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Christian Kane

Christian Kane - About his career - Fedcon 15, May 2006 Interview

Sunday 28 May 2006, by Webmaster

Do you enjoy your time here in Germany??

Yeah, Germany is beautiful... We took a train from Amsterdam, so I got to see a lot of it, you know, and it was very beautiful! I’m very taken by Germany.

Did you prepare yourself for the role of a lawyer in a specific way when you heard you’ll be playing Lindsey McDonald on Angel??

Uhm, I didn’t... I have a lot of experiences with lawyers, because I was on the other side of them. I was kind of a bad kid, so.. I know about lawyers. I grew up withém, ’cause I was always in trouble. So I kinda wrapped that up together, you know, err, the bad side of me with the good side of them... Just kinda smashed those together. I didn’t really do a lot of research as a lawyer, so I just kind of said what Joss wanted me to say.

How did you do the thing with the fake hand on Angel? Was it something like a glove?

The fake hand on Angel was a surgical glove that was taped. And there was Dayne Johnson who put a brace on my hand so I couldn’t move it and then that was glued on and then he put another surgical glove on and taped that.. and then he painted it with prosthetic paint. It took a long time and it was very painful to take it of at the end of the day and it was very uncomfortable. I did not enjoy it at all.

Have you ever given any thoughts to what Lindsey did from the time he left Angel til the time of his return??

Yah, Joss told me a little bit about it. He said that he went away, you know, he said that he picked up all those moves in the poll in th eepisode. So.. I think he went to the Orient and just trained, and trained, and trained and learned some more exclusive fighting moves and a little bit of magic along the way... I think that this was his whole plan as he went away and he was planning on coming back as soon as he did that to fight Angel. So Joss made this whole thing when I went away for two years, he kinda told me a little back story. He just trained for the day of his return...

What do you think about Lindsey’s death on Angel? Is there something you would have done differently??

Yeah, I think that I should have shown up in the end to fight with Angel and Spike and Gunn and all those guys, just because I put a lot of time into that show and I felt like it was a little unfair that I got killed by the "karaoke-demon" , but.. you know, at the same time I don’t think that anyone else cared if it was taking a long time for someone to kill me if it wasn’t my surprise. ’Cause, you know.. Lindsey was actually fighting better and he fought Angel and I don’t know who would have won- but for Lorne just to surprise him with a gun and shoot him... Joss is pretty smart when it comes to stuff like that.

Is there any other "Whedon-Project" you would like to be a part of??

I’ll do whatever Joss wants me to do, if he has something going on. I just love the way he writes and I like the way he thinks. And so, if he has anything... He’s just doing a film right now, Wonder Woman, but I don’t know if I can talk about it, but I would love being a part of Wonder Woman, you know, if there was a role... But once again I would be the guy who gets beat up by a girl, but.. who knows?! I’ll do whatever Joss wnats me to do. I believe in him and I trust him for all the years I worked with him, so...

What’s the biggest difference between working on a TV Show and doing a movie? Which one is harder to do, which one gives you more flexibility??

You got a lot more time with doing movies, because TV just works like this: just snap, snap, snap it never slows down, you have to go, go. go... In a film, well, in a bigger budget film you can take your time, you can find your scene. If you don’t feel right about the scene you can do it again. With TV sometimes it’s one take and you gotta go `cause you don’t have time... With film you kinda get to discover the character more in the scene, you know, with TV you have to have it when you get there. I mean TV is great, but I think for me there’s more satisfaction with film.

What do you think or feel when you realize the work you’ve done on TV or in a movie or with your music has been seen or heard by millions of people around the world and that it has influenced their lives in some way, to the point of remembering your name as well as travelling to see you in person??

It’s just amazing. It’s validation for what we do, I mean, you know... Actors are very insecure people. Every single one among cares who they are. So when you show up to something like a convention and everyone there is there to see you, I mean, Angel’s been off the air for years, bt people are still fans and people still come to see us. And it’s very much humbling, but it also gives us the extra cockyness and a little more pride to go on and do the next thing. I mean it is a validation that we are doing something right, it’s amazing. it’s the biggest gift I think that someone can give. Especially when you’re in another country. When we were in in London or in Germany or anywhere we go the people there, that we never played for, are singing our songs back to us... and that’s the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Since you are both, a very good actor as well as a very great singer, would you ever consider doing a musical on stage or in a film?

I don’t think I would do it onstage, because my voice doesn’t hold up that while... You have to be able to sing every night in musical theatres on Broadway and stuff. And I just don’t have the voice for that. I sing once and then it’s shut, I have to relax for a while. But we’re actually in talks right now. We just signed with RCA Records in Nashville, me and Steve as Kane, I’m actually in talks with one of the people at RCA about maybe trying to release a film with the album, that would be very cool, you know, I’d get to act and sing and it would all come in together.

What’s your favorite song from KANE and why?

Every single song has a different meaning, and usually they’re all about girls. Uhm, my favorite song probably is "More than I deserve"... Cause sometimes we (+Steve) are just not that nice of guys. And I think both of us tend to take people for granted a little bit when we’re with them. Because our schedule is so hectic we just expect them to sit around and accept the fact that we may not be around, and that’s what "More than I deserve" is about. There is this love of a woman that’s always there and it’s just we don’t deserve it. But they stick around and take care of us and that’s the best thing in the world that anybody could ever do for me...

What’s your favorite song in general??

I really like "The Shape of my heart" by Sting. Cause it really deals with me a lot. it’s the end song of my favorite movie of all time "The Professional" with Jean Reno and Natalie Portman, her first film. It’s called "Leon" in Germany.

While touring you don’t get to see your family very often- So, how do you distract yourself from being homesick??

Well, I don’t really have a home anymore. My parents moved and my sister moved and I live in L.A. , so.. I don’t know. I just haven’t thought about it, cause I don’t have anywhere to go. So I’m actually homeless. (laughs)

What are the first three things that come to your mind when you’re thinking about Germany??

Uhm (thinks... then he smiles) Beer (laughs) ... The greenery right now, I don’t know if it’s like that a lot, but it’s just so green here. It’s just something about being out here in the land. It makes the air fresher, I don’t know. It’s just like the air is cleaner here, I can breathe (laughs) and feel healthy when I’m here. So, definitely the greenery. And the people have all just been sweethearts. they’re just very, very nice, I know that I’m at a convention, but I don’t think it’s any different. The people are so nice here and I love that.

Is there any question you would like to ask your fans?

Hmm.. you know, one thing I never understood is why everybody is still on my side when all I do is play the bad guy... And I would have to answer that as, I don’t know.. It’s just I guess I’m doing something right. And it fill smy heart with joy and it gives me a swelling of pride. Just cause it’s a validation for what we do. It’s something I love to do and I would do it anyway, but when everybody gets behind you that’s a lot of fun... THANK YOU!

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