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Clare Kramer

Clare Kramer - About her career - Fedcon 15, May 2006 Interview

Sunday 28 May 2006, by Webmaster

Do you enjoy your time here in Germany??

Oh yes, I love Germany. I haven’t been here very long because I just came in on Thursday, late, midnight. So, Friday morning... And then I haven’t even left the hotel since I’ve been here (laughs). But it’s very nice, I love it. The people are very, very nice and Fed Con is always a great event, so I was very happy to be welcomed back...

How did you prepare yourself for the role of Glory??

For the role of Glory it was an interesting preperation. `Cause, since the character was a god, you know... I don’t have any experience being a god (laughs), so it was a very creative process. I had to kind of pick it from what I thought the character would be and even though she was evil, and I knew she was supposed to be evil I didn’t want to portrait her as evil, I wanted her to feel about herself that she was doing the right thing, if that makes any sense... I didn’t want her to come from the point of view that she was doing something bad or else I felt like it would be the character, so I approached her from a positive point of view. As weird as that may sound ’cause she was definitely an evil character, so... That was the main preparation. And then as we shot more and more episodes I kind of got a better and better feel for her and it became easier and easier each day to prepare.

What’s your favorite episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer??

For me.. I really liked the 100th episode. I love being a part of the 100th episode, and it was sort of like I killed Buffy in that episode, because they didn’t know if the show was gonna go on. So it sort of wrapped up the whole show and as we know it went to more seasons... But they (the fans) didn’t know it at that time.. So it was a fullfilling episode in that it did wrap up my character, and also fullfilling in that I felt I was being a part of something big.

Is there any other "Whedon-Project" you would like to be a part of??

Anything he does I would love to be a part of... I love Joss’work. He’s a really creative guy. the dialoque he writes... it’s superb! So I would definitely love to be a part of another project.

Are there any upcoming projects, you would like to tell us about??

Yes. I have three movies coming out next year, well, actually one this year. The one that is coming out this year is called "the Gravedancers". It’s something like a modern version of "Poltergeist"... Me and my husband, who is played by Dominic Purcell from "Prison Break" were haunted by a ghost.. but I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s a scary movie. Then there’s a movie called "The Fallen" which is a period piece about a family in the 1950’s. I don’t exactly know when that’s coming out- probably 8 or 9 more months. And then I just finished a movie that’s called "The Thirst" with Adam Baldwin and Tom Lenk, both from Joss’shows as well, and that should be coming out probably in about a year since we literally just finished it... That’s a really gritty, vampire-bloody movie, that’s gonna be very cool, I think. So...

What’s the biggest difference between doing a movie and doing a TV-show?? Which one is harder to do, which one gives you more flexibility??

The biggest difference between TV and movie is that for Tv-Shows you don’t have the whole story when you start a season. You don’t know where the writers are gonna take the show, you don’t know in what direction they gonna go. With movies you pretty much know what’s gonna happen... It’s gonna be 110 pages, you have the storyline, you know how to play your character, so finally when doing a film I can get deeper into the project and deeper into the character and prepare in a way where with TV sometimes it’s more like just memorizing the lines on a time-frame and you don’t know what’s gonna happen during the whole season. So I think I find film a little more fullfilling.

What’s your dream-role??

I don’t know... I feel like I’ve been really lucky with the roles I have played and I keep getting the projects I think which are really cool. So... I don’t know if I have a dream-role, yet, my dream would be to keep working and keep doing cool projects.

Would you ever like to attend a convention as a "normal" person, not as the star?? If you do, what kind of convention would it be??

Maybe if it was an X-Files Convention... I’m really happy to meet Dean (Dean Haglund, "Langly" from the X-Files) this weekend, because I’m a huge X-Files fan, so.. Yeah, definitely...

What do you think or feel when you realize the work you’ve done on TV or in a movie has been seen by millions of people around the world and that it has influenced their lives in some way, to the point of remembering your name as well as travelling to see you in person??

I’m hugely, hugely flattered, that someone would even consider my work interesting, or , you know, I’m really flattered that I have a fanbase and that I have that opportunity to come to things like Fed Con and other conventions. I take it as a huge compliment, I’m honored, I don’t even really know how to put it into words, I just feel extremely, extremely lucky and blessed that you guys find what I do interesting. It just don’t make sense and... All I can say is THANK YOU, you know... I do find it flattering, it’s so remarkable to me!

Are there any questions you would like to ask your fans??

Uhm.. No, I just like to say Thank you! You guys have been a huge influence in my life, and because of you I’ve been able to travel the world and my husband and I have gotten to see amazing places that we would never get to go on our own, and it’s just been an amazing part of my life. And I hope that I can give back what you guys have given me in the few minutes you may see me on stage or the few minutes I may talk to you over a picture or something like that... i’m very, very grateful, so.. THANK YOU!