MO.

(1) Universal could change the release date. Not possible you say? (wink wink, nudge nudge, he knowingly said.) Short of being a tentpole, "mark it in your calendar’s two years ahead" Spiderman 2 kind of movie, the date’s not too firm until a month before the release date. Trust me, it could change again.

(2) Premieres can be charity events that change the timing (even the city) of the event.


Basically, don’t buy those plane tickets yet.

We’ll keep you Browncoats informed of the latest details (as we did about the April to Sept. change.)