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Chris Buchanan Serenity’s Executive Producer gives more good news

Wednesday 4 May 2005, by Webmaster


(PS: Hi Chris, sorry for stealing this)

Regarding tickets for Can’t Stop The Signal, Chris says:


The situation is truly "fluid" because of the amazing response to the screenings. I can’t promise anything, but you should stay tuned to the boards (including the Universal board) for news. Browncoatless people are starting to find out what an entertaining film SERENITY turned out to be (not that it’s even finished yet!) and are spreading the word. It’s really exciting for all of us involved in the film.

Best, Buchanan>>


Regaring high eBay ticket prices;

" Will do on the ebay stuff.

I’m always amazed that someone would pay a crazy amount for a ticket to anything... until the Red Sox got into the playoffs against the Angels (face reddens). But seriously, Browncoats should stay tuned to the boards for more news. Universal was overwhelmed by the amazing response and are huddled trying to figure out how to respond.

Keep flyin’ Buchanan>> "

It’s an exciting time for the movie.